What can 300€ Get You in Holiday Ops 2024 | 250 Large Box Opening

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Opening 250 Large Holiday Ops 2024 Boxes, Worth 300€. World of Tanks Holiday Ops Large Boxes Giveaway. World of Tanks Type 63, New Tier 8 Japanese Heavy Tank with Gun Cooling Mechanic. Holiday Ops 2024 New Loot Box Tank Review. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2024 Full Event Guide – Holiday Ops 2024 Loot Boxes, Free Gift Tank, Rewards and More.

Holiday Ops 2024 has officially started and as a tradition. Let’s open some large holiday ops boxes first, to see what we can get!

What do you think?


  1. So nice to not have to worry about more BZs filling out the MM. Here is to another epic year, DG! LegitRerollNA – NA Server

  2. I like the boxes this year, tanks seems balanced and not directly OP – and so many new ones.
    The 3D Styles are actually nice, and wishing you all the best of luck.
    Mineix, EU

    • @wiltedthoughtgaming8854

      I’m liking the boxes this year, really digging the phase skin and that tiger maus be sexy. You should do 10 groups of 10 with the boxes. Happy holidays dez o7.
      NA server

  3. @Illbegoodinthefuture

    I purchased 11 boxes and got the new Type 63. I had no expectations at all, but that was quite lucky!

  4. @alesjakubec-jf8dy

    This year the tanks seems to be more balanced, which we will appreciate mainly when fighting against them 😊 Thx for your great job, Dez! EU, Adonell

  5. I personally think type 63 looks the most fun because of the new mechanic and the hydropneumatic suspension but I believe if it had a nudge more dpm it would be fun and competetive without being too broken, however i think the other tanks arent too good, i will say though that i got armt from3 gifted boxes and its a real gem


  6. Hey , I feel like this years boxes contain definitely more balanced tanks than last year. I am excited for the Tiger-Maus, as that tank seems to actually have some armor.
    I guess best amounts of boxes to distribute might be 33×3-boxes so as many people can win as possible. Or alternatively 4×25-boxes, so as many people can receive new tanks . 😀
    SamilAurenc EU

  7. I like the 3D STYLE this year they seem to vary more this year, I quite appreciate the amount of effort they put in all the decoration & animetion in the garage and on the Christmas Village. The tanks in the box this year seem more balanced, a good thing for the matchmaking.
    May the RNG bless you with good loot,
    yangto, EU

  8. I always have a lot of fun doing the gamba gamba gamba thing, so lootboxes are always something I spend some money on. Happy to see no broken tanks in the boxes this year though the Type 63 and TIger Maus look like fun and capable tanks to play. May the Box Rng(ods) be in you guys’ favor if you end up buying boxes!! <3

  9. Well, I actually think that, compared to last year, this Holiday Ops are much better since the event is more balanced and rewarding for your progression, but it’s also a whole lot simpler to understand. The box tanks are much more balanced and that is nice. All in all, it is a great event that only gets better. Merry Dezmas to everyone!
    MrWaffel_Online, NA server.

  10. I like all the styles and new premium tanks seem balanced. I like holiday ops it’s a great way to get gold and premium time imo. Also I think you should do the 9 X 11 for the giveaway to spread the loot more. I’m Randonis on the NA server. Keep up the great content Dez.

  11. I think these lootboxes can vary on the player in terms of luck and profit. But overall I think this New Year’s boxes are far better than last year, and there is much profit to be earned from them, including the tanks too.


  12. @clarkclements7204

    As a free to play player, I am indeed excited and hyped about this year’s holiday ops. No OP premiums inside to destroy the matchmaker! I think you should send 10 boxes to 10 players, Dez. More people with the prizes equals more happy people. 🙂

  13. Merry Christmas Dez! I love this year 3D styles. The tanks seem more balanced also. Great vid as always.
    Stely, EU

  14. As so many others have said it’s nice that all the tanks seem balanced. The matchmaker isn’t being ruined by any of them and people aren’t feeling left behind or left out if they didn’t get the latest OP tank. As for your distribution of goodies, share the love and share the wealth 11 boxes to more people seems a good idea. Merry Xmas my friend.
    shambolic, EU

  15. @sergeantcarrot4386

    3D styles are great this year, but I would like to see a mechanic that guarantees these as well as the big tanks. Sergcarrot – EU server. Keep up the great work and Merry Xmas 🙂

  16. I quite like the vehicles this year, not OP but to me they are all exciting in their own way. I don’t usually like Russian heavies, but there’s something about the Object that I like the look of. Seeing CC’s play it has me excited for it. The Hot Rod is the best thing for the boxes imo.
    Fheo EU.

  17. I was incredibly fortunate this year. I bought 80 boxes, and got every new vehicle except the Obj. 752, but i only got 26 boxes to go until it’s a for sure drop, so all in all, getting everything in the boxes for roughly $140 US is a blessing vs last year ($500 and no object 283 *cough cough*)

  18. Hi Dez and community,
    I like the new tanks which you can win in the boxes, especially the Obj. 752, and I think they’re all well balanced. I wouldn’t like to see BZ-176 in the boxes, because this tank is just overpowered with the HE.
    I’m very hyped for this time of the year, in real life and in WoT. Christmas is the only time of the year I spend money for this game. I’m always buying boxes but in this year I was very unlucky. I bought 28 boxes and didn’t get any tier 8 or 9 premium tank or any 3D style. That’s why I would love to win this boxes but I’m also very happy for everyone winning it. I think it’s better to give away 9 times 11 boxes or 75 and 25 boxes because then there are more winners than one who wins 100 boxes.
    I wish you all the best and a very nice christmas time. I hope that you’re not alone in this time.
    Marius2303, EU

  19. @pavlosynytskyy3143

    This year’s HOPS Boxes seem very balanced while still having some unique Tanks – healthy for a change ! 😀 The 752 is becoming a bit of a “hidden gem” it seems like and the fact that you can use the Type 63’s hull to shoot under its turret while using it as a meatshield is quite hilarious too lol.

    The Hot Rod Style is every EBR players wet dream and does the tank justice I think 😀

    Talking about the Giveaway – I think spreading the boxes to make 9 people’s Holiday Season with 11 boxes each sounds the best !
    Happy HOPS Dez!

    R1kudou (EU Server)

  20. stoma_ here from the EU server, and for once, I honestly believe WG did an awesome job with holiday ops! the new vehicles are good, but definetly not broken. And i absolutely love the advent calendar rewards and the xmas streams that they are doing. Totally gets me into the xmas spirit. I wish Y’all a happy early Christmas!

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