Snowflake Conqueror Comeback – World of Warships

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I was attempting to earn my Conqueror Snowflake in a random battle, little hope after a significant number of friendlies fall. Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day!

Tier X British Battleship Conqueror Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. *_Early_*

  2. @Notser – gotta use speed mod too when you use that Conqueror legendary mod, can like, tail whip it into position, considering half your turn is spent at full rudder, getting to the apex of your turn faster is more important when it’s that good.

  3. the legendary mod for Conqueror makes it feel like a Vanguard, it really badly needs the legendary mod, otherwise it’s clumsy and ponderous feeling like a GK or Yamato, but with legendary mod and speed mod it sure gets some pep into its step! Highly suggested over concealment build, considering you really shouldnt be megazaoing…..
    ALSO 457mm brawling build is quite a lot of fun, but super RNG at range with only 8 shells albeit better sigma, but much greater dispersion than GK guns makes them go all over the place on the same plane, so closer you are the better. Im starting to see what Wargaming has in mind for the 457mm Conqueror. Of course im ahead of the curve, of courseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • The 457s just don’t feel consistent enough. I’ve tried them out multiple times, and they just don’t have the accuracy to make the lower number of guns work. It’s like playing with Yamato guns, except you don’t overmatch, you have more dispersion, less sigma, one less gun and you have to expose your broadside to fire more than 4 of them at once. That, and with their low fuse, even 457mm of firepower struggles to access BB citadels reliably even assuming perfect shot placement. Even for AP, the sheer extra number of rounds for the 419s is still better performing.

      I really wish they did perform better for AP brawling; I agree the legendary module is brilliant and does transform the ship otherwise.

    • the 419 gives more alpha and dpm for a brawling build though

    • +bladeclanhalo3 Yeah, the 457’s are awful, and nothing more than XP and credit bait.

    • +Theta_Sigma Conqy-Dong is the first Legendary I got. It was worth the grind. Man, stage 5 seems to never end. It’s the only one you can’t buff up with Flags, Camo or co-op play.

  4. Izumo isnt maneuvering at max range silly Notser, you’re just leading a target that’s not moving ?

    • yup he was barely moving according to smokesacks. ship movement indicator would also suggest it from the modpack.

    • +cobrazax I also wish the game would indicate actual ship speed. It’s info you have in real life, so…. why not?

    • +LarrysNetTube that would be a problem bc destroyers rely on speed and stealth so there would be no point in playing dds anymore since you can basically sink them without any skill

  5. I farmed all my snowflakes in co op lol

  6. 50 seconds in -Liked! Props to you Notser, you say Worcester just about right now. For what its worth, it sounds so much better – extrremely close to exact. I appreciate the effort you put in to pronounce things correctly.

  7. Snowflakes is a PTW reward for the people that spent alot money :=(

  8. I think people push when they don’t need to because they feel like the purpose of a match is kills. There is this perception that if you don’t attack you will lose. If you don’t do damage you won’t get the xp you need. Ultimately it comes down to selfish reasons. They get pissed if you use cover, they get pissed if you withhold fire to drop off detection, if it isn’t getting them kills or helping them do damage the team gets angry. Maybe it’s because of a lack of support xp.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      The “kill = XP” myth has been debunked numerous times by a lot of CC. It is damage = XP. I’ve been in a lot of games where I don’t farm kills, but try to farm damage as much as possible. And I end up in the top 3 more likely by doing that. There was a game in my Cleveland where I scored about 160k dmg but no kills. I got the first place in XP while the player who got kraken fell to second place. And that was without the +50% first win or any xp modifiers.

    • +Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing You’re preaching to the choir. I don’t get a lot of kills, especially when I run BB’s but I do a lot of damage, handing easy kills to anyone with a better rate of fire. But it doesn’t stop ppl in chat from losing their minds when someone “steals” a kill from them. I think yesterday a DD started shooting at my Bismark because I got the kill shot on something, lol.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +azraelswrd What I’m afraid is this kind of players have the FPS players’ mentality which kill/death ratio applies to their stats in this game. And that is most likely why the big clans put average damage as one of their requirements which really works to filter out the potatoes from joining their clan. I think the lowest requirement is to have at least 2 ships of “x” tier, and no clans ever put kill/death ratio as their requirement.

    • I’ve come across a ton of players in the game that think high damage games and finishing top on your team make you a good player. It makes you a bad teammate, and since this is a team game, that’s not someone I want on my team. A Cleveland that puts up 160k and no kills is not much help to the team, compared to a Cleveland player that does 50k, but uses his radar to take out 3 or 4 enemy DD’s. That’s why saving a star in Ranked play is a horrible idea, it promotes selfish play, and actually rewards it. It’s ridiculous.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      +Jake Jones It only makes you a bad teammate if most of the damage goes to the ships that can shrug off your damage like nothing (a.k.a Conqueror). Let’s say if about half of the 160k damage goes to cruisers instead of battleship, that is equal amount of at least a Kronshtadt or 2 cruisers of same & higher tier and those damage are not entirely repairable except for the British cruisers. While hunting DD’s should come as your top priority as a radar cruiser, you would want to push away any enemies that attempt to protect their DD’s before you can get them into your radar range, unless you have the long-ranged radar like the Russian cruisers.
      In short, my point is it is much better to spread out damage to as many ships as possible instead of shooting the same target for 2 minutes while the other enemies are free to pick up your allies without any worry at the same time. And with the current state of the average high tier battles, it is very common to lose a game although your team has the initial advantage. By the time the enemy team runs out of DD’s or radar cruisers, your allies are already worn out or somewhere under the sea if you fail to aim more than just a single task.

  9. Lets face it, Notser likes the legendary mod for dodging islands lol

  10. Happens every time. People just don’t know tactics.

  11. You got on to your team for pushing and you lead the push. I don’t get it. All of your ships are maxed out Capt wise and Module wise. Most of these players maybe have 10 skill captains

  12. 2 days ago, I was basically having a marathon to collect all the snowflakes I could, paying Co-op. Luckily it was barely enough for me to get the Musashi, and now I just have to get 1000 more steel to buy the USS Black with a coupon.

    • Same boat, except I don’t know what to use the steel for. Might just save for the Bourgogne one day (or whatever is “coming soon” in the Arsenal)

  13. The title is misleading. The video isn’t about snowflakes but about a dull conqueror play.

  14. The not being able to log in after joining a battle is something I’ve struggled with as well for a bit. I’ve also seen more afk players than I usually do, so I doubt that it is an isolated incident.

  15. Someone send notser a present or something

    You can make it through patch weekend, fren

  16. i famed all of my snowflakes in coop i cant play 200 random rounds just not the time for that, yolo in in coop kill 2 ships die next 100% winratio

  17. Tony Duffy, Ring Finder, Games and More

    Not farming snowflakes in anything but coop is madness.

  18. Am I missing anything about these snow flakes? You get 1 per ship win a game you get the coal or steel for high tier and premiums? You literally need 1 XP in a win, and can do it in co-op.

  19. Hi Notser, welcome to my world. I was doing ok in the Ranked till yesterday lost every battle.with team hiding behind islands.
    hope you have a great Christmas and Happy New year.

  20. standing ovation Noster, that was a brilliant comeback. Required you reprinting your ship but still epic game.

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