The Biggest Problem With World of Warships Legends!

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  1. 5 km and make it a 12 vs 12.

    • or 5 km for Tier 6-8 and 8 km for Legendary Tier and make it a 12 v 12 if the Console can handle it (Tanks does 15 v 15 and seems ok).

  2. Improve match team size is one WG can do and look at spawn locations imo of playing since release

  3. I think one of the big problems is developers not listening

  4. 1) Potatoes exist in any PvP game, it doesn’t matter what game it is and something that people has to accept. It’s the same on Tanks. I accepted it a long time ago and reason i rarely get mad.
    2) Agree on the Faster Legends Experience, Spawns are closer on Legends which is reason Legends added Concealment Mod to Battleships which hasn’t really helped.
    3) I have no opinion on Autoaim as i try to manual aim as much as possible.
    4) Feedback for WG to add a Port School to the game, to teach you most of the mechanics like Colin McRae Rally did on the PS1. In game is important because of 5)
    5) On Tanks it took me 2 years before watching my first PC Video and most users won’t watch a Single one so all the advice that people give on Streams, it doesn’t mean much as the people that should watch, actually doesn’t watch except for people who want to become a better player.

  5. I think on pc as a pc player autoaim whould really useful on pc because the first 10 minutes everybody especially on higher tiers everybody stays 16-30km from each other and that’s making the aiming very hard especially on battleships with slow velocity shells just like North Carolina etc

  6. Id like an economy like the PC version where it doesnt take 3 to 5 months for the average player to get the amount of credits for a VIII ship

  7. Teammates – that is the biggest Problem!

  8. Yeah, Blip flat told Aaron in the stream we do not have a DD match problem. Seeing 4-5 DD matches is common.

    • That’s crazy. I’ve had Tier 7 lobbies where we’ll have 1 Tier 6 DD. The other team will have a tier 6 DD, and a tier 5 DD Division’d up with a tier 6 BB. Idc if it’s tier 5 giving them an extra destroyer is ridiculous

    • @unsealednardo9965

      And some tier 5s are extra sneaky.

    • @menacingcoyote9346

      They very much aren’t. 5 bb matches are nearly every single match, which is much worse.

    • @@menacingcoyote9346 but u can counter a BB with another BB, a destroyer, an agile cruiser, or a DPM spam cruiser island hopping with spotting. U can only counter a DD with another DD or a radar. Unless you’re counting on a couple BBs to know how to pinch a DD using their spotting bubbles, but that’s a prayer.

    • @menacingcoyote9346

      @@romallama44 There’s more of a gap in counters, but you can still mitigate it through sporadic movements, using cover, target prioritisation and generally…not being an idiot.

      People complain about 5 dd matches, but outside of very low tier they aren’t popular at all. 4-5 bb games are the norm and in some classes or ships it’s just not enjoyable to fight them back to back to back.
      If people want DD games capped at 3 then it’s justifiable that all classes be capped at 3

  9. this is the main reason why I like the new Scandinavia map. feels like i have time to move without worrying about being spotted for a minute or two

  10. @markfeelyparodies6371

    Problems are from my experience. the troll Dispersion being unable to punish bad plays and positions , the game becomes pay to win by means of nerfing a ship and then undo the nerf by introducing pay to win commanders, good and decent ships get nerfed into the ground.

  11. I fully agree with nerfing, or outright removing, auto aim (primarily to disable the crutch cruisers can use to burn you down from behind an island) and shifting the spawns further back.

    The spawns, though, are perhaps the biggest offender, with DDs being about the only class (barring a CV in the match) not in danger of being immediately spotted. You can be doing everything right at the beginning of a match, play smart and try to position yourself, but if you’re unlucky enough to be the first one the enemy spots, you get focused into oblivion.

  12. I agree with you about moving Spawns back a bit, but I also think limiting the DDs to 3 per team would be a big help too.

    • Some of the spawns are pretty bad at high tier. ffs, I was spotted in my Saipan last night, which has pretty good concealment, before I could even make the turn to get my carrier back. I wish I could remember the name of map.

    • 3dds per team or 2dds and 1cv. The amount of spotting in 4dd with 1cv game is so unbelievable to the point that you cannot move much without showing broadside.

  13. I agree with the spawns point, I’m constantly moving back at the start of the game to prevent being spotted and then position. Another thing is to make divisions balanced on both teams. It can be an unfair advantage when you get one team with a division and the other without one. Also some teams have more divisions or members in a division than the other. This mainly applies when the division is not a division of potatoes 🥔🥔 I agree also with the comment below about limiting the number of DDs to no more than 3.

  14. An angling tutorial for new players could go such a long way

  15. @AnthonyPorter-is9ht

    I’m tired of teammates leaving one side to go to the other flank leaving me on one flank by myself

  16. I feel ya. I would lose 10 games in a row while being 1000 points ahead of my team. What can we do?

  17. I agree. In some maps you don’t even get the chance to move before getting spotted. Second : being spotted in a C cap by planes flying close to the A cap is bullshhhh too

  18. You’ve successfully highlighted the issue with spawn distances which should automatically increase as main battery ranges increase.

  19. “Battleships with faster reload than most heavy cruisers, battleships with 15km secondaries, battleships, battleships, we must sink the battleships!” ~ A DD main

  20. @austinhawkins3307

    “We don’t have the range for 18km!”

    Champagne: Bonjour!

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