Teamwork In World of Warships!

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  1. I love rushing in with my Ohio. I don’t care about necessarily playing the most optimally, I just want to have fun and usually I still have some pretty decent games rushing in.

  2. We, the undersigned, are solemnly united in our request to see PQ play a full secondary Vermont.


  3. I did this with my phone yesterday. Played #2 for a pruessen with a mino, DM. All four of us just locked in. Rolled our flank and stopped their central push in its tracks. We ended up with 9 kills between us and we were top 4 on the team. Most synergy I’ve ever had with randos.

    Ended up #1 on the team with 215k damage and 3 kills. Pruessen, mino and DM followed in that order.

  4. Thank you for the video.

  5. I love how “not pQ “ game tag lets you know it is pQ

  6. More bbs should push up and tank for cruisers.

  7. I long for the day where I consider a match low damage if I don’t surpass 100K.

  8. I love rushing in and even when I take my Mecklenburg, I love getting closer as I am not very good at camping and sniping. I tend to play around 12-17 Km from the other team.

  9. Cmon PQ….teamwork? In Wows? Playing Ranked this morning and it’s like the Twilight Zone

  10. “The Ohio is one of the strongest ships in the game” – PQ 2024.

    I must have got one of the defective ones. Tried it a few times in Asymetric Battles and got fed up getting clapped for 30K -> 40K damage by lower tier BB ships, even when angled.

  11. Actual teamwork and pushing in, in the same game? A rarity indeed.

  12. im not yet at tier 10 but 2 days ago i found myself playing in my harbin in a game where my entire team each helped coddle the enemy into the far left of the map then all of us worked together to single fire targets, keep smokes up for ships like myself and dd’s and keep hydro’s up for the bb’s to help prevent torpedo strikes etc. it was honestly the most cohesive and fun game i think i have ever had in world of warships. got 210k by the end of it so yeah it was great

  13. There is so much wrong with the game re incentivising people to sit back and snipe, etc. I love pushing, playing aggressive, I’m no super unicum, I barely have 48% win rate, but still love pushing.

  14. “One of the main weakness of the Ohio is it only has 6km ASW.” -Cries in Venzia

  15. This is a hard behavior to find in world of warships. Team game. Special shout out to DD players who play just to deal damage. Please play team game.

  16. I find some games its a beast and others games feels like im shooting blanks

  17. it would be really nice if you can feature the Blyskawica a tier 7 coal ship its kind of a gun boat dd and kind of fast

  18. @PriyanshuDey-vy6kd

    hey man i want a suggestion from you i have almost 260k coal and i want to buy my first coal ship, napoli or GK which one to choose or plz suggest other ships 🙃🙃

  19. had a game like this very recently. we lost the game, but it was really fun pushing up with 6 diffrent ships like a strike group working together. game felt much more impactful and was better than the usual sniping

  20. I always try my best in world of warships, but sadly I’m just not the greatest player.

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