World of Warships- Santa Container 2023 Buying Guide

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Hey guys! Today we go over the new Santa Gift Containers for 2023 and discuss what the best options are for you! Enjoy!

Container Drop Rates:

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Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

0:00 Intro
1:11 How To Get Santa Containers
4:15 Santa Gift Container Overview
6:40 Santa Big Gift Container
8:57 Santa Mega Gift Container
10:01 What To Buy


  1. Most of the ships i already have. Last two years I got the big containers. One bonus you forgot that pays off long term is the premium time. I’ll still trade my coupons for big containers ,hopefully not winning any more premium as I’ve still got over 1,000 days left.

    • I wish I got premium, I opened about 500 containers last 2 years and only got premium once

    • Honestly if you play a lot premium time is one of the best drops, you earn so much more credits/xp/free xp with it making things much easier. Dubs are next followed by ships in my mind.

  2. @davidrobinson4553

    My Christmas container guide put together after many years of being screwed over by WG’s Odds.. Take what you get for free and spend Jack Shi*, it works for me lol. seriously a very informative guide SL.

  3. @perfectpotato_eu4129

    Solid advice which confirms my experience over the years. The more premiums you have the better especially the tiers V-VII since it rules out the low drops of the boxes. I always got more value out of it every year in terms of ships than I invested. As Sealord stated the big boxes are perfect for stocking up on resources especially the economic bonuses which are a godsend for research bureau tasks. Still RNG and your mileage may vary.

    • Except he is totally wrong about the eco bonuses. You’ll get 50% more blue boosters and additional red boosters with same amount of money spent on the mega container rather than on the big container.

  4. @simplefactsoflife4795

    I always save up my certificates and get the mega gift containers. My logic: if you buy more of the less expensive containers, you have more opportunities to be disappointed.

    • @AdamMarcinkowski-ys8dk

      I have right now 80 T10 , Bungo , Defence , Kitakami & Ragnar will join them in this update , so I get 16 mega , 1big , 1 regular from my past experience I should win 3 ships this year … oh tho I wont spend cash on game , they have removed some ships that I hoped to get from crate , I will try to get rid og my account , I saw account like mine go for 6k$ but if I manage to sell it for 50% of that I am happy …

    • @papaversomniferum2365

      @@AdamMarcinkowski-ys8dk Last year I got 2 premium ships IX teir from “medium” containers, and im happy with that. I wont spend real money on this game, so Im gonna play just my tier X ships and take some containers, wish me luck, i hope I wont get any CV, cause I dont play them. I won Graf Zepelin 2 years ago and it just looks good in port…

    • @AdamMarcinkowski-ys8dk

      @@papaversomniferum2365 I got Graf Zeplin too loke 3 yeas ago , she have nice secondaries , but worse last year I got Franch T6 CV Bearn -_-

    • @papaversomniferum2365

      @@AdamMarcinkowski-ys8dk Its sad… Gonna be goofy if i win subs, wich i play VERY rarely.
      Pozdro i powodzenia! 😉

    • Just bought 5 mega containers, got 5 ships that I didn’t have. Fleet now has 581 ships

  5. Also bare in mind with the ship drops. That breakdown only applies if you have ships of those lower tiers missing in your port. As you fill out your port with the lower tier premiums, your chances of landing a rare ship go up. This is why we always tell you – NEVER sell a premium ship (even the shite ones).

  6. Dear Santa.
    My whish for Christmas Container is a BB with French DD speed and damage Saturdayration or however its called thing like Marceau, German secondarys and Turtle Back armour, Japanese AP, Italian SAP,Mainz HP fire chance,De Moines shell ballistics at a Yamato caliber,with ANHALT turret Numbers and Benham torps..each side twice pls,plus Radar and Napoli smoke,…Shima concealment would be nice too.

    Oh..and planes…,lots of planes would be cool,pleeeeease!

    I put out milk and cookies,dear Santa

  7. @matthewcasady6276

    There should be an opportunity to buy a year of premium time for 50% off. That’s the best deal to look out for in my opinion. If I remember correctly, that deal is only available for about a week.

    • Yes, it’s usually listed in the Premium shop around Christmas to New Years week or shortly after.

    • I always bought Xmas crates as my usually single yearly spend. That is until last year. I got fed up with WG’s insistence on shoehorning shit and broken mechanics like CV and subs into the game and all their lies and predatory money grabs. That being said Xmas crate gambling is without doubt the best way to gain ships and premium time.

    • @jugaloking69dope58

      its the new years sale. do this if you play lots. it took me 3years to get rid of 365 prem time cause i played every day!
      thats including old container reward free days exc…

  8. Thank you for the content, buying guide help a lot of people who is new to the game,

  9. Going for Mega containers to help me reach a personal goal. Def Big containers for the economic bonuses. And Mrs Santa has my other pressies stashed away. Should be a fun time. Thanks for the guide.

  10. @papaversomniferum2365

    Well i think, that medium gifts (WG call them big) are good for getting ships. Last year i got Marco Polo (wich sucks) and Iwami (wich is amazing BB with 20km torps, accurate guns and is quite tanky) and im happy with that. I mean Iwami, obviously. Im not gonna waste any money, ill just take tickets from my tier X ships.

  11. I used to be fooled into buying Chrismas containers, not since 2019 though. The more money I spent the worse the game got…. I learned my lesson.

  12. I like how you just come out and call them “gambling” containers now after all these years. 😀 Thank you for all the work that goes into making these videos. I very much appreciate it. Happy Holidays!

  13. My RNG sucked this year with the tank loot boxes, so I am having a hard time convincing myself to buy any ship boxes. Historically, I have always had bad RNG with ship boxes.

  14. Probably like many others that never play CV I look forward to receiving more CVs in the bundles. Perhaps in the future there will be an option to exchange bundle CVs and Subs for real life lumps of premium coal.

  15. Great guide as always! The only other thing I might have added was a look at the ships you MIGHT get if you’re lucky!

  16. I would love to see WGs stats after this event on who got what.

  17. @sealordmountbatten

    Forgot to mention the guaranteed drop rate:

    Santa’s Gift Container: After opening 100 with no ship

    Santa’s Big Gift Container: After opening 27 with no ship

    Santa’s Mega Gift Container: After opening 15 with no ship

  18. Thanks for breaking down what we can expect and where the value lies. And as always, for taking a complex mechanic and making sense of it.

  19. Pretty good summary, I made a spreadsheet and then I can see where the value is for me based on what I want and what I place no value on to decide. Mega containers is what I will get some of.

  20. Part 1. In the past, it’s been possible to keep maxing out your account with ships and premium time with just a few packs of xmas crates. The trick is to pick off as many of the low tier junk ships during the year as possible. Grind the missions and campaigns that give you free ships, spend accumulated free resources on as many low tier ships as you can in tiers 5-7. Same with any free gold or if you feel the urge to spend during the year only spend using discounts/sales or vouchers. Never pay full price. Again instead of picking up tier 8-10 pick up the lower tier crap ships at 5-7. Come xmas you buy the xmas crates and pick up all the high value tier 8-10 ships instead of the usual Makarov’s. This game is outrageously expensive if you buy the latest and temporary greatest ships as soon as they are released. The trick is not what to buy but when to buy.

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