Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles | World of Warships

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Submarines have made quite a journey, going through six open and a gazillion closed tests since they were first announced back in 2019. Adding a totally new type of ship to World of Warships requires extended testing by a wide and stable audience in Random Battles. Testing them on a standalone server or in a special game mode would simply not give us a broad enough picture.
However, we don’t want submarines to “surface” in the most populated type of battle just yet. It’s essential that we ensure they are properly tested first. To perform the test, we’ve settled on Ranked Battles as the most suitable and closest equivalent of Random Battles. The new Ranked season kicks off a week after the update goes live, but submarines will be accessible immediately after the release of Update 0.10.7. Co-op Battles will give you an opportunity to try the subs out in a more relaxed environment and get prepared for the new Ranked season.
00:00 – Submarines in Ranked and Co-op Battles
00:30 – Starting Out in a Submarine
00:45 – Controls
00:55 – Surfaced and submerged
01:10 – Dive capacity
02:30 – Acoustic homing torpedoes
04:00 – Nation-specific features
04:15 – U.S. submarines
04:35 – German submarines
05:00 – Playing against submarines
05:10 – How to avoid being hit by an Acoustic homing torpedo
05:45 – Attacking a submarine (depth charges, anti-submarine warfare aircraft, high-explosive shells)
06:35 – Surveillance Radar and Hydroacoustic Search


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If you’re a console player, check out WoWs: Legends


  1. WG have decided to shoehorn a bastardized version of submarines into the game – extremely fast speed, extremely fast reloading and extremely accurate (if you learn how to ping) homing torpedos. The (more or less) historical speeds of BBs will be mean they become XP pinatas – unless the BBs learn to stay back and snipe. The days of advancing and/or positioning aggressively in a BB will die in the face of submarines.

    • I prefer that they add submarines than entire branches of ships that never existed, as has been done lately, and from what I see the sub have more to lose, I do not understand how much they are afraid of it.

    • That’s about standard anyway. I play only bbs. At this point in time, if a bb advances, its team generally abandons it unless it’s crushing the opposition solo, whereupon they scent blood and turn to follow…if it’s not obviously turning the tide of battle, most teams will ignore it and continue sniping. This change may not change much.

    • Christopher Morris

      As if they already aren’t, with AP bombs & Rockets, Russian Cruiser shell penetration, 80+ knot torpedoes, a seemingly infinite number of HE spammers with 18+ kilometer ranged.

      Let’s face it, pushing BBs have been dead for awhile. This is just the last nail in the coffin.

    • @LucasRock Yea well how about not adding any of the ignorant bullshit!

  2. How about Italian battleships? do they have depth charges? cuz they have depth charges according to their models

  3. i still not understand why torp get lockon target

  4. ToughAncientSpark

    Dear Wargaming,
    I thought that this game wasn’t supposed to be complicated?
    I guess our communication got mixed up.

  5. So if a battle has 1 cv and two subs, you’re left with 4 surface targets to take all the love from all 7 enemies. Sounds fun.

  6. If you must add submarines to the game, put them in their own battle mode and no other. If you add them to Random Battles I will uninstall and take my time and money elsewhere. I will not look back. This will be the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, after a long list of WoW bad decisions. Pity after six years and some fond memories.

    • Christopher Morris

      I think WG has consistently made it clear they hold no commitments to you as a long term, dedicated player. It’s pretty clear the only priority they hold at this point is funneling in new players who are more likely to spend capitol on premium time to grind up, shiny premium ships, and XP conversions, and could give a rat’s *** over what the people who have bank rolled them for the last half decade have to say.

    • they did, no one was playing it so they shove it up our throats.

  7. @Aleksandar Ivanov nothing. You have to hope they surface or get destroyed by teammates. There are some cruisers without any ASW too. Only WG could add a class that some ships have zero counterplay for.

  8. Remember the days when Ranked was ‘competetive mode’?

    • Christopher Morris

      Further proof WG is more interested in corralling the casual console/mobile type gamers than the die-hard audience that they have, and who have been bankrolling them for years.


      Nah the game are non skill anymore after 1 year,too many RNG bs and russian wet dream ships XD (im beta test and still playing btw)

    • yes and now you watch a clown fiesta, and have subs

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      i remember regular ranked my biggest success was reaching rank 5 in T9 ranked , new ranked I went to gold ligue first time , second time I just done 12 games in bronze ligue just for steel and db , and I honestly will rather play this was as there is no special ships for steel that I want and I am happy with free steel from bronze ligue but i save a shit load of time 🙂

    • Nickname hier einfügen

      No, it was always just random with special rules and rewards.

  9. Unless you make the maps bigger and add more ships to the Battle, this is not gonna be fun. But we all know you don’t want to spend $ on new servers and whatever else has to be taken into account in order for this to happen. Give us our free flags back for Achievements. Start giving more back to your players. You’ve taken so much from us and have given nothing in return!

    • If i’m reading this right, in ranked you’ll have 2 subs and a carrier per team…..that means only 4 surface combat ships total per team….well that seems like not fun.

  10. Aleksandar Ivanov

    @MrRedRye Well, that’s bad. I have German tier 10 and it is the only tier 10 I have. 🙁

  11. Yeah this makes me a little queasy. Freddy grosse is awkward enough without more invisible fire-breathing mosquitos biting at its flanks…but maybe I can ram them…

  12. Aleksandar Ivanov

    @John hmm… i dont think so. They can stay under water for long time and also the subs are fast soo yeah, guess playing ranked from now on will be hard, for me at least and most likely for many others.

  13. @Aleksandar Ivanov I find it hard anyway, so I’m not sure it’ll change much for me :P~

  14. Man I can’t wait to see the comment section on this one, I solely clicked this video to see player reactions

    • @DaManBearPig alot of people don’t like how they can use homing torps many videos by guys like flamu have shown proof of how hard it is to avoid those torpedoes… if they take off homing I’ll love em I used to play a game in the 90s called Silent Hunter those sub games took SKILL there was no lock on homing torpedo BS

    • @Hybrid Reno II flamu also said the class is kinda weak as they are now. play them yourself amd youll see its true

      And homing torps are actually quite easy to dodge, at least in my experience playing them. You just dmg con and turn in as soon as you see them within 2 km of your ship and just like that they will often miss or if not do like 5 or 6k per torp

      They are essentially worse torpboat dds

    • Didn’t even watch the video.

  15. Co-op, I can understand. It is already often half-populated by bots… But ranked? By Neptune’s Trident whay on the seven seas has possessed WG?

  16. The time when WOWS was first released, WG be like: We will never add submarines in this game
    Several years later: OK did I say that? U must be hallucinating

  17. Dont bother too much about leaving feedback here guys. As we all know, WG gives a sh** about player feedback anyways.

  18. So no more ranked or coop for me, and soon no WoWs I guess.

  19. Through several stages of testing, through which we will ignore all results and advice

  20. Herastheblackwolf

    even more unhealable dmg especially against BBs, great idea. NOT

    • Yeh it’s becoming pointless to play BBs lol, at this point it wouldn’t surprise me if they add cruise missile ships as well

  21. @gruener germane nazi

  22. Balans!!

  23. @Maurice OConnor A bit cryptic (the Stuff about pommern )

    What do you mean Sir?

  24. When do subs come too xbox

  25. I don’t have to imagine! I don’t play this garbage game anymore! HAHAHA! Fuck off, Wankergaming! No more money for you!

  26. And also after the cv rework

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