Sour Kraut Z-35 Kraken 243 | World of Warships: Legends

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Sour and dour in a loss..


  1. Good day Metajerk! Awesome games!

  2. my condolences for your loss. but nevermind as they always blue it!

  3. Nice, aside from your team. The 1500 damage on he versus 3000 damage on ap, has meant I fire more ap in this against destroyers than I ever would have in something else.

    • Yes, I wish it had been a more gun focused replay, but… it was a pretty good game.. but I am sure this will be back in the not too distant future.

    • @metajerk no doubt. It’s a great ship. First ship I can remember that’s been a day one buy.

  4. Starting to think it’s not the ship that’s a certified kraken printer its definitely Metajerk.

    • Well, experience definitely plays a big part of it, but with that experience you can also tell when a ship has “it”, and I’m not sure I could certify this one yet… but it isn’t out of the running either.. it is definitely up there in the fun ranking though, if nothing else.

  5. The AP on this ship is ughhh beauitful, I did 4k on a destroyer. This ship just make me wish I ask out that German girl to prom back in H.S

    Citadeling a ochakov with 128mm guns just feel good

    • I haven’t gotten to many bottom tier matches in it yet, but it is a very good ship.. I need to play with some dumb builds to see what I can do.

    • @metajerk I was playing around and acutally see a purpose for William hasley

  6. Atticus Stewart

    I got absolutely owned by a Z-35 today in my Benson when he smoked up and used his hydro and gunned me down he could see me but I could not see him I got completely screwed over because there was no place to run. Nice vid btw

  7. GadgetMastersVideos

    If I were spawned into a game playing against metajerk, I’d just switch sides and fire on my teammates.

  8. Nice game! I picked her up and am having a blast in it. Also as I was watching this video, I was in a match against you guys. My friend was in the Odin chasing you and I said listen to this guy talking, he’s the one you’re fighting!

  9. Another great video señor! I literally laughed out loud to the phrase “a capable sausage!” Thanks buddy, and keep up the great work!

  10. balanced by no speed boost and low HE alpha. except it’s as fast as a maass on boost and ROF makes up for HE alpha. I run Burke on german DD’s, but shell grouping on this looks excellent. should be called the Z-PaytoWin.
    Team helped a lot between the eight of them they managed to sink an entire ship. GG.

    • I didn’t even notice it was that fast, but you’re right. Let’s take. Tier 8 ship, move it to 6, but make it better in almost every way!

  11. I just can’t see a reason to spend over $40 for this thing when it’s basically a Maas without a speed boost. Unless you need a Tier 6 premium credit factory (Though I’d say get Le Terrible and git gud, premium time w/epic booster and 700k-1mil credit games are VERY possible in that beast).
    But just comparing stats, Z-35 is very much a Maas with an extra 500m torp range and no speed boost. Well an extra 3k HP is probably the biggest selling point. I’ll give it that

    • Yeah, I mean, I wouldn’t spend $40 either, thats a fun night out on the town instead of a fine night in at home in sweatpants.. but I think the main selling points are the 5km hydro and, the 1/4 HE pen, which AFAIK, and I could very well be wrong, the Maass does not enjoy, but I guess I could try it out tomorrow and see.

    • @metajerk Yeah, I don’t know about the HE pen, Maas I think has 5km hydro or very close to it. But gun performance looks to be near identical.

    • @metajerk Just checked and the hydro range on Maas is 4km. (Z 23 at tier 7 has 4.4km) So Z 35 is a buffed Maas, if you can live without the engine boost.
      Better HP, torp and sonar range on the Zed.
      So yeah, real money will get you an effectivley better ship than its tech tree counterpart….

  12. Remove your score from your teams list and it looks like they won an AI game. Wow you were playing with a spud farm. 😂😂😂

  13. 8 people on your team managed to accumulate a grand total of 1 kill gotta love to see it

    • Yeah, I get they had a wild DD up there, and looks like the Nelson was doing work but, I was quite surprised when I saw the results.

  14. Looks like a very fun ship to play, sad thing that you lost, but there’s always next time, And very good detectability for tier VI. Very nice video and commentary

  15. I will say after playing a few matches, although i am no expert, the t61 plays better than the t35. More research is to be done but thus far, not as good. Still a great ship.

  16. Moony The Loony

    I avoid Sauerkraut not because I don’t like it, it’s for the safety of those who share the room with me, who desire to breathe cleaner air afterward up to and including the ride home.

  17. Moony The Loony

    That Trento looked a bit like Sonny at the Causeway…just sayin.

    Billy Sims.
    Makes me think of #20 from Oklahoma.

    Great Video as usual!

    • I gotta say, Sonny took way more rounds than I could… I mean, he gets out of the car even!

    • Moony The Loony


      I know, right?

      I call the following description the “Wile E. Coyote” effect.

      Has this happened to you?

      A determined cruiser with torpeedie capability shows a complete broadside (at VERY close range) and gets immediately citadeled with their torpeedie tubes knocked out; then immediately perform a
      U-Turn of sorts to show its other completely exposed broadside (in a vain attempt to fire its other torpeedies) and get citadeled…followed by a glug, glug, glug.

      Funniest thing I ever saw. There should be a Looney Tunes Medal.

  18. Elliott Johnson

    Great review, entertaining as always, had me cracking up. I’ve been playing this last couple of day and I’ve been having a very frustrating time. Been playing destroyers and too frequently in a gun fight with another destroyer I will have them selected but when I zoom in my target radical is somewhere out in left field. It’s happened before but but not this frequently. I’ve been losing gun fights in my Kidd against Japanese destroyer boats. Any ideas?

    • That zoom in bug is a real pain, sometimes it’s just so far off.. one thing I will try when that’s happening is just don’t zoom in.. more often then not you can aim without the zoom at those super close ranges, with the added benefit that it makes your replays look cool 😎

    • I’ll give it a try, thanks.

  19. Where RU A A RON

    Your team puts ketchup on their brats

  20. Dont want to blow my own trumpet but my first match in this was a kraken +1 I knew I was going to enjoy it because it just seemed to be a better t-61 and I do enjoy that ship

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