World of Warships- HMS RODNEY IS FINALLY HERE!!!!!

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RULE BRITANNIA, BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES (or something like that right?)


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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

Music: GET AWAY by tubebackr is licensed under a Creative Commons License.…

Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Track: Infraction- Not The Only One
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Track: Infraction- Utopia
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Track: Infraction- Machine Gun
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Music by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

0:00 Intro
1:45 Montcalm
3:55 Orion 44
6:32 Rodney


  1. Glowworm, my friend Glowworm.

  2. Getting it, just like I’ll be getting the Wisconsin. Fuck the price. Getting it

  3. Its the 80th anniversary of Dday this year.

  4. Now i am mad that they brought the West Virginia 44 instead of the USS Maryland. We could have had the big 7 completely in game.

    • Im sure she will come eventually.

    • @d.olivergutierrez8690

      It’s 1945 Maryland?

    • IMO they should rename West Virginia ’41 to Colorado, and the tech tree Colorado to Maryland. Since Maryland was the actual first ship of the Colorado-class (completed a full 2 years ahead of Colorado). And change the top hull of the tech tree ship to have Maryland’s 1945 refit with 5″/38 secondaries (but without West Virginia’s massive torpedo bulges).

    • @@RedXlV in game Colorado is the USS Colorado, despite it surviving the war it never had installed 5″/38 just like USS New Mexico and USS Mississippi

    • @@arczer2519 That’s my point. Colorado should be replaced in the tech tree by Maryland. And West Virginia 41 should be replaced by a 1941 Colorado.

  5. You thought it was only the 2010s? You young whippersnapper 😁 I still think the 90s were only a couple of years back.

  6. Never get tired of looking at a panoramic photograph at my grandparents’ house with the Rodney in it.
    Was wondering when it’d show up in WoWS lol

  7. Engine boost hit right the spot!

  8. Rare footage of a dev blog with only real steel ships

  9. “Nelsol” already has a disappointing glass citadel. I’d expect sister ship “Rodnol” will be same. Torps will make a minor difference.

  10. Cool. Welcome Rodney

  11. The Rodney, if the rumors are true, might have managed to get the only known successful Torpedo hit on another engaging battleship (Bismarck) in history.

  12. British cruisers have super charged ap ,I have to say I have not noticed that ,what I have noticed is you get mostly shatters or over pens and my favourite ricochet ,so in the main I only play the prem British cruisers with the he shells because the al rounds are hopeless unless you have a fully broadside opponent

  13. @thatinternetguyj5222

    Im hyped. Rodney is one of the first historical ships i learned about when I was in elementary school

  14. You know, just a few days ago I was whining (to myself) there was no D-Day thing in WoWS. I want me a Rodney!

  15. @boggzytimegaming9515

    I’m excited too!

  16. I ´m glad the Rodney is being included in the game finally. But I have mixed feelings about it having the Soviet dispersion model. Under the current meta, pushing in not ideal because of all the subs and CVs in game now. Funny how WG didn´t mention how good (or bad) her AA will be. So it remains to be seen how effective she will be in the end. But, since she will be a Tier VII, she will probably be sold for either dubs or maybe coal, but not steel nor research bureau, which is a good thing.

  17. Was in a game late last night where there were 5 super ships per side and the remainder were T9. Crazy matchmaking! Went to bed after that one.

  18. My favorite battleship in history. While I long quit the game. I am happy to hear she is coming to the game

  19. I think Rodney will be in a 1942 refit based on the aa parameters

  20. @Temporaryname-ej5it

    I remember there was a super nakhimov meme and it shows one of the devs computers with lots of files. One was super nakh and super st vinnie, and one was rodney. Maybe we are getting super nakh after all?

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