TIRPITZ KNIFE! – A Piece Of History! (World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay)

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TIRPITZ KNIFE! – A Piece Of History! (World Of Warships Battleship Gameplay)


  1. Josef brink westergaard

    That thing is a beauty! Love the handle aswell. Congrats! :)

  2. holly shit … world war 2 metal …. nice man

  3. I Don't Understand Math

    So you bougth knife…

  4. so, happy birthday Phly!

  5. 700€ for an knife :D

  6. They made manhole covers out of Tirpitz’ wreck so idk man

  7. SOLINGEN im living there !!!!

  8. they also selling SS bullets from Auschwitz, make the review of that too

  9. Do some more Steel Ocean gameplay as well

  10. I have walked and driven on Tirpitz.
    When they have to digg up streets In Oslo they have used a plate frome
    Tirpitz to cover the hole.

  11. man watch the map and adjust your aim accordingly, u can see if they are
    going away or getting closer and its easy that way!
    also try to select AA targets for the 50% power boost

  12. The fact the latch on the box is on the piss is driving me crazy.

  13. Happy Birthday!

  14. germab quality ?

  15. I have a custom knife made by G4M1 bomber metal

  16. Jens Kristian Bersvendsen

    Not to ruin ur fun but I’m guessing that is not steel from tirpitz, due to
    that if u have a knife made from tirpitz steel u have broken several laws
    due to that tirpitz is a military grave and it is not allowed to retrive
    items/pieces from the wreck itself.

  17. Vom ersten Lehrlingslohn hol ich mir das ding:)

    • It is too bad you are wrong about this. The wreak was allowed to be salvaged soon after the end of the war and went on till some time in the 50’s. A number of items were made from this scrapped metal, including these knives.
      So please do your do your own research and learn a little something.


  19. how much, Phly!?I must know how much it cost!

  20. BirthDaily

  21. I live in the town where Tirpitz where sunk, and if I wish I can go diveing
    to look at whats left of the wreckege. Towns name is Tromsø.

  22. saw the Tirpitz name and thought cool another ship video.
    maybe Phil will go back to ship videos one of these days

  23. FYI its not real damascus. its wootz steel. it looks like damascus steel to
    the untrained eye but is made very differently. it probably does have some
    steel from the tirpitz in its mix though.

  24. Markkus Vi Brittanica

    So you have a knife that can bounce 14 inch shells?

  25. That knife looks damn gorgeous.

  26. Hey, Phly, what are your system’s specs? I’d like to know them.

  27. Hell of a fun game! TY

  28. Bagus Susetyo Riantomo

    stell young your old

  29. Bagus Susetyo Riantomo

    hapy brithday phily

  30. The hinge isnt lined up, and thats no way damascus, sorry to say that phly.
    You know what Damascus is right. If not, it was Indian steal, witch they
    made some amaysing swords of in the middle east some 1000 years ago. Some
    claim that they stilll make it, but the craft was lost many hundred years
    ago. Nothing wrong with a good gift thou.

  31. that knife reminds me of mine but my handle is blue metal and a completely
    black blade

  32. I just looked this knife up and it’s almost $1000.

  33. i have family that LIVED history Phlydaily- my great-uncle was a chief
    petty officer on the first nuclear powered submarine launched ever- the USS


  35. Boker knives are excellent. My Boker Kwaiken Titanium Flipper is definitely
    my favorite EDC knife. Good choice Phly!


    What will you do with it ? cooking ?

  37. Do a Challenger and Avenger video in War Thunder

  38. yay! sail them all is back! :D

  39. Mark Kennedy (MrMark123w)

    Is it me or did you loose some subs phly?

  40. Maybe the earned German Edmen cruiser gameplay?

  41. God damn that thing is $929

  42. nico justfun (GER-RAINBOW DASH-MLP)

    I thing this knife is grave rape!

  43. TrungVN the Purpdonkey (MinecraftVNteam)

    Please do World of Warships more often

  44. And here I am thinking it’s gonna be something like the pipe out of
    National Treasures… Still looks cool though, just, not what I expected..

  45. god its ugly looking.

  46. It’s made from pre-fallout steel. This means that it is pretty resilient to
    rust. It also means that its expensive!

  47. when i was about 7 my dad provided my with a photo of the tirpitz wreck,
    that i lost… but i really need to find it now!

  48. mh that one is from Solingen
    so from the area where I live :-)

  49. Josh Conover (Slipstream)

    Solingen is a town in Germany that has a long history with knives and
    cutlery. I have an antique hunting knife made by Solingen Cutlery, and the
    blade is still in fantastic condition!

  50. more world of warships!

  51. mam, phly, i really miss your wows clips
    pls come back here
    eu server though, i feel like most of the wows players are eu, so get back
    here with baron :P

  52. I got this knife as well. Fully agree on the fact that the wood should be
    high grade steel.

  53. How much did it cost so i can buy one

  54. The steel is so colorfull and carved not becouse they did it becouse the
    german steel is a very strange composite that uses lots of diferent metals
    (steel iron wolfram ,etc) its just lost and lots of diferent metals today
    the exact composite is not know how it actualy was made its just strongest
    steel in the world

  55. nice – using parts of a war grave as a profit making gimmick – Not cool

  56. The wooden handle uses domestic walnut which was used for German rifles…
    I guess u’ll like that handle more hahahah

  57. BB game play is way too unbalanced. A larger heath pool or better aim.
    Something. It’s getting beyond bad.

  58. Sergeant Major Gray

    Is the Tirpitz not a war grave? I know I couldn’t go get some steel off a
    U-boat wreck off the coast of NC.

  59. a german birthday song for you : herzlichen Glückwunsch für Phly herzlichen
    Glückwunsch für Phly herzlichen Glückwunsch Lieber Phly herzlichen
    Glückwunsch für dich

  60. I was interested in it for ages but the price put me off

  61. Sick knife, to bad it costs like 600/700 euro’s

  62. I dont believe there is steel from the tirpitz in it !

  63. Zdzisław Dziąsło

    So it’s a Nazi-knife

  64. Ach ja…
    Das wahren noch Zeiten… als wir in wenigen Tagen halb Europa eingenommen

  65. Happy birthday!

  66. I love stuff like this! What got me interested in this kind of thing, years
    ago, was the wristwatch Grandpa wore during WW2, in the Pacific. The
    original crystal had broken at some point, and was replaced by a piece of
    plexiglass from the nose cone of a wrecked B-26 Marauder. Still have the
    watch, and it still works.

  67. What is with the cheesy porn music?

  68. damn it man get your oily fingers off the blade yo!!!

  69. Could of got yourself a svt40 instead of the Tirpitz. :p

  70. this video brings the tears in my eyes boy. Iam really big fan of Ze
    Tirpitz. This Ship was like AIDS for the british Navy.
    with some love from Ger.

  71. sorry for the late congratz, but confratz, a very beautiful knife you got
    youself Phly!

  72. Hehe, kinda weird to see stuff made from steel from the Tirpitz being held
    in such high regard. The Norwegian road authorities and construction
    businesses have been recycling steel plates from the Tirpitz for decades.
    They are mostly used to plate over digs during road construction.

  73. To me that’s not right you should not take things from a wreak like that,
    its not right I don’t think she is a war grave but that’s still not right.
    You are destroying part of history by taking metal from the ship just leave
    the ship alone, she his not a place to take metal to make cool shinny
    things! OK rant over sorry about that.
    But its cool knife I guess

  74. “his hands are beautifull as well”

  75. lol im from solingen

  76. *Phil* At 15:31 where you ate a torpedo, you should have *INSTANTLY* turned
    left and away from the second salvo of torpedoes that were coming. If you
    did this you would have taken ONE hit or NONE at all depending how early
    you started turning away from them

  77. TheAdventuresOfNippleandFarty

    can anyone help me my macbook air is broke i think i was using it then i
    heard a pop then i started to smell smoke and the screen went black and now
    it wont turn on plz if anyone knows how to fix this plz help and the
    computer is not mine its schools plz help

  78. the coolest fucking knife i’ve ever seen.
    The wood handle is better!
    You NEED wood!

  79. This blade has 2 sides on it, first of all it is cool ass shit, but then
    there is the fact that it is made of a ship that killed allot of people for
    the wrong reasons

  80. Damascus steel is freaking gorgeous! ive seen it made on the history
    channels show about blacksmiths. (forgot the name) its super strong too

  81. Awesome knife

  82. Yay! More sail them all videos! :)

  83. Norwegian divers? Aa yeah im from Norway.
    Hate incoming seek cover!

  84. I don’t get it

  85. phly… do u play world of tanks? u really should if you hevent

  86. That is very cool Phly. As a fun fact my Grandpa was part of the task force
    that hunted the Tirpitz aboard the Royal Canadian Navy Bogue Aircraft
    Carrier Nabob.

  87. Man enemy team could’ve won easily if those two Iowas took the initiative
    and pushed together when the friendly Iowa died. They could’ve caught the
    carriers and nothing but torpedoes could’ve damaged them.

  88. I have a bit of the Bismarck

  89. $900 and they can’t mount the hinge straight.

    Use the BADASS BISMARCK in ur new steel ocean video pl0x

  91. you suck at cutting your nails fly 😀 <3

  92. Harrison Quilter-Clarke

    i love you <3 <3

  93. Fun fact, we actually use Tirpitz armour platings to cover roadwork here in

  94. that knife, thow

  95. Congrats on the knife!

  96. Николай Лавров

    Крутой ножик

  97. Maximilian Froitzheim

    ive got one too man 🙂 i payed 555€ for it

  98. Николай Лавров

    Снов привет Америкос

  99. PhlyDaily,thank you that you go to the shooting range have your own
    weponary collection and traveling alot.Anyways thanks that your not a
    lifeless gamer/youtuber.

  100. Im watching starwars as i watch this

  101. Pingmalion Ihtiandr

    Нappy birthday)

  102. nice knife I know how you feel owning history. I’ve a small lancaster key
    ring made from a crashed lanc

  103. I bought a ss medic stahlhelm that was on the frontlines in the battle of
    Kursk, it really is something special to hold a piece of history.



  106. Nice Damascus Style knife. I have the Boker Leo Damascus style knife and a
    few Real Damascus T handle dirks from Syria. Does it say what the Rock
    Hardness and flexibility is rated at receiving the box?

  107. good soundtrack Phly

  108. phly ur supposed to take dmg on a bb so ur team doesn’t have to. u need to
    have a different mind set to play bb’s because u have to trust ur armour
    and guns and skill to be able to win when the enemy team is firing at u. BE

  109. I was really looking forward to getting it

  110. I dont know man,looting a seaman´s grave to make money……thads just

  111. I really wish the Tirpitz on wows was cheaper as it was £44 at Christmas
    and when I didn’t have the game it was so much cheaper as well

  112. The fact that the salvage company saved the armor plating rather than scrap
    it shows foresight on their part. “I’m pretty sure there’s probably not
    even much Tripitz steel in it” I don’t know about that, the Tirpitz was
    42,000 tons the main armor belt of the ship was 13 inches thick… they
    could make a crap ton of blades out of that. Half the weight of the Tirpitz
    was in armor probably. They could crank out Tripitz knives for years and

  113. You could’ve had a Rockstead for that money… what are you doing phly…

  114. made in Germany (Solingen)

    Deutsche Wertarbeit ^^

  115. Yes! Sail them all
    And happy birthday guy!:)

  116. Dude, that thing is EPIC!!!

  117. Can you play as Blücher in this game?

  118. holy shit $1,000 phly?

  119. Phly, i’m sorry that i’ll crush your dreams, but it isn’t a damast steel.
    The formula for this special kind of steel has been lost for ages, noone to
    this day didn’t managed to recreate the formula. It only barely replicates
    the looks of real damast steel. This knife is only a replica. Maybe the
    steel from Tirpitz is real, but hey, if they’re lying about the damast
    steel, maybe they’re lying about the tirpitz steel? Real damast steel costs
    so much, that if you were saving money for about 20 years, you still be
    able to afford only a small knife. It’s not about the looks, it’s about the
    abilities of the steel. Try to bash your “damast” steel onto a hard
    surface. I bet it will shatter. Real damast steel won’t do that. Sorry

  120. Grave robbers, people died on that ship. People died for that ship and now
    your making holes in the mass grave just to get a profit? It’s a nice knife
    but what they do is atrocious.

  121. TheFreaky Strawberry

    phly, can you take out the Fw-190 A-4 and the stug III A plz

  122. Poor quality case, doesnt line up and the opening clip is crooked. I would
    have expected something with more quality if it took that long to save up

  123. Karambit Fade much better 10/10 IGN

  124. Nice looking knife! I have a neclase made out of a Junkers JU88 that was
    shot down by the russians in 1944 (in Finland).

  125. This must be the Hitler´s ultimate secret weapon. THE TIRPITZ DAMASCUS.

  126. Shit… OK… I’m now in on the joke. Ha! I get it! Complete troll! Fair
    play Phly, anyone who got that blade probs won it in a game of 3 Card
    Monte! Love the vids!

  127. Kinda weird to me that it doesn’t have titanium scales, liners or any of
    the hardware for the price. But I really like the idea. There’s nothing
    special apart from the Tirpitz steel in the damascus tho. Really nice to
    see you get into knives Phly :)

  128. I think the handle is Teak wood because most ships had teak decking.
    Also, to everyone upset about a battleship being turned into a knife, they
    used parts of the armor plate for temp roadways as well. It would otherwise
    be a rusting hulk on the fjord seabed. Nice to see it actually aknowlaged
    where it came from.

  129. That has to be the cheapest and most shady-looking box I’ve ever seen!
    You’ve been done, mate! Not one right-angle on the entire thing!

  130. Phly, if there really is Tirpiz steel in there then you don’t own a piece
    of history, you just contributed to destroying it.

  131. I dont like the new sound effects. The guns sounded more powerful before 😛
    Btw amazing vid man, congrats for your knife :)

  132. poor tirpitz got its skin involuntarily cut off

  133. Phly out the Yak 9B with 4 100kg potato? 😀
    Show that Russian fighter is to be feared by all!

  134. i can see it now in 30 years, u know my grandpa gave me this knife its a
    peice of history so u should feel honorabu to be stuck by it lol jk bro

  135. who can resist touching a knife?

  136. maybe there isnt even a bit of tirpitz steel in it and they just say that
    so they get more money out of it i can do that with a knife who knows if
    its real or not

  137. Sad that this piece of history is going to be destroyed to make some knifes
    for people living of making youtube videos, congrats, and the most sad
    thing is that it´s actually made by German company.

  138. Melle Hensums YOU CAN'T PRONOUNCE IT

    That serial number takes away some of the ’emersion’, really stupid

  139. precut ziplock (precutziplock)

    That knife is sexy a phuq!

  140. The german navy flag from the Tirpitz is at a small war museum in Norway

  141. so wait they are get pieces of the terpitz of the sea bed that should
    belong in a museum and melting them down to make knifes.

  142. Fun fact:In Germany Sohlingen is know as the city of knifes. It has a long
    tradition of knife smithing.Anyway…I actually like the handle. It just
    looks more classic and therefore better than a all-steel handle.

  143. Awesome Knife Phly :)

  144. Logan Anderson (sawmario)

    The Damascus steel is beautiful

  145. “That’s not a knife!”?

  146. It looks awesome I love the terpitz

  147. How much was that

  148. Well….. if anyone was looking to get their own of this sorry…… but
    you better be ready shell out $920.

  149. nazi shit

  150. I have a knife made out of…..

    deez nuts got eeem

  151. It’s so beautiful…..

  152. It looks like the box is floating 0_o at the beginning

  153. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    Hey phly, on amazon there is a tirpitz knife that has a black handle

  154. So cool! What a wonderful piece of history.

  155. ChaoticFluufyPlayz- Minecraft Pocket Edition

    nicely unboxing and neat bravo!

  156. Brannan Darmawi-Iskandar

    how much does it cost?

  157. Happyend birthday. ;-)

  158. Wow

  159. Nice knife :D

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