World of Warships – Ship Happens

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For those occasions when your entire battle isn’t good enough to hold a video on its own but there’s something that happens that would still be cool to share, there’s Ship Happens.

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  1. Oh man I loved Why You Heff to be Mad along with some of the other series like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

  2. Call your new series Double Strike, to collect all those good game/weird things that wont make a video by itself.

  3. Kinda annoys me that Tanker spent the whole game by the exit only to leave when it actually mattered

  4. First battle reminds me of a WoT battle I had years ago. I was in my tier 3 Pz. II C, using that insanely high but insanely poor auto cannon. It was a tier 5 matchup. There’s nothing I can do that’ll be useful with the gun so I try to spot the best I can. Unfortunately the enemy team practically lemming’d to the side I wasn’t on. To make matters worse my team was crumbling. Seeing an opportunity I start capping the enemy cap. By about the half way mark I’m last alive facing 8 enemy tanks, most being tier 5. As luck would have it, the last remaining enemies are too far and too slow to stop the cap. In the days of global chat, they admitted defeat and I cap out the enemy. I won a kolobanov’s and an elusive raider ribbon since I was never spotted and completely capped out the enemy. Almost lost the ribbon since right as the game ended one tank did proxy spot me, but the game didn’t have time to count it as a spot. Wish I could relive those old WoT days, but alas, I have little reason to return to that painful grind. Have a good day/night all!

  5. The star of the show, Brandenburg, played badly.

    If he would have gone towards the airship instead heading south at the 10 minute mark with his full HP the friendly airship would have speeded towards the finnish line giving a solid win sooner.

    Take a note guys.

  6. Really needed this one today – had to say goodbye to my dog of 14 years, and a fun jingles video helps with the pain of losing her.

  7. I’d say “Flotsam” or “Driftwood” makes for a good name for WoWS compilations.

    Edit: 17:40 Point of Order: The “Admiral” class was the class of the Hood. Several more planned, none finished. HMS Nelson was the first ship of the “Nelson” class. Two ships built, HMS Rodney was her sister.

    • The average sailors of the Royal Navy were less than impressed with the looks of Nelson and Rodney, feeling that they more resembled oil tankers of the time than actual warships. Thus, they were nicknamed ‘Nelsol’ and ‘Rodol’.

    • @One Note Yeah, I wonder how they would have reacted to the N3 / G3’s.

    • Most people have no idea what flotsam is, there would probably me more wondering why the series is named after a city in The Witcher world than those that know what it means 😀

    • @Tuning3434 Since the N3s and G3s wouldn’t have their superstructures anywhere near as far back, they wouldn’t look like oil tankers.

    • Flotsam and Driftwood would be a great title I think. Well done!

  8. 16:45 (ish) Might have been the Iowa counted on the Jutland to take care of the battlecruiser. Worst sin of any online random battle game, trust your team mates to breathe and chew bubble gum at the same time (as they are usually so focused on the bubble gum they fail to breathe).

  9. Ship Happens is a good name. I remember you using it as a regular thing years ago, and loved it, and missed it since

  10. I imagine the Iowa assumed the Jutland would sink Bubba and thus didn’t need attention, hence the gun swing.
    But the thing about a ship in this game is that it’s not sinking until it’s sinking.

  11. The Rock We Live On

    ngl it was pretty hard watching that brandenburg throw as hard as he could and still get away with it, at least the harugumo got his deserved win

  12. Tanker and his cruiser teammates really should have played the objective more here. They would have ended the battle so much quicker if they had just all sat in the objective.

  13. “Never interrupt the enemy when they’re making a mistake.”

  14. Only plausible explanation I have for that Iowa sailing broadside on in front of him was that he saw that Jutland charging in and thought “right so that Prince Rupprecht is dead, time to advance” and he was assuming Jutland would kill him but didn’t check to make sure it happened.

    • I’ve been in a similar position to the iowa, I saw a full destroyer rush the only ship keeping me from moving forward, but for some reason never fired any torpedos. So I have to agree with you on this Dave

  15. Michael Hildebrandt

    Please more of this “Ship Happens” replays – I like a good laugh 🙂

  16. I would like to thank the Jutland, the Iowa, and the Izumo for the absolutely pants-on-head smooth-brain window-licker moments they all had.

  17. Rule of thumb for shooting the Izumo’s stern: aim for the hanger door. It leads straight to the citadel. If it’s more angled, you can aim for the boat doors on the sides.

  18. As long as ONE player is inside the airship zone, it will always move at 18 knots even with other players in it, it only moves at 30 when one of your players is inside an enemy airships zone. The number of players higher then one in an airship zone does not effect speed.

  19. Splatoonist Productions

    I could honestly listen to jingles laugh all day and feel absolute bliss thanks to it

  20. Yes genius play by Tanker. Move as far away from your Zeppelin as possible in the waining minutes of the fight. He is lucky the enemies were stupider.

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