That 1 Edin Bruh – F2P World of Warships

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I made it up to Edinburgh, tier 8 tech tree british light cruiser. I consider Eding a fine CL but kind of the weakest of the higher tiers, simply because it is Fiji in higher tier.

Moving towards Minotaur which will be our 2nd researched tier 10.

WoT link

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. So it needs to be a rendom battle or it can be coop? Also where is the link?

  2. Would love to support you, but I’m NOT creating a new account. Would love to use my already existing WoWs account instead…

    • I understand, I asked if it works for returning players but they said only new, sadge

    • @Flambass
      I have never played a match in WoT with my WoWs account…
      So maybe that counts?

      Kind of related…
      Is there a way to use your code with the steam version of wot?

  3. As long as mama laughts, dad jokes show that they are in love. Its important for kuds to see that! 😂

    • Have a question…. if I use a World of Warships account that has never played WOT… would the link work for that, too?
      As in….would that increase your counter? (I haven’t played WoW in like a year…so..pretty much going to have to redownload everything.)

  4. You can’t fight against the dad joke Flabass. Give in to the dad joke and let it flow through you. With every passing moment you become more and mow a dad.

  5. so i was the first on you tube to sign on for you. Well that been like cuppel off years now that i didnt play.

  6. Account created 🙂 I have three now…lol Happy to support

  7. Create a new WG account? Ya, no thanks.. I get enough WG D!CK as it is

  8. I went on your Tank link and my webadvisor keeps telling me it’s a dodgy site, I obviously have WOW’s so I will play one game when I’ve finished punching my McAfee account in the face. Also, well played dude.

  9. How about a “yo, mama” joke? Yo, Mama is so fat, when she jumps in the air, she gets stuck! 😳

  10. My 4 year old can’t say please In Spanish. That’s pour for four

  11. I would ve muted that weeb captain Mogami 10 times already.

  12. I dont like advertisements on YT!Especially not for WG and extra specially not for nearly 15 mins!

  13. Does the WoT link work for console players? I’m kind of exclusively playing on console (PS5) nowadays and I’m sure I never tried WoT before so I’d like to help out.

  14. I saw a WoT player in a WoWS match yesterday…He was treading water.

  15. I pronounce this ship the same way lol, coz why tf not

  16. That’s the purpose of Dad jokes, man… they’re supposed to be groaners…

  17. My wife told me: nothing could make her happier than a diamond ring, for our anniversary.
    … so I gave her nothing!

  18. Ship’s Captains, are they only recognised wet navy captains? Perhaps, as a gimmick, WG could bring in captains from other sources. I’d like to see what effect Cpt. James Holden of the Rocinante (The Expanse) would bring to the game. Cpt Kara Thrace (Battlestar Galactica) or even captains from the Air Force or Army.

  19. When you become a dad, you instantly gain the skills to make bad jokes & an uncanny ability to open jars…

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