THE GLASS CANNON! ADMIRAL HIPPER – World Of Warships German Cruiser Gameplay

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THE GLASS CANNON! – World Of Warships German Gameplay

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  1. I love to watch you videos it always makes my day better

  2. Владимир Пойлов

    Hipper isn’t a glass cannon. It hase uncorrect water draught. Now it hase
    ~5.5m, but must be 7.8m. Thereby armory box is very hight. It will be fix
    at near patch. Dont worry.

  3. My land <3 #nonazi

  4. hey the Admiral Hipper is th Deutschland

  5. lol you should make another video with this, the RNGesus was not with you
    this time :D

  6. LOL Wargaming. In reality, the Admiral Hipper was clearly sturdier than the
    Mogami, yet in this game they’re the same tier with Hipper dying easier.

  7. German cruisers confirmed for shit? Wargaming’s typical anti-german bias :V

  8. You always forget camouflage :/

  9. Glass cannon? Sucks

  10. Kristofer Carlson

    Holy shit the Russian bias in War Thunder and World of Warships these days
    is just so blatant. They arent even trying to hide it anymore. But I mean
    hey, theyve got a monopoly on these kinds of games so… Heil Putin!

  11. How to get premium money

  12. Seems worse than the pepsi-cola.

  13. Jonathan Pinkerton

    This thing isn’t a glass cannon. It’s just glass.

  14. Any reason you don’t apply upgrades to your ships in the port before taking
    them out? I’d love to see what you choose based on the specs of different

  15. What interest about this class of ship is that a captured Admiral
    Hipper-Class cruiser was used in weapons testing by the U.S and it survived
    an atomic blast

  16. how do you get german ships?

  17. why i cant see Germany ship ??

  18. is the update out yet?

  19. Soft ship

  20. Phly please please please don’t use the HE with the german cruisers. It’s
    disgustingly bad

  21. Never mind glass cannon, its like there is tnt strapped to the sides

  22. Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon)

    Every time Phly confuses Centimeters for Meters, or Kilometers for Knots,
    it makes me want to cut someone.

  23. Developers needed to overcompensate for their inferiority complex, thus
    making German ships crap and Russian ships starships. “Time for some
    payback! It’s our turn to massacre you in this game in return for you
    massacring us during WW2!”

  24. I dont know if anyone else noticed but the Admiral Hipper ingame at the
    moment does not have the 1942 upgrades available.
    Its like many other ships ingame at moment it changes its apperance quite
    drastic, and looks way better. When I saw Phly play this ship I noticed
    instantly that something was wrong with its look, and after abit searching
    on WoWs forum I found a thread just about this topic, and wargaming
    explained that they are working on adding all upgrades to the Hipper and
    its gonna be added ASAP, probably just in time for the update of German
    cruiser and Soviet Destroyeer.

    The changes to Admiral Hipper look is quite big, the bridge is closed and
    armoured in the updated version, and the Ship Bow is more circle shaped if
    u know what I mean, finally the funnel is very diffrent.

  25. What does T do on this cruiser?

  26. Half a year now since I press “like” at the start of the videos. Glad to
    say I did not go wrong yet.

  27. For phlyday do the uss Phoenix on world of warships

  28. Thank you for this timely review and demonstration!

  29. German Pensacola.

  30. From what I’ve seen, this ship isn’t a glass cannon… it’s just glass…

  31. Atleast give them decent HE, armour that doesnt get citideled by Clevelands
    and torp range

  32. The german cruisers need some serious buffing, from what Ive seen all of
    them are under-powered for their tier and Duetschland should be the tier

  33. Noah’s ark would have taken more hits than that thing!!

  34. Sooo… you got killed because of my Sub ? :D

  35. flakzwilling means twin flak

  36. I love your videos! U are all American which means u are loud and obnocious
    but at the same time entertaining. Keep it up!

  37. Sorry Phly, that wasn’t a Detonation… You got citadelled for days. If it
    had been a detonation you would have gotten the achievement in the chat…
    only Devastating Strike and First Blood showed up.

  38. “Flakzwilling” means “AA-twin” in german.

  39. Please take the time to buy the upgrades for the ships as well. They make a
    huge difference.

  40. currently all torpedos seems to have magnetic detonators. because contact
    detonators cause that when hit in very sharp angle the torpedo bounce of
    the hull

  41. Drudoos Drudinski

    In “Zwilling” the “Z” is pronounced like “Ts”, love your videos btw

  42. ‘Flakzwilling’ just means ‘Flak twins’. :)

  43. That second moment when you realize the game hates you. ” Oh cool thanks
    for the sub…BOOOOM.!!”

  44. I world of warships based in Russia?

  45. Sadly it doesn’t have the Atlantic bow.

  46. naw, its not you Phly, the German ships are characterized with great guns
    but terrible armor.

  47. admiral HIPSTER with the Me-262 scout plane

  48. Arnór Franz Erlendsson

    Naaw man Admiral Hipper has good armor, the enemies just placed good shots
    on you and Hipper doesn’t stand up well against plunging fire :P

  49. Dat feeling when your hype from seeing a ” brand new” Phly video goes to
    shit when you realise you ve already seen this in last week stream :(

  50. is it normal to enjoy that intro every single time O.o=?

  51. Maybe it’s like the Pensacola. That thing has paper armor.

  52. Dresden, please.

  53. Yeah the only problem was the magnetic detonator in German torpedoes worked
    as well as US one… which is to stay “not at fucking all” so they ended up
    disabling them after like a year and used contact fuzes only. It wouldn’t
    really change anything regardless, the exploders worked by detonating it as
    the torpedo passed under the ship in an attempt to break it’s back. They
    were not proximity fuses and in fact having them premature and inflict
    minimal damage was just one way the fuze could fail.

    Also torpedos don’t ‘bounce off’ at high impact angles, a properly designed
    exploder should function at basically any impact angle and there will be no
    real reduction in damage. In point of fact for a time US torpedos ONLY
    exploded when impacting at high obliquity as square impacts which produced
    greater impact force were crushing the detonate before it could initiate.
    (They’d been built for an older slower torpedo and had worked fine on that,
    they were then stupidly applied to a weapon 15 to 20 knots faster and
    considerably heavier without new tests and it was simply assumed they’d
    work there too)

  54. Next up play the Yorck please, biggest guns on a cruiser!

  55. phly play tirpitz

  56. wargaming is really good at hating germany.

  57. I love this intro. I can watch it many time

  58. wow, fuck your mid video ads, phly.

  59. LeonaTimberCompany

    They need to modify the upgrade hull to match that of the Prinz Eugen,
    which had a sharper and much better looking bow than the Admiral Hipper

  60. In real life the Admiral Hipper had decent armour. It was just the power
    plant was hugely unreliable.

  61. +PhlyDaily Can you please tell me your PC specs?

  62. The Germans tried to get the magnetic torpedo to work, they couldn’t, so
    they gave up. The US navy did the same, and the US naval chain of command
    ignored reports from submarine skippers about how unreliable they were.
    Only when the chain of command were replaced were the torpedoes replaced by
    contact ones and some serious damage was one to the Japanese merchant
    fleet. It was one of those huge screw ups that victory helps to cover up.
    For further details I would recommend ‘Silent Victory’ by Clay Blair.

  63. phly its not that hard to say flakzwilling, im not german by the way,( my
    whole family did come from Germany if you go 70 years ago, and i might have
    a german ascent when i need it but still ), just practice before you
    record, then try, cause you don’t need to practice anything else, (you are
    being a god in all the games that i saw you play), there are much harder
    words in the German language

  64. things I get to wake up to: hot coffee, California sun, and PhlyDaily
    getting rekt in a German tinfoil boat. good life.

  65. “Phly gets rekt by citadels hits” :)

  66. German torpedos tried using hydroperoxide, but never could master it. It
    caused the k-141 Kursk nuclearsubmarine to explode in 2000 12 august. 23
    survived in the rear compartment. They chose to stay in the wreck.. Rip

  67. Tier X :)

  68. I really like this channel because you don’t shy away from posting your bad
    games like the majority do. I think seeing ships from this perspective is
    very important too.

  69. How do you unlock those ships? I don’t see them on the tech tree.

  70. Was Prinz Eugen an Admiral Hipper

  71. Phly, How do u already have the german and soviet ships? is it because u
    have a press account?

  72. Man, and I thought the Pensacola had weak armor. This is even worse.

    idk if “glass cannon” is really even the right term. It implies that it has
    a lot of power to compensate, but these German cruisers have the same
    firepower as other ships at their tier. So they’re just plain easier to
    kill without any apparent benefit, aside from a few km extra range at which
    it’s hard to even hit anyone anyway.

  73. Stephen Shaw (Undeadmac)

    patchouli oil..entitlement…poster board glue… smooth hands,

  74. Third time what ship is in your intro

  75. The Deutschland-class is going to make for an odd BB with its 80mm armor.

  76. Admiral HIPSTER!

  77. glass cannon? does it dish out a lot of damage though?

  78. This ship may need to be boosted. Playing it now looks like a disadvantage

  79. Beutiful the new intro

  80. I’d like to see a game where matchmaking pits it against lower tier ships
    as well, but given the near-complete inability to do damage against T8 and
    T9 CAs, let alone BBs, it seems Adm Hipper needs a buff.

  81. Nice to see Battlecruiser types in the game.

  82. The Iowa!!!

  83. Well … if you know how to drive a mogami … Hipper should be easy :)

  84. Really wish they’d add the Deutschland class. Graf Spee tied up the whole
    Royal Navy South Atlantic fleet by itself.


  85. Shufflebot47-Shuffle Army[BF4+Vlogs]

    Yo what’s the intro song also It’s really cool intro dope

  86. Richard Gustafsson

    Shit your room sounds empty

  87. I would love to see the Graf Spee in the game.

  88. Please show us the Roon next!

  89. André Goldenstein

    There is a powerup on T at most of the carriers. I dont know what it is
    good for

  90. No idea where Wargaming got their information from, because the German
    ships were the best in WWII followed by the British then American.

  91. Try the Yorck !!! FOR ZE GERMANS YA !!! Or face the Gulag !!!

  92. German = Flakzwilling
    Englisch = Flaktwin or Twin-Flak

  93. Germans did create a magnetic torpedo BUT they had issues with the torpedo
    turning around and going after the ship that fired them. The plans were
    thrown out because of the complications.

  94. I would love to see the G7 topedo variant that was acoustic, meaning it
    could follow an enemy ship to some degree

  95. Ships in the game are not very balanced, now they are adding more that seem
    even more badly balanced, and some just unplayable…

  96. Valentin Bouchard

    Is it me or the german ships looks more detailed than the other countries ?

  97. nürnberg again (american pronounciation: nearnberg)

  98. Cant wait for the royal navy

    i don’t understand why they introduced soviets before(oh wait i think i
    know why)
    The royal navy had a much more significant role in both world war than the

  99. Press T to have the crew smoke some hydro. LoL

  100. Also how do you get the eagles for war thunder or the coins for wow

  101. It’s cool coes the you escort a bismarck class in the admiral hipper which
    is prinz eugen to

  102. Nice ship, still love the American and british battleships/Cruisers the

  103. The torps in wows can already be assumed to have magnetic fuses. If they
    were impact detonators they would bounce or ricochet like a shell from WOT
    when hitting at angles over about 45 degrees.

  104. hueeee phly??

  105. Streeeeaaaaammm Hyyyypppppe!
    Deez Nutz!
    Love your stream hypes Phly.

  106. love the videos keep up the good work

  107. precut ziplock (precutziplock)

    It’s fun watching you, Baron, Slick, and the gang stream at the house
    stream. The interaction is cool, cheers and keep it up.

  108. I’ve been really sad lately because of personal stuff but your videos cheer
    me up so thank you

  109. Thanks for watching guys! Be aware these were some of my first games in
    this ship. Just need to play it different than other cruisers. Need to use
    its range and reload rate and only ap lol.

  110. i love your vids my inspiretion

  111. hey phly :)

  112. What German ship would you like to see next?!

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