World of Warships – Buckin’ Bronco!

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Yes, this was nickname of the Colorado!


  1. Keep em comin Business!

  2. Hey! count me in on that teamspeak

  3. will it be the only training session? :/ Juuuust this saturday I wont have
    any time… And another question, did they somehow nerf accuracy on BBs? I
    have the feeling, to have a much harder time to hit stuff on my amagi,
    since the last patch :S but I also played a lot DDs and cruisers lately,
    maybe I just need to accomodate to BBs again.
    But recently I went against a New Orleans and I managed to come close to
    her, like 4 km and STILL my dispersion was awful. From like point blank the
    shots still went like over and under the Norleans as if was shooting her
    from 15-20 kilometers… and not only from one salvo. I actually needed 2
    to 3 salvos to finish her off from that distance because of this. Luckily
    my secondaries kind of sealed the deal… Was doubting my skill at this
    point but after the 3d Salvo I thought, that something changed with this
    dispersion :< or is it really me just sucking^^ before the Amagi seemed to be more like a Railgun, at least from distances like under 15 kilometers Greetings!

  4. Thanks for making these vids Business, ur a great newcomer to the YouTube
    world. I just got the Colorado and it’s been epic. Won my 1st 8 games in a
    row with it from stock :). I’ve figured the best way to beat the stock
    grind is to not lose xD, if only that was true more often…

    I’d love to join the ts3 if I can find the time. Wats the server address
    and around wat time on Saturday?

  5. Looking forward to the stream and maybe gaining skill with those damn cits.
    I think I have cit autism so this could well help.

  6. can we division tgt :)

  7. You got that citadel on that NC because of the way he was turning, he
    exposed the area under waterline, which is easier to pen.

  8. I got the Colorado yesterday and upgraded it to the b hull with freexp. The
    first salvo I ever shot with it got 2 citadels on a fuso…..I can tell I’m
    gonna really like this ship.

  9. ure Favorite ships are the Fuso and the Colorado i think. u have some good
    skills on this Ships. Great Work Business? also GG guys

  10. When is your next stream Business?

  11. +Business6 if it doesn’t bother you too much when playing, could you turn
    on the additional icons, I don’t recall what they’re called right now, the
    information above the ships is permanently displayed like when pressing the
    Alt key, health bar, ship type.. for me it makes watching a replay more
    enjoyable, especially when landing hits and identifying ships.

  12. See you can tell business didn’t make this video. “I’m going to be using
    teamspeak” So the question is who are you? oh and 240p? What is this

  13. We need a training place. I could use more training or practice with some
    of the ships. I want to try carriers but would like to play it without
    causing any of my teammates “headaches” lol.

  14. Hey Business what is the teamspeak server you guys are using. Love the
    vids. Keep up the good work

  15. Really wish you where on the european server bud its your kind of attitude
    to learning the game that it needs. Good for you and keep up the vids m8.

  16. I love this ship, hands down my favorite BB at the moment. I don’t mess
    with the forums or reddit. I am in my late 30’s, a professional engineer,
    and working my way through grad school. What little time I have to play
    WoWS is spent playing, not posting on forums. I would love to TS/Division
    with you guys.

  17. Hey Business, true about the (wrong) knowledge some ppl are spreading. I
    get it from you and Flamu. You should check him out.

  18. Hey Business, what modules did you put on your Colorado? I opted for the
    artillery plotting room and am looking at damage control system II with the
    CO’s predilection for fires. Maybe extended AA range and rudder shift would
    be better choices?

  19. Bucking Denver Broncos?

  20. buena gg

  21. thx for vid uploading +like

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