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I don’t even need to make any jokes here – that first ’s got me allll covered…


is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:

Want to see me playing live?


  1. jingles subscriber/salt mine slave

    first… lol hi Jedi??

  2. The Guy Known As...

    15th. Hello from CIRC2

  3. Theya Alexandru Peanci

    I shoudl watch more videos to get better…

  4. as u might remember from our match on the same map when u played the Belfast.. i love the Dunkerque though it got a lot of flaws. got some krakens and +150k damage. u learn 1 thing to hide ur citadel 2. Talking about its guns: though being the smallest cal on tier 6, the shells have a high velocity (875m/s) which is just surpassed by Scharnhorst at (890). so when i got into a tier 8 i usually fire with HE because of the 37% fire chance. …Well… not yesterday. we contested a cap and i turned to AP because of a Schors and Königsberg. i bounced the Russian and citadeled the german. then a North Carolina gave me broadside at 10-11km, so i fired. I know i can punish a tier 5-6 american BB, but not a tier 8… i believed until i got a triple citadel on him and 32k damage ?…which is the second largest in one salvo ever! did once +36k and devastating strike on a CV.

  5. Why does tugboat not use his ship repair?

  6. I had one of those awkward games last night. A Scharnhorst was literally trying to chase me around a small island in my Fiji. It didn’t work out for him. 😀

  7. I can’t really fault tugboat here because he got reasonably close before slowing down, but Dunkerque players who camp at the limits of their range bow on reverse are probably my biggest gripe in T6. They’re the single most usless BB you can have on your team, even worse than corner hiding german BB’s. Gah. Been especially frustrating as i’ve been playing my Budyonny lately and she’s a great ship, my best ever criser if the average holds, (65k), but she’s terrible for pushing caps, so when the entire rest of your team runs and hides. Yeah it sucks. I really hated that game where i had to pull out 145k in a T7 match, gah. Breaking my back, (and my ship), here. Yeah i’m salty.

  8. Well, in my opinion Hiltibrand left the torp drop super late. I’m not sure why he needed to close in, but I assume he thought less distance would make it more assured he could torp the independence.

    So…yeah. Could’ve been better? Yeah – would I have done it better? Probably not. I seem to be really bad in the Hatsu.

  9. dunkerque gets me hyped for the nelson.

  10. To be honest Jedi, I like the Neptune joke. Maybe I’m just weird?

    Also Hatsuharu leads to the Shiratsuyu. The ‘new’ Fubiki leads to the Akasuki

  11. what’s with the potato res?

  12. Hang in there, Jedi. New day – new roll of the dice…

  13. I hope you feel better soon Jedi, we always appreciate your videos!

  14. Back on form Jedi, a good, solid and entertaining video.

  15. Hi,
    Is there a mod showing on a minimap a circle range of your radar/hydro?

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