Speed Boost & More Brawling Action – Scharnhorst ’43 First Impressions

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  1. I’m guessing this review was made before the BP details were released since it’s known now that the S43 is arguably the easiest F2P event premium to earn in the game’s history.

    • IF you like playing T6, T7 and T8 players. I’d rather vomit on my breakfast than play that meta game style. WG’s NEEDS to offer and uptier option for t8 t9 players.

    • @@DJS-mx8oz While the S43 herself is T7, you can just play the game within the rules of the daily missions to earn her, no extra metagaming or forced modes required.

    • T7 and bellow are one of the most fun tier. Higher tiers could be removed and I would not even notice

    • @@DJS-mx8oz ranked/brawls exist and are often at T7. Great ship for free.
      A lot of veteran player prefer mid tiers rather than the snipe fest that is t10.
      I have every tech tree t10 and often find myself playing t7/8 when not grinding a line.

  2. useful tip:
    there is a key (idk the default keybind) to lock your armament, which you can use to keep main guns locked at a ship or angle while using ASW

  3. Nice review. Looks like a fun ship.

  4. Potato Quality using 400% of his brainpower against the submarine.

  5. I’ve always found the Scharny to be powerful, though it’s not as popular as it used to be. It certainly punches above its weight class (or tier) because of it’s armor and torps. This looks like a good modification of the original.

  6. Scharnhorst 43 could be a good Tier 7 Ranked ship. If it does this well against Tier 8 than tier 7 should be crazy.

  7. The double sided-brawl while outplaying the submarine was the chefs kiss.

  8. The Scharnhorst was my first T7 and T7 premium. I still play it and have a soft spot for it. I will definitely be picking this up!

  9. @jamieshardlow1486

    Thanks PQ. I’ve been having a blast in a secondary Scharnhorst in asymmetric (and I’m a DD main), so I’m really looking forward to this.

  10. Fantastic performance and a real pleasure to watch

  11. I love the Sharny, and I’m addicted to secondary builds, which is a problem as I speed through secondary flags as wargaming speeds through ship releases instead of reworking plane spotting.

  12. I guess it’s cool that we’ll be getting this for free, especially for players who don’t have the original, but it’s lame that they didn’t even bother to slap a unique skin on her.

  13. Such a good looking ship.

  14. Hope the torpedo launchers are a bit more durable. On my Scharnhorst the launchers go with the first incoming salvo. Reload becomes irrelevant. The sub-caliber AP is not great. But it is better than one expects.

  15. I got the Scharnhorst over 5 years ago from a Santa container for free so it will be nice to get the new one for free too! I don’t use the original much anymore but I am glad others will get something similar.

  16. Scharn is my most played ship by far, so I’ll gladly take another one for free.

  17. @adriane.torres2822

    If only WG buffed Scharnhorst AP from 7600 to 8400.(It makes non sesne for me that Graf Spee has a 8400 dmg AP when it has the same caliber guns as Scharnhorst)

  18. Impressive gameplay, sir. 👏👏👏

  19. Sharnhorst was really good and brawly ship
    Thoe as often is the case with 43 variants….they aren’t the greatest and things had to made gimmicky

  20. Currently playing secondary gneis for ranked. But this is a fast ship with good secondaries and good toro’s so I think this could be a good ranked pick

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