The Sneaky Des Moines: World of Warships

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Hey guys here is a replay from donlokiman in the Des Moines on Tears of the Desert. How do you like to play the Des Moines?

Enjoy the Destruction.

How to enable replays

Replays can now be enabled with Aslains Modpack

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Intro Song is Hey Sailor by Letterbox


  1. love your commentary on killing dd’s….xp pinatas lol, looking forward to
    total war and seeing some videos of it…..finally beware the robots! the

  2. Mate do you have any instructions on how to get a replay file to send in

  3. 30 sec intro, wtf, am I watching Days of our lives?

  4. I love your stuff, iChase. But everytime you say Game of Thrones, I hit
    pause and close the video. Please stop.

  5. I’ll enjoy watching you play total war

  6. Lol that Iggyz guy in chat. so much salt

  7. Ca..Can i say it now….?



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