Stalingrad is balance comrade – 350k damage || World of Warships

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  1. Hi , sir

  2. Second sir

  3. that scroll zooming is giving me motion sickness

  4. Really suck while nowhere existed ship is best in game and with most murderous dictator name.

    • The Stalingrad did exist, intact its hull was completed and was about to start fitting the core system until Stalin died. You can find pictures of the hull online as it was used for ballistics testing.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Yamato is still a hell to deal with due to the lolpen guns although historically it never shot down a ship.

  5. Stalingrad OP < Enemy players UP

    • Those who understand how the game works and not being a potato on every match, Stalingrad will just be another beefed up moskva and that’s it.

  6. Сталин для победы))

  7. Vodka powered hyper drive engines with stalinium armor plus Stalin himself guiding those shell from his iron throne in hell.

  8. C’mon guys.. This ship is perfectly balanced… Just like California’s budget ever since the Democrats took control of the state…

  9. of course the ship is OP when everyone shows broadside! if this was a montana, yamato or republique the result would have been the same! and dont you forget that stalingrad has a big citadel, so show broadside and you are going to die, not to mention the horrible concealment and the maneuverability.

  10. 9:04 look at the chat XD. he’s right though, that conq is a retard

  11. Stalinchad

  12. Дмитрий Дмитрий

    С праздником вас товарищи! УРА!

  13. It is not balanced. Imo it needs 6 more guns, 10 torpedoes (per side) with at least 12km range and smoke generator

  14. This ship is powerful, yes. But it’s far from OP. Put it in the hands of an idiot and it will likely be the first ship to die.

    Want to know a truly OP ship? Conqueror. You play that ship like a drunken crackhead, you will still have an impact on the game because all you need to do is spam HE from 15km+ away.

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