World of Warships – 1:42 Scale: Cruiser Kirov

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They are small, only 1:42 in scale, compared to their real-life counterparts, but they have great stories to tell.

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  1. Great video, thanks.

  2. What a near-useless cruiser. It was so thinly armoured that even
    destroyer-calibre guns could penetrate their main belt from long range.
    What is the point in building cruisers that cannot even stand up to
    Fast and relatively well-armed…but pathetically, weakly armoured.

  3. “Kirov reporting.”

  4. Roman Pollmeier

    Why quite all Russian ships are copied from other nations? Are they to
    retarded to develop their own ships?

  5. ZeKeR “ZiK” BaNaaG

    though if I remember correctly, wasn’t the Kirov turret really cramped as

  6. Why only Russian model ships…

  7. These Russians sure do enjoy sucking their thick ship dick.

  8. The model looks, like it has seen better days. A lot of it looks bent or

  9. Great historical content. That was a lot of information that I didn’t know
    about the Kirov. Thank you for putting this video together.

  10. All time ships russia ?


  12. Another excellent video in the series. Can anyone tell me what the torpedo
    shaped objects are that are strapped to the turret bases? I’ve seen them on
    quite a few ships in WoW.

  13. Why did they leave out the part Kirov had in the winter war against
    Finland, where a finish shore battery hit and damage the ship?

  14. Bloody russians! Why would you scrap such an iconic ship? You could have
    put it on display.
    But the story of the Kirov kind off reminds me of Battlestar Galactica,
    outnumbered, against all odds, she survived and fought on. Now I really
    want to grind the Svietlana to get the Kirov, thank you for uploading and
    motivating me to play again.

  15. Kirov Reporting

  16. GOLDKILLER 2014


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