The Fallen Worlds of Wargaming

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World of Warships, (run by Wargaming LLC) has been in a state of all out community revolt for longer than could ever be healthy. The publisher (also responsible for World of Tanks) is neck deep in a controversy where they have repeatedly disrespected and abused their own player base with shady monetization, and poor communication.

More recently, it has all bubbled over as their Creator contributor circuit evaporated, and beloved community leaders turned on them. Simultaneously they face global investigations for their business relationships as a function of Money Laundering, and top to bottom… the Worlds of Wargaming… is in chaos.

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  1. Ahhhh I knew it would have been only a matter of time before UEG covers the game I play!!! RIP WoWs, you were decent for the first 4 years.

    • Serena Stieveling

      It was the game that brought me and my BF together. It pains me to see all this happening. I really do hope things change.

    • @Serena Stieveling Wargamming isn’t ever going to change not in less the higher ups sell this to better more respectable people that want to see there games they make succeed.

  2. HyperDimension Bliss

    Holy shit even UEG is talking about it. The more people who hate WG, the better.

  3. Hello UEG. I like how you expose all these companies that screw people over with their micro transactions.

  4. Tirande Shibaraki

    Wargaming is currently aggressively attacking people on their forums and banning people left and right for talking about this matter. The firestorm is growing ever larger. And that’s without even considering the “let’s sell 40+ euro premium ships and then nerf them later” policy they snuck in a while back after the community shot them down earlier about it.

    • I wish we would stop the crying about them nerfing premiums, its impossible to always release a perfectly balanced ship 100% of the time. Sometimes premiums need to be nerfed i would much rather have that then broken, unfun ships like Thunderer running around

    • @Mathew Here’s a solution: Nerf it BEFORE pulling it from sale rather than pulling a ship 2 weeks before you nerf the niche(Massa and secondaries) it’s in or it only AFTER it’s removed from sale. Few are mad that Thunderer was nerfed, it’s just the scummy way they left it broken until it no longer made money then, and only then, did they touch it.

      It has little to do with the Nerf and almost everything to do with the scummy use of FOMO to entice players to buy loot boxes to get this ship or miss it probably forever.

    • @Almighty Deity This is a recent change in their philosophy. No matter how much you test a ship you will never truly know if its broken or not until you release it to the general public, if it was that easy massive games like LoL would never release a broken or underpowered feature.

      Massa was removed in 10.1 and the commander rework was released in 10.0, i’m assuming you are talking about the rework cause i cant find any other nerf to her secondaries

    • @Mathew So she was “only” released over a year before that, where every CC and every video on her other than maybe Zoup was that she was broken af with very few downsides… For over a year. It wasn’t “just after release” nor a “recent change in philosophy”. Even you have to admit they were likely profit-driven in both decisions.

      And even with Massa and Georgia, they were buyable and would have seen a larger uptick in players buying them because FOMO immediately after their removal announcement. The actual Nerf for secondaries wasn’t fully documented until late February when testers realized it wasn’t simply a 20% nerf, but that the accuracy loss was multiplicative. On paper they weren’t that much worse, but at nearly every range beyond point blank it was worse than many assumed.

    • Tirande Shibaraki

      @Mathew Except that with a scumbag company like Wargaming, they’d purposefully release an overpowered ship to drive sales and then nerf it for the ‘sake of balance’ which is false advertising. And you can’t defend them from that argument, they ARE that greedy.

  5. I’ve said it before, but we knew this was coming when Wargaming called the CV rework “a success”.

    • @Richard Bell Ah, as far as player numbers go, I’m willing to believe more people play it now than before the rework.

      But if WG can pidgeon-hole the definition of success into merely “do more people play carriers now”, we can pidgeon-hole the definition into “is it good for anybody but new CV players”, in which case the answer is mostly no. The things get called the “Fun Police” for a reason.

      There are exceptions of course. The lower barrier of entry allows you to just hop on a CV once or twice a week and perform well without practice, which was utterly impossible with the old CVs. But then again, you can’t do that on any other shiptype to this degree either, so I’m not convinced that’s a good thing…

    • @Richard Bell more people are playing now because you don’t need a functioning brain anymore

    • @Macintoshiba Given that I went from being able influence the outcome of a battle before the rework, to not being able to reliably do any damage, at all, after the rework, it is hard not to take your comment as a personal insult (I am worse at playing CVs than someone with a non-functioning brain); although, I am confident that you did not mean it that way. I cannot thread planes through an AA barrage and land weapons on the target. It used to require some thought and planning to be an effective CV player, but now CV play is a survival minigame that rewards effective twitching over thought. You still need a functioning brain to play CVs, but it is more hand-eye coordination than thinking the attack through.

    • @Richard Bell maybe youre doing a wrong approach? You cant just fly straight to the target anymore. You have to fly a curve or similar, which completely throws off the Flak-Gun aim, making you practically immune to the bulk of enemy AA damage. Compared to Micro-Managing your squadrons (which seems somewhat more realistic since Somebody on the carrier had to direct all those air groups at once) you are now Playing World of Warplanes – Warship DLC Edition. Controlling Aircraft has been severely dumbed down. I did not mean to insult you. These New carriers have a shallow learning curve. As soon as you know how to properly use one, it becomes child’s play. e.g., Japanese CV:
      1. Take Dive bomber
      2. Fly a curve onto your targets bow
      3.Click left click and start counting
      4.After youve counted the appropriate amount of seconds (for example, youre attacking a British Battleship, so around 3 Seconds) you click “attack” again
      5. Citadel
      6. Watch the Damage counter tick and Press “F” to recall the remaining Planes or go for another attack run

    • *since E-50 nerf and tier 10 “won’t be introduced in the game, ever” mediums.

  6. Well with all this going on and folks leaving I might actually win a battle.

    Jokes aside though its always interesting seeing how these things play out. You usually get some different factions.

    The “Everything is fine and all of you are just complaining.”lads and those who care about the issue.

    • This game drove me away over a year ago, partially because the grind gets stupid around the mid/mid-high tier, partially because the shift to loot boxes is always a garbage one, but mainly because the bloody gameplay got insanely boring, without any of the redemptive qualities of a naval game that’s boring by virtue of realism.

    • Saw it before in multiple other game dev companies too . Start great> become too successful > switch to working with cash in mind instead of players > popularity goes down >start producing heavy monetized trash . Que another EA clone. Fans act pretty much the same each time

  7. As a long time player of World of Warships I hoped you would take a look at it and you did a good job. Not everything that’s wrong, of course, but a good rundown of the key points.

    I joined in the Closed Beta Test way back when, and the game has been good, but I’ve finally gotten fed up with it. Though it is a bit sad to see the whole thing burn down on the way out, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving company.

    Screw You WG.

    • WG is pay to win

    • the company is only care about laundering money

    • Sad thing is that once there was a good game in there.

    • Im in the same place with you mate but after the 2020 loot box Christmas thing it became very clear it was becoming incredably p2w. Also wargaming is becoming greedier and greedier and is getting sketcher with certain things really not surprised but they are probably going to try to squeez as much out of the community as possible. Honestly wont be surprised if we see another wave of people at wg themselves start jumping ship (no pun intended) and distancing themselves from it.

    • @Gouken 89 not pay to win, pay to play once you cross the T8 mark

  8. Started playing 6 months and I had fun. Slowly everything started to became too EA kind of predatory loot boxes scheme and I find myself having less and less will to play WoWs.
    It’s sad because the game is actually well done and can be fun. One of the bigger problems is that they set the game in such a way that you are left with no choice (there’s always a choice, i know) but to buy premium currency to get somewhere in the game.

    • I’ll have to disagree here.
      WoWs can be played completely free-to-play.
      I’m a free player and I have multiple premium ships, TX tech tree ships and special content – flags, camouflages and special captains.

  9. I played WoWS for a few years including over a year of clan battles with a group of people I met in game and on discord (still on discord with them all, though I don’t play WoWS much anymore). The first nail, to me, had to do with pricing of anime crossover content, and eventually led me to stop playing.

    See… WoWS has two types of players. 1) the military enthusiasts, and 2) the anime ship-girl enthusiasts who like things like KanColle and Azur Lane. I am both, so when there were anime crossover events, I’m always very excited. However, as a tl:dr to my below paragraph, each event got more expensive even if it had the same amount of content or even the exact same content, for no reason. Great game, great crossover content for anime fans, horrible and greedy publisher.

    However, each time a crossover happened, the prices increased. The first crossover was with ArsNova, and all the content was free in game. Next there was an event with Haifuri, and that was about $100 for everything on offer, which included a brand new and completely unique ship. Then came an Azur Lane, crossover, and you could get all the content for around $100, but now there was no new ship. Then Azur Lane returned with new content, but this time everything was in loot boxes unless you spent about $200 for everything new. Then ArsNova returned, but almost none of it was available in game and it was all stuff to purchase (even though it had been free when first offered). Then Azur Lane returned again, this time with 2 ships added (both of which were reviewed badly by community contributors like LWM), and a total cost of $350 for the new content unless you went for loot boxes (which, as with all WoWS loot boxes, have a chance to give you duplicates with no recourse for getting them). Then Haifuri returned, but the ships were 50% more expensive this time with no rationale but for Wargaming wanting more money.

    Lastly, as a note, LWM’s reviews of the ships were amazing, and I am not the only member of the community who would wait to read her reviews before purchasing a premium ship. It doesn’t surprise me that WarGaming would mistreat her, but it sucks and shame on them for doing so.

    • Pretty much that. But for simple enjoyment of gameplay, with no intention to get any premium stuff, WoWS is best out of three. Other ones are so ridiculed with pay2win premium shit it’s insane.

    • I knew this whole situation was bad as i had been following it for the past 2ish weeks now but i never knew UEG would’ve dug up that much info. The money laundering though is just beyond shameful… The Mighty Jingles video from yesterday has 2 links to the NA and EU rating reporting authorities with a comment adding a link to an Aussie one(OCE region in-game). Also Warships is the worst offender when it comes to the loot boxes but Tanks has 1 seasonal event which is just as scummy; the christmas loot boxes. Just go watch an unboxing from last year from QuickyBaby or Awesome Epic Guys(AEG) to see what i mean; you do get your value from them but the main scummy incentive is that the newest OP tanks are in them and those with no monetary impulse controls would dump $200+ on those loot box packages to “get that elusive tank”.

    • Dang and I was going to return to playing WoWs this month too.

      Guess, I should just invest in a PC and just play standard games ‘w’

    • @Anugrah Amriza If you just want to play the game with no intention of paying, there is nothing wrong with that. It’s the community that is fucked.

    • I am not going to lie but rather have the weebs that at least they try to play the game vs the boomers who are there to watch the paint dry while mooching off their teams. In tanks those boomers love to show up on weekends and events with worse than bot level stats for which teams have next zero chance of winning.

  10. Jingles has been with wargaming for years and has been majorly involved in both world of tanks and warships. He really helped drive up warships interest and grow the player base.

    • @FRG BlackBurn im mean its worth it

    • @00die00991 yeah it’s true, and the Panzer II J was fun to play, but at the end of the day you’re paying 100 euros for a seal clubbing tank, I would rather spend the money on a solid Tier VIII.

    • Funnily enough, after I played on PC from 2012 to 2014 (when my PC died), I went to WoT Xbox in 2015, in the Xbox version you could get the Panzer II J by using the Xbox Live Gold free trial World of Tanks gave you if your own Live Gold expired.

    • KraizerX The Simp

      @FRG BlackBurn ah yes sir foch and the chrysler t8 prem tank drama, i still remember his rage on that

    • @FRG BlackBurn They (Wargaming) even tried to get others to say that Foch used racial slurs, which was a blatant lie. Wargaming is like your drug connection so many of you won’t say bad things about them. The CCs would say things to them because the CCs loved the game. Wargaming kicked them in the mouth. You support that by remaining in the game.

  11. For the record UE, AprilWhiteMouse is her name on multiple sites, including reddit, they did not get her name wrong, not that it excuses their hilarious lack of real apology

    • @Akane Sakurada Btw is you haven’t guessed I am just trolling you for shits and giggles at this stage. 🙂

    • @Tanki Cat yes it is.

    • @Akane Sakurada No it’s not. 😉

    • @Zerinor We have Belarusian language, learn it in schools, it is on TV, radio, on billboards, almost everyone understands it and most can speak. Rural people naturally use lots of words from it. Yet 98% of conversations are in Russian because of convenience.
      Also, Belarus only remained more-or-less free and democratic for several years in the 90s amidst economic crisis that followed the fall of USSR to Reagan’s sanctions.
      Amidst this crisis people elected a Russia-supported populist psychopath who is remaining as a dictator till today, for over 26 years. And he intentionally forces people of our country to use Russian and submit before Russia. People were murdered and imprisoned over this.
      He is paid by Putin to keep our nationalism in check. Our TV news are coming from Moscow.

    • @noop9k So everyone knows Belarusian but still speaks Russian because it’s convenient, nobody speaks Polish or Lithuanian because it’s not convenient. Got it, thanks.

  12. I’ve played Warships since beta. It really has had a great community for years. I hope it gets better, but I won’t hold my breathe. And I won’t give WG any more money.

  13. I stopped playing World of Warships several years ago, because of how frustrating it was to play. I was able to reach Tier X with the German cruise line of back then, but with poor game balance (mainly player balance, where it was often that one side would dominate the other) and a high price to pay in the higher tiers if you lost, just made the game boring and extremely frustrating.
    I might be wrong, but this is the feeling I had back then.

    So yeah, after much frustration and thinking that this game was giving me little value and little enjoyment, I decided to drop it. It is good to have reminders of why I should stay away from this game.

    As as for the price, it was the following: The game has a soft currency (or “coin”?), the normal credits, and you gain then by playing the game. Obviously you get more if you win than if you lose, although your damage performance does make part of the equation to calculate the final output. The problem is that after every battle, you must pay a “maintenance fee”, which grows almost exponentially as you go up in tier. So if you’re not a great player, losing starts becoming very expensive from tier VIII upwards, and once on Tier X, losing is simply not an option. What does this mean? that if you “lose too much”, you will eventually lose your ability to play the game in the long run, because the player would be unable to pay for the maintenance fees.
    I’m currently writing this from memory, so if any player, or former player, can confirm or correct what I’m writing here, please do so.

    I think that one of the reasons the Missouri was so attractive, was because, with its extra credit bonus, it made it less painful to lose at tier IX battles. I think the player could even win credits even if they lost. I was unable to get it back then though.

    • This is actually a rather well designed mechanic. If you’re losing consistently at the higher tiers you’re clearly not a very good player, so the reduction in positive cash flow should help to incentivise you to play lower tiers where the economy is less brutal and you can hopefully improve your skills in a slightly less complex and punishing game environment. 😉

    • @Stuart Thurstan You still need to get o lot of damage, have premium time and modifiers to win a decent amount of credits at T10. I get what you’re saying, altough somewhat passive-aggressive. After grinding for months, maybe even a year to get your 1st T10 ship, I don’t think anybody enjoys seeing a ” – ” where the credits are at the end of a match.

    • I quit WoT for the same reasons, though I stuck around with WoWs because of the PvE support that WoT obstinately refuses to add.
      On the economy thing, every single premium ship will earn you credits, even on tiers 9-10. Not only do they earn more money, they have also massively reduced (read: reasonable) repair costs. On top of this they come with bundled camouflages that reduce repair costs further and increase money earning even more. What made the Missouri special was not that you could earn money even in a loss, it was that it’s credit multiplier was unusually high, so you can genuinely make a lot of money playing it regardless of how well you do.

    • Um….no. winning has no direct effect on credits earned. Imo, the economy is far too soft. Especially with all the top tier freemiums flying around lately.


      You will get free premium tier 5 and 9 containers if you come back right now.

  14. Jingles is a stand-up guy who I’ve been watching for at least a decade now. He’s not leaving over just one issue; there’ve been a long string of grievances that WG just either will not address or dig themselves deeper when they try.

    • @Ken Kaneki But what does that have to do with bad corporate behavior?

    • @CatLover JerryGarcia Extra spicy little detail: in the last day or so, WG has been forced to remove one of the very few big-name CCs that hadn’t left the program yet over this whole LWM/USS Missouri/lootbox debacle because it was shown that he _HAD_ been using homophobic and racial slurs _for years_ on his discord server.

    • CatLover JerryGarcia

      @sharkuc I’m aware, but thanks for tagging it on here.

    • stutter after stutter

      And when I left wotin 2017 I knew it was for better game was dying back then but what they do now is just money grab

    • Sounds like Warframe and some of the content creators honestly

  15. I’ve been playing WoWs since closed Alpha (January/February 2015). I used to love the game but ever since they reworked aircraft carriers in 2019, it’s just been a downward spiral or terrible additions, slowly increasing stranglehold on the community with monetizing everything they can, and the lack of real balance where everything Russian is just flat out broken. The fact they refuse to add new maps or game modes to keep gameplay fresh and it was a miracle to get Frontline mode in WoT which I’ve played since February of 2013. Wargambling is trash and I believe their upper executives are worse than EA and that’s saying something.

    • This is going to be a very odd question, but do you happen to know anyone who possesses a copy of the cloed alpha wows client? I have been looking for one for a while now.

  16. “wargaming involved in money laundering probe”
    Literally the least-surprising thing you could have said about that company.

    • Yeah Jingles mentioned it in his last Mingles with Jingles as he explained why he left the community contributor program

  17. The one thing I want to “Accshually” in this video:
    The Mighty Jingles won a place in the game as a captain in a community event when he got voted and into the game

  18. Regarding the Missouri, the odds of winning the Missouri through Loot Boxes was estimated at over $100 — that was how rare the chances were. Wargaming did not change this with their apology — they just added a campaign that allows players to earn the right to purchase the Missouri via submitting a service ticket to WGing. Not even a straight up purchase from the Premium store but a chance to purchase the ship after a lengthy campaign mode that is time gated — every step has a 2 day time lock. This is how much WG apologized or non-apology was.

  19. Majestic Hotwings

    A crossover I never thought I’d see, and for all the wrong reasons too. As a naval history buff, it hurts me to see WoWs in this state, it used to be so much better

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