The Tier 2 Kitakami, Dare or Derp, Derski Russian DD – World of Warships

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  1. kitakamini

  2. why even use ship main guns when you can spam Torpedzki?

  3. I call the USS Atlanta the USS Flamethrower

  4. “i call it the t2 kitakami” … except this thing is t3 lol

  5. play the USS Deez nuts, or the USS F2H for phly

  6. Wall “op'nWalrusRiderGa” ming

    The 10 legs (Depski)

  7. nice he show us how to fire 10 torps and hit with max. 2 of them gg

  8. Everyone knows the Russians turned the turrets on the Derski using yaks
    imported directly from the wilds of Mongolia

  9. Epic fail, Derpsly is Tier 3, not Tier 2, nut the Storozhevoi has none of
    the less 9torps which is a lot for for a Tier 2

  10. thank wg it only have 3 km range can’t imagine how many teamkill can be if
    it have like 7 km in tier 3


  12. Derp-A-kami?

  13. Wiryan Tirtarahardja

    Holy raptor jesus,
    2×5 torps 20sec reload.

  14. With that turret rotation, it seems like it’d be faster if they just
    brought the crew on deck and had them push the guns.


  16. Wiryan Tirtarahardja

    dat cross-shaped thing on top of the derpski is like a target for dive

  17. Arivadareski

  18. tier 3 not 2 dear god..

  19. +BaronVonGamez turret rotation on the Torpski is like sloth powered!

  20. 3km torp range? Wow that has to be the shortest range for torps in the

  21. you keep saying it’s the tier 2 kitakami… it’s tier 3 dude :)

  22. the Kitakamzki ^^

  23. Don’t drop that Derki Derk away,don’t drop dat Derki derk

  24. Great ship n vid dude. Think I dig ya more alone.

  25. Only the USS O’Bannon can use Potatoes was weapons

    Careful being near Kitakami, her sister Ooi can’t be too far, poi

  26. Nickname Kittykami

  27. shaundis buddyguy

    why edit two battles into one ? thats new …

  28. David “madindie” Dew

    Going off like a frog in a sock lol

  29. Martin Brun Øvrebø

    The Bathtub of Doom :D

  30. 3 km …

  31. OP ship, the reload rate should be much more. To balance the slower reload
    guns can have faster turret rotation.

  32. You need to call that ship the [ Derpy Dumper]

  33. What Russian ship should I sail out next?
    How about what German ship should I sail out next?

  34. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    we love you baronvonderpski

  35. Kitkatkami

  36. epic torpedus^

  37. Derpzki at its finest lol

  38. The derpsky the queen of derp

  39. TheMacintoshMan01

    Baron, its a TIER 3, not a tier 2, you derped yourself

  40. MrJohnycomelately21


  41. The commakitty

  42. They really need to do something about kill steals, its bloody ridiculous

  43. tier 3 kitakami. tier 3

  44. ohh wow i like that derpski on a my version of kitakami class ship
    can wreck a his powerfull opponent the tirpiz

  45. Potato vodka for everyone!

  46. Torpederpski

  47. Is that Willford Brimley in the cover photo?….Willford fucking Brimley.

  48. Murmansk

  49. thats a t3 dd

  50. Is it me or was the video quality really bad on this video?!?

  51. Torpedo shotgun

  52. the spudnick

  53. diabetes launcher

  54. Who Derskis wins

  55. 3 km torp range? No thanks. It might work well on maps with a lot of
    islands I guess. You would have heard the high pitched ping if you tk’d a
    teammate btw.

  56. Cant wait for the new battleships when they come.

  57. Why do you keep calling this Tier II, when it’s clearly Tier III?

  58. name has to be little kim

  59. Yo lets go 1 to 10… there all good man

  60. he gotta talk to his plug at wargaming lol

  61. Baron Kiev next please

  62. do we get le met damon video?

  63. Lord Sylph (Darth)

    definitely the return of the Kitakami, except BETTER, because it can
    stealth torp, unlike the Kitty, and this is faster, with the possibility of
    an engine boost, which is even BETTER!!!1 i think I’m in love

  64. Phoenix Brothers Gaming


  65. Baron you know about the tier 5 being 7.7 in warthunder

  66. Baron do u know y they got rid of the kitakami? If so could you talk about
    it in a furture video and talk about other ships you wan’t to see in world
    of warships?

  67. The derpesph derpin

  68. >Get within 3 clicks of enemies to effectively use torps.
    >3 Km is effective range for BB secondaries.

    “Daring” indeed.

  69. the derski is a T3 baron…

  70. I dub thee ‘Kitty Commie’.

  71. Derzki = Дерзкий (rus)

  72. is this beta? if it’s live then when is it comin to EU servers?

  73. Torplanta

  74. It’s just a little Kit-Katzki!

  75. Kitakam-ski

  76. hope wargaming adds german h-class battleship, and russian sovetsky Soyuz
    class battleship eventually.

    German destroyers would also be awesome.

  77. when will they add ships to WT

  78. What? A youtuber actually looked up what a foreign ship name meant? People
    are surely skating in hell.

  79. So much Potatus mmhmm mm! Baron/Slick/Phly taking all 3 out, thats 30
    torpedus! and a whole lot of carnage and accidental team killing potential
    xD Cant wait for the Deprski!

  80. Baron it’s tier 3 and its derZsky

  81. fucking copy paste twitch streams from all of you in that house

  82. I’d like to see the T3 Russian DD. Oh wait! ;)

  83. Lelelelel

  84. 3km torp range? Wow unless you get lucky, it will be hard to get that close
    to ships.

  85. Christopher Forrest


  86. Thank you for this timely review and demonstration!

  87. We got Klopp #LFC

  88. great video! keep up the good work!

  89. Good Video. ?

  90. T10 Russian Destroyer!

  91. Lol Baron it’s tier 3. now that’s a derpsky

  92. use a tier 5 cruiser german

  93. Great video next video can you do a Germany ship?

  94. Brandon : )

  95. I was the first to see it yes and. to like

  96. Rawr

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