World of Warships- ……I Love This

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Hey guys! Today we take a replay from RebrandSteve in the Karl XIV Johann! Enjoy!

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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418


  1. love running Jerzy and getting the torp reload buffs

  2. There’s a mod that adds torpedoes to the minimap.

  3. @fredericoeusebio9770

    12:31 sea lord u do know that flag cost almost 100k credits and keep using it doubles the cost of running a t9 tech line ship dont u?most of us dont run premium 100% of the time

  4. Great Battle to watch and I really enjoy your first reaction commentary. 😁

  5. Yup good game , Even both green and red chat was good too after all this time
    you wouldnt see that in tanks

  6. This ship sets fires faster than a pyromaniac in a match factory… Its silly fun.

  7. @SeaLord greetings and a Happy New Year from Europe! Was wandering where can I send you a replay ? It’s from ranked where I took solo warrior medal alone against 4 ships and won the game in a Lo Yang against all odds!

  8. Most of the time I save det flags for ranked and clan battles. It’s ok to not use them in randoms

    • Honestly, get insta blapped by a legit game mechanic, hit battle on. That’s it. It was different when your ship was held captive for the next 15 minutes.

  9. These videos are wildly entertaining!

  10. Hi, just started playing the game and learning lots from your videos, Thanks a bunch for doing them. Got a question I’m trying to get the IX Michealangelo in the Dockyard thing via Combat missions and I’ve done plenty of all kinds of missions and I’m not progresssing, what am I doing wrong?

    • You can only earn a certain amount of points each week by completing the missions that reward points as well as finishing 6 missions each week to get the final point for the week and enable progression towards next week’s missions. You will not be able to complete the dockyard for free, and will need to purchase a few stages (the minimum starter pack) in order to complete it.

      To claim the rewards for completing stages, you need to open the dockyard and click the button to redeem them.

    • The Dockyard missions generally require playing Tier V to Tier X ships. If you are new, you may not be playing at the required tier yet.

    • @@wheel6243 I have all the necessary ships. But which combat missions am I supposed to do?

    • @@wheel6243 I have all the ships needed but whats a Combat mission, Co-Op, Random or Operations?

    • @prisonerofthehighway1059

      @ottertok check your left side menu under your account name and click “Missions” now select the tab labeled “Dockyard”
      Each mission will give you a description, the type and Tier of ships you can use and there will be a row of icons along the bottom of each mission that tell you what mode is required to get credit for completing it.
      I think this is what you need but if it’s not, reply back and I’ll try again. Happy New Year and o7 commander.

  11. Excellent game and fun commentary as always! Have a wonderous New Year everyone!

  12. If anyone is wondering wtf I’m doing with my cursor, I’m either half AFK on my phone while playing(which is why I missed the DDs in my home cap in the first half), OR I’m using freelook and cursor lock to turn my guns to the other side while I turn in/out. but I for sure left some damage on the table this game, thank god the red team decided it was time to throw.

  13. Sealord. Thanks for your never ending supply of great videos in 2023 and I hope you continue to produce high quality videos in 2024.

    I have an idea for a video on a subject that I do not think anyone has really covered. That is “How to manage the career development of your captains”. It takes a lot of time to grind a captain to 21 pts and how do you get the best bang for your buck. Some questions to address would be as follows
    – Which captains should you work on first? Do you focus your attention your attention on captains for high tier ships first or low tiers?
    – When should you assign permanent captains to premiums?
    – How do you get the best return on your investment for high skill point captains given the current situation where an individual captain can have a skill set for each of the 5 different ship types recognizing that a captain can only be “trained” for a maxium of one tech tree ship at a time. (although a captain can slide seemlessly between premium ships of the same faction).
    – What is the best way to integrate special captains like Cunningham, Halsey etc into your long range plans?
    – Are there proven strategies available to manage the career development of your inventory of captains?
    – How do you deal with Captain skill resets?

    I’m sure you have some good idea. 🙂

  14. Got her out of a Santa container from the free pass

  15. Hope you have a great new year sea lord Mountbatten

  16. Thanks Sea Lord that was a great game.x

  17. Can we get some coverage on your ranks. would be great on maps that you come across. Why you take certain routes and why you support certain ships…

  18. @grindlifegaming2833

    Sealord bro can you put a feeler out there… I think WG is screwing us during this Christmas event. At least twice in 3 days I have checked my ships xp before battle, got 16k ship xp as a reward andy ship xp post battle was the same as before I went in. I think they are stealing our xp rewards to burn up our economic bonuses so we buy more.

  19. It’s areally good ship in the right hands and what people still not know, it’s also very good in bow tanking. Usually people – also this gamer – tend to open their broadside to either launch torps or to get the backturrets on target. Which reduces the tankiness of the ship by a lot. But staying under 10° to the target and let the front secondaries (they shoot straight forward) and the main turrets do their job, let you win pretty much every brawl.
    Even when this ship is mostly used as a firestarter its 305s give a serious punch in close quarters. Unfortunately it does not have the accuracy of a Mecklenburg, but more like of the normal German 305s (same as Brandenburg). Which make the main guns less effective.
    In my personal stats over 200 games with this ship, kills are fairly shared on all weapon types (main battery, secondaries and torps) and I use it mainly as stealth torp / secondary ambusher. This works quite well, but isn’t really suited for survival, rather for fast damage after the ambush starts

  20. Thanks sea lord, I’ve found your vids quite watchable now I know how to put the video speed on 1.25x to make your speech speed more close to normal! Keep up the good work!

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