Shchors Russian Cruiser: World of Warships

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Heres a game in the Shchors on North 4 cap domination mode. Sometimes the teams are to heavy.

Enjoy the Destruction.

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Replays can now be enabled with Aslains Modpack

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Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. Was a great game by you any way you look at it. Yep that bit at the end
    sucked but the other enemy would probably just run away and hide and they
    would have still won on points, still a great game and really good fun to
    watch :)

  2. oh hey! That was my first match in the Nagato. Lol was straight up stock.
    And yea… totally thought you were going to ram that Warspite. – Spartias

  3. good game.

  4. Owleyed Perspective


  5. someone has been playing a bunch….rank 9 already especially since your
    live stream! great video again…fun with lots of torps….surprised u
    didn’t use ap much more given the broadsides one of those tirps gave you.

  6. If you had slowed down and didn’t ram the tirp at the end you might have
    gotten solo warrior. :)

  7. WindmillStalker

    That’s unfortunate. But one can only carry so hard if the team is of the
    potato persuasion; can’t kill all the red guys yourself sadly, the blue
    guys do need to help a little bit.

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