This should really not be this unreliable – World of Warships

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It is 2 brothers time and I am in a ship which I really thought I would like because it has all the characteristics of a ship I would like. But, unfortunately it just kinda sucks. I am comforted by the fact tier 10 is awesome but this ship keeps letting me down.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Let’s go!

  2. Same shit every day on EU Server as well…. 🤮

  3. gun dispersion isnt linear as distance progresses….u have near max dispersion at like 1km and max dispersion at max range

    • I think you overexaggerated a bit but you’re right about the mechanic itself. As far as I remember there is a very steep spike in dispersion at the first 4km or so and then a more linear rise. Makes no sense to me either way and only results in frustrating misses. I remember when I shot my Shikishima front guns at a bow-in 5k HP charging Izumo and all the shots missed, two went to one side and two to the other like in the Spaceballs cross-eyed gunner meme. He rammed me ofc and I turned the game off for the day.

    • @@PitchBlackYeti if we dont consider any upgrades, yammy’s dispersion at 2km is 100m x 1,000m. Dispersion at 25km is 500m x 1,000m. It is pretty wack since horizontal dispersion doesnt change much but its the vertical dispersion that changes

  4. Wargaming “RNG” unreliable? Nah never!

  5. A Flambass Two Brothers game?! Better than Christmas

  6. Cherbourg has always been terrible for me too. Dispersion, reload, etc.

  7. Getting pretty tiresome constantly hearing you complain about WOWS being a bad game, yet you keep playing it. Look up the definition of Insanity.

  8. I’ve had worse, My Jean Bart with under 10km range against full broadside stationary BB and all but one shell missed, Dropped short only did a few thousand damage, Of course their return fire does 10k damage on me despite me being perfectly angled, Game is BS too much RNG.

  9. The Rooke incident is why I just gave up on the game. Then toss in the well known aiming bug. The dispersion model is clearly broken, etc.

  10. I call the space between the two islands ‘Flambass passage” and at the start of every 2 Brothers match, i post in chat “Who wants to run Flambass passage?” and invariably i get 1 or two others who are in.

  11. Flamba it’s not a bug. It’s a feature. lol

  12. If your aiming wasn’t so ass you might have had a good first volley. But no, you aim at the absolute stern of the ship and get angry because of horizontal dispersion causeing some shells to pass behind the ship.

    • The ship was reversing

    • look at it again

    • My aim was, is, and always will be better than this comment xD

    • This comment falls to the same category as: “Ragnar is inherently underpowered. It lacks the necessary attributes to make meaningful impact on match result. No burst damage to speak of, split turrets, and yet still retains a fragile platform. I would take 1 Conqueror..Thunderer or 1 DM or even 1 of just about any CA over 2 Ragnars on my team any day of the week. Now… If WG gave it the specialized repair party of the Nestrashimy ( and 1 more base charge)… And maybe a few more thousand HP if could make up for where it is seriously lacking with longevity.”

    • He wasn’t aiming at the absolute stern, he was aiming for the last turret. Also, horizontal dispersion wasn’t a problem, his shells all went in the direction of the Rooke and none behind the ship as you wrote. But vertical dispersion made half the salvo miss at 4400 m which is a joke. Not only was his aim perfect, also his choice of where to shoot. From that angle you can only pen a BB in the stern, superstructure, or if you want to go for a citadel on the lightly armored Rooke beneath the last turret. Grab your glasses buddy.

  13. If the shells hit terrain, they’ll look like hits, but not count. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were invisible walls there that blocked all the low shots.

  14. People wanted balance and this is what WOW did to keep the new players from leaving the game especially if they are new. Atleast thats my opinion. It sucks in my opinion too because I feel WOW also has a world in the trajectory of your shots… as a long term player i see it very often and in almost every game…

  15. I wish you would move your image slightly so that we can see your speed!

  16. Cruiser, more like CruiseNAH

  17. I think its good that these obsole behaviours are raised up and discussed. I am relative new with this game but still these same question comes to my mind as well. I have not seen that anybody would ever explained how the real accuracy is formed. I know the theory, but i think there is more to it. Thereis some sort manipulation with dispersion and yet with damage output. I think that when you look at those arcs that are coming thats one way how they manipulate the actual hits. Also noticed that when firing or manuvering its all about timing. Like if you fire sub while diving you can still hit it pretty solid even its already vanish, comparing to surface ship. And of course dispersion is one big factor as well. I asked explanation from WG and they answered that it their own secret formula, so i know there is something but it would be nice to know though.

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