Tirpitz Glorious Return! (World of Warships) Bisma

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  1. +BaronVonGamez what is in game name for wargaming

  2. Baronvongamez. tienes pésima puntería!!!

  3. Your British accents make my ears vomit.

  4. Slick – Battleships are the meat shield (hence the health regen), Cruisers
    are support/flanking ships, DDs are screeners/hunters/scouts, got it?
    Good…know your role!

  5. i can’t wait for them to add the German paper ship,the H-44 with 20 inch

  6. hey baron is unterd new update is cool

  7. Miroslav Makovec (Acada)

    It seems like the RNG does not love you. I have noticed I am not loved as
    well. I saw many shells which should come over my ship. Suddenly tracers
    were broken from the ballistic curve in order to hit my ship.

  8. leopard 1 H next plz

  9. your aiming sucks as hell… not glorious at all o7

  10. My favorite line:

    “It doesn’t seem like he’s where I think he should be.”

    Classic. :)

  11. How do your shots sound more mechanical Baron?

  12. Does the game have the Bismarck and the prinz eugen or the erb prinz

  13. Can we have a video with out Slick talking like a retarded wannabe gangster
    in it?

  14. bec you stopped?

  15. Great video, but you “stole” some kills in the game which doesn’t make it
    glorious. Sorry, but I will have to hand to Slickbee for going down as a

  16. baron u have to drive with broadside infront of north carolina thats how
    you have to Play titzpitz

  17. Call me mean. Glad your partner died. lol. Darn… He was still talking
    even after he sunk…

  18. Which ship would win, Tirpitz or Roma.

  19. Glorious return? Dafuq you smokin? It was….. meh. Good video though. But
    not glorious.

  20. The tripitz got rekt like a lil bitch, just like everything related to nazi

  21. This is the worst aim I have seen in a while.

  22. The ship is great but the game is badly made

  23. My good Baron, Might I have a Tirpitz ship code if you happen to have one
    laying around. I would even consider naming my first born after you, which
    is honorable….

  24. almost first

  25. almost first

  26. The Tirpitz firing sounds so sexy ^_^

  27. The accuracy on these guns seems terrible

  28. baron i love u

  29. TheAmityboopfliction

    Lawl never seen a Citadel pen on a Cleveland

  30. Baron you spelled Torpitz wrong in the video title

  31. Mark Kennedy (MrMark123w)

    Oh good gravy you posted today!

  32. Baron….Please play the Yamato!!!

  33. witch one of those 2 sunk HMS Hood. know that was a great ship

  34. baron are you going to play Rainbow 6 seige?

  35. Second to comment

  36. First to comment

  37. Give them the bayonet!!
    Give them the Torpedus!!
    Give them everything!!

  38. onehelluvakiller dude

    firrst to coment whoo

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