World of Warships – Arkansas Beta Needed It All

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Arkansas Beta on Solomon Islands pushes the northern flank with a good portion of the team. We run into a lot of enemy ships, a massive battle ensues. Both sides take heavy loses, but we are able to remain relatively healthy with good angling. Talk about my target selections and general strategy for the battle. The game remains close all the way to the end. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier IV American Battleship Arkansas Beta Replay


  1. I’m on NA and I love the Imperator. I’ve gotten to where it’s my favorite
    go to ship.

  2. Well following a bunch of battles with a partly upgraded tier 3 German CA
    in tier 5s with only 1-2 tier 3s each time I came to realise that I am sick
    of their stupid damage system and the atrocious levels of RNG that decide
    battles as much as any ‘skill’ does. Then there’s the constant fkn about
    with CVs, and seeing how much pay for power there is, so I made the
    sensible decision for me and deleted the game (a BLOATED 14GB!).
    WG is simply trash as a dev IMO, given how many YEARS they could have done
    something with WoT yet turned it into an incredibly dumbed down CoD in tank
    So others can enjoy it, but I’ve decided (having played since Alpha) that
    the game will remain a fairly stupid, basic, arbitrary yippee shoot
    populated largely by idiots.
    Will still enjoy the vids, but I enjoy them far more than playing myself.
    p.s. I have little doubt that being stuck in the Asia server (they won’t
    let you transfer) contributes, because it’s full of AFKs or useless cowards
    who don’t give a single shit about winning. And of course you can’t
    communicate with most of your team as so many speak different languages (a
    lot of Japanese and of course most of them don’t speak English and English
    speakers generally don’t learn Japanese).

  3. awww why didnt run into island wwwww

  4. notser you seem to be gaining subs quickly, nice going

  5. The module sale was a godsend lol, I got so many.

  6. Hi Notser while in targeting mode (this shift key thing) which zoom level
    do you use? Max zoom?

  7. Great Game. But I must say CV:s are retard magnets enemy CV:s and DD:s
    especially spend so much time hunting them down and wasting a lot of
    possible DPM just to get a CV. A Bogue that goes fighter load out only has
    9 bombers it is harmless to everyone except enemy CV:s. You should have
    died Notser, wind should have killed you but the CV showed itself and
    everyone thinks I will fire on the least dangerous target available. I
    don`t understand people who waste so much time hunting us CV players down,
    instead of helping the team. You say it in many vids “play the objective”
    to win the match and watch the clock&score.

  8. Yeehaaaw !!! You merely survived by a thread… nailbiting seconds for
    sure… GG nontheless !

  9. Yay, a Notser video :)

  10. Notser!!! It’s always a bonus to see you perform well in ships like the
    Arkansas Beta! Very fun to watch. (P.S. – be careful with those (other
    ships) opinions – yikes!)

  11. 9 days left for Tripitz! 😀 (or however those silly germans spell it..)

  12. why do you not have more subcribers? lol

  13. i have to agree with notser the nikolai is not really that good everyone
    that i have faught i have killed very easlly i would say the ship is
    alittle below average

  14. I think considering every tier 4 bb, Myogi is the best (low armor though,
    and a hard comparison vs Wyoming).

  15. Great game..Its great to see lower level battleship get some love..keep up
    the great work.

  16. hey Notser… you know what these videos need? just a little tiny bit more

  17. I love my Imperator Nikolai, it is the best ship at Tier IV. It one shots
    cruisers better than any other ship. If I am having a bad day, and none of
    shots are landing, I go back and play the Nikolai and get 4,5 kills. It
    always brightens my day. You may like the Mogami, that is fine, I like the

  18. Notser you made me spill my coffee laughing at you squealing running away
    from that BB at the end lol, keep it up!

  19. Has anyone checked the world of warships wiki lately because the Japanese
    have new premium Cruiser Tone class

  20. Yep that was stressful >_<

  21. Advance firing training on a ship with no AA – that is the most brilliant
    idea i have ever heard of. Notser you tactical genius.
    Yay! more Notsergasms! XD

  22. nothing AA battle ship?really?no AA?hahaha

  23. Low tier games are often more fun, or at least seem more likely to hang in
    the balance till the very last second.

    Great value entertainment as always, Notser :)

  24. North Carolina for Ranked Battles, I hope I can see one ?

  25. Did you retrain your Iowa cap. with doubloons?
    btw you should had saved that last heal at 11:45

  26. Loved the commentary. Very fun to watch.

  27. this ship is a fucking joke, im just keeping cause these fuckers didnt
    invite me to the alpha

  28. Ok this one I will give you a pass on since USN BB’s are not fast enough to
    run into islands.

  29. they shows so much side!!!! XDDDD

  30. Noster, do you know if they plan on releasing another US premium BB at tier
    4 or will they make the Arkansas available again? Great job there too!

  31. Notser i must say i lost almost all high opinion about you when you said
    that battleship Imperator Nikolai I is not a good ship. Not a good ship ?

    You do cool videos and i will continue to watch them but this is just 100%
    not true. Sorry.

  32. Yes moar battlships!!!!

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