The Ring: Round 1 // “The Humble Captain Bumble”

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Or, How To Get Gud At Warships Like What I Am.



World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. You and mighty jingles are the best one to be captains

  2. The most generous and humble captain in the tournament. And competent of course. Who wouldn’t want this kind of captain in game? Nicely done.

  3. Have you been so humble that you didn’t want to appear as a vote for-option or am I just not getting it how that works?

  4. That was truly a display of above average competance, exactly what the community should look for in their new commander.

  5. Jedi for president of WG!

    What do you mean by “that’s not what the contest is about?” of course it is!

  6. Are you ABSOLUTELY sure you can get the defender ribbons over multiple games? What’s next land 500 shots with the main guns… 499 games later….

  7. So, ehm, umm… Where do I actually vote for you, Jedi?

    • There will be a public vote to save one contestant, you might get to do it there – otherwise you’re choosing my vote for another CC, essentially, and I can’t vote for myself for obvious reasons.

  8. Well if we’re going to be picking who you vote for, I for one nominate Uncle Jingles the totally not evil gnome Overlord of the salt mines

  9. Excellent video. Your humility and self-depreciation shines through. As does your humor. Ever thought about being a politician? You at least sound better than the ones we have in the US. D.

  10. While I’d like to see Flambass win – purely for his AMAZING English accent – I’m sure Jingles is going to absolutely crush everyone else.

  11. Even at the heights of derpitude the most humble of the humble

  12. Great video. About voting: haven’t seen the great flambino’s video yet. Just watched the one from Yuzral, and his is far better than Jingles, just saying.

  13. You can humbly say that you are slightly better than most of the rest of players

  14. You are going to be AMAZING with the new submarines. 😀

  15. Best flamu impression EU. :p

  16. Flamu, is that you?

  17. Vote Flambass. Because Jingles is too humble and Flamu doesn’t know what humble means.

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