Teaching Monkey the ways of EDGAR – World of Warships

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Edgar is one of the best and most powerful ships in the entire world of warships. Monkey was not aware of this and due to his first ever game in it being bad he thought the ships is bad. Well he was convinced differently after this match xD

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. 1st….. edgar huh

  2. I caught this battle live on Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/flambass

  3. @guntherultraboltnovacrunch5248

    What about a triple Elbing division?

  4. A classic show case of what happens if your BBs play to passive. If they sit back the whole game and conserve HP while the rest of their team die, they get left unsupported and get picked off from every angle. Too many players in this game forget the word ‘Battle’ in Battleship xD. GGs Flambass!

  5. what an edgarlord….

  6. Love how the radar Mino turned the tide, again.

  7. Dakka time with old buddy. Glad to hear Monkey’s voice again

  8. No Radar tzzztzzztzzz 😀

  9. Top three, Mino and then super Minos. 😂😂😂

  10. @christophersims7060

    Gg guys! Dod you see teaser trailer for ALIEN ROMULUS?😮!!!

  11. Love when you playing with Monkey! Fun to watch!

  12. Monkey’s voice has something special aside from sounding the same as Seth Rogen ❤

  13. gotta love the enemy BB div, all grouped up creating no cross fires

  14. Nice. Whatever ship you’re in, a well played Edgar is a very tough opponent.

  15. well done!

  16. @Metallica4Life92

    if you ever find yourself in the predicament that Satsuma was in at the end of the game; aim for the stern of the Edgar/Mino. they just go *pop* instead of overpenning the side armor:)

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