So close, yet so far – World of Warships

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This match came down to the wire. After the match captain of Graf Spee showed up in chat and actually talked about his exp of the match, it was really close. Unfortunately I forgot to give him +1 at the time.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Not played the game for many moons but it once upon a time it was fantastic just like war thunder. Shame really. Thanks for the video appreciated.

  2. amazing game, unfortunate result

  3. wa wa waaaaa. gg good try

  4. Sounds like the cough I’ve been having. Everyone thinks I have the coof but it’s just bronchitis.

  5. gg As a famous General once said: “As damn a close run thing as you ever saw,” Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington, Waterloo.

  6. Ngl I think you lost because you spent the first 10 minutes doing nothing but going for the enemy carrier, especially if you’re dropping off strikes to not lose the full wing, swing by another enemy ship to at least help the team a bit?

    • A few other really noticeable errors, which is unusual for flambass. Usually it’s really subtle things. But he turned around for Andrea Doria when it would’ve burned to death. Wasted half a bomber squadron and a couple minutes with that. Then once he cleared the northeast, he took his three remaining bomber planes in the squadron across the entire map to attack shimanto just to lose two and have the other one miss entirely cause he tried dropping broadside, when he should’ve just used a different squadron at that point. He was also way too passive at the end. Not saying he needed to frontline for his last remaining cruiser, but he basically ran as far northeast and away from the enemy as possible. He’s a great player so I wonder if he was just tired playing this round because a few small and easy changes and he easily gets off another 8-10 squadrons which would’ve been a win and then some.

    • @@KITT-ms5epYep, for sure. I usually get the idea for his cv stuff he just kinda zones out, which I can relate to, but still, calling it this close when you could have probably personally made more of a difference seems like something that’s beneath people like flambass who are generally all about analyzing what you did wrong to improve your own gameplay.

    • you realise this game is rigged right? you always go for the piggy and sub just because fk WG

    • @@pr0skis If you hate it that much why play the game at all? I have not played the game in years, I just watch some people play it, and I’m much happier for it.

  7. @francoisgayout7000

    As usual, subs players with their big mouth and flourish language. GG to you and your team Flambass

  8. What else would you rather do than play video games for a living lol ?!?!? Maybe pron star, but even that’d be a tough call!

  9. Get well from the cold dude.🤧

  10. @howdareyouyoucantsaythat5340

    Flambass…great ship captain, lame @CV’s. You just never help your teammates on the flanks, when one or two drops from you could make the difference between a successful push and a route. Selfish CV play. :/

  11. “losers” lol

  12. Compliments to the Graf Spee, too.
    Being bottom tier and hanging on for that long, doing that much XP… Impressive.

  13. @jonathanbaron-crangle5093

    gg wp

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