World of Warships- I Have Never Seen Torpedo Spam Of This Magnitude…

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Hey guys! Today we take a replay from Thunderchild in the Kitakami! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. Just an FYI MB. She has always been a cruiser. She was a cruiser in 2015 and has never been other than that. Basically just a Kuma.

    • @ryuukeisscifiproductions1818

      i think kitakami might have been classed as a DD way back in closed alpha, but im not completely sure

    • @@ryuukeisscifiproductions1818 I had it. Cruiser. Originally, it had no smoke, never had moving smoke. The torp range was the same or barely better than the camo range. It was slow, took a year to turn. It was so horrible, it defies description.

    • @broccanmacronain457

      I did not think I had ever seen it as a DD.

  2. funny thing is, she only gets 6 torps per minute reloaded, which is pretty normal at T10.
    in the end, its a huge shima with 7,9km detection and a fullbody citadel….that has worse guns and less AA.

  3. Problem is that games like these are far & few between. This ship is redundant in 2023, there is nothing that this ship does that a Jinan can’t do. And the Jinan has guns & AA

    Also, sub ramming is so lame. Its so hard for a surface ship with shipborne ASW to avoid this

  4. bit off topic but I saw a good sub replay yesterday and now I have a good idea of how to actually play them. The captain got something like 5600 base xp for the game, proper insane.

  5. the best part of the replay was 90k friendly Satsuma losing to 37k Montana

  6. Great video showing the strength of the kitakami. Hope you enjoyed your trip SLB!

  7. She was always a cruiser, never a destroyer. Jingles Kitakami video from 8 years ago:

  8. having faced these during open beta should i be surprised the spam will be extreme though avoidable unless they changed stuff

  9. We need in this game some kind of crafting we can manage. So for example we could drop some parts ships after battle and simple craft pats gor ships in port. That would be immersion based activity. We have all parts ready to get from armory but if they let us gather materials and craft them on own way would be much more useful.

  10. I remember the good old days when ‘Wall of Skill’ mostly referred to your teammate dumping an absurd number of torps to kill a cruiser on 10% health and killing a 1/3 of their own team.

  11. @TheGuardianofAzarath

    I unlocked this ship the other day, got most of the way there with coal but still needed 6 haru regrinds and two years of prem time. My only game in it so far wasn’t much to write home about. Only other truly rare ships I’m missing are Nikolai, Arkansas b and awaki a, the last two I’ll never get

  12. I’ve seen few Kitakamis in the game and they’ve all died super early, achieving nothing. This is just an area denial weapon.

  13. I have yet to see a Kitakami since Salvage for Victory went live. Saw a couple being tested last fall. But love that he was rocking the Alpha and Azur Lane Sakura Empire flags.
    Also any plans to review Elli and F. Farruccio?

  14. Calculate lead,set and Throw out your Torps, open fire with Main guns so they want to avoid being hit,or burning,so they start to move,normally right into that wall of Torps 👍 Despite the hectic Zoom in and out 😂…Wp

  15. The ship doesn’t carry 40 torpedoes. It carries UNLIMITED torpedoes!

  16. Surprised you haven’t seen games where you can barely see the water for the torp spam! Ramming a sub has to be the best feeling lol.

  17. Faced a Kitakami in a clan battle last week. It was the first ship sunk by my team. I believe its captain wasn’t as aware of his ships limitations as he should have been. Our Des Moines with radar made pretty short work of it.

  18. Takes me back to the old days when this thing and Shimas were everywhere putting up Walls of Skill

  19. 14:05
    It’s 10%. Those guns are actually quite good… at Tier 4, at least, on Kitakami’s more sensible techline sister the Kuma, although she does have seven of them, six of which can fire on each side, as opposed to just the four front ones.

  20. @broccanmacronain457

    I have been with this game since the beginning but very rarely have I seen a Kitakami replay. I think I have only seen one in combat and that one went down within about a minute of it being seen.

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