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This was one of the most incredible games I played. From start to finish I was fighting nonstop all classes of ships and tried my very best to win the flank. Sometimes it does not matter what you do and how much you contribute, the team will find a way to lose. What can you do about it?

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Flambino! Jingles needs this try hard 5 or whatever he’s up to. Goodness!

  2. That joy at the end, great to see. 👌

  3. This is why you are my favorite streamer !

  4. Well, even a 1 in a 1000 chance happens from time to time. Got to question the Surrey sailing into a cap and chasing DD when his hydro is down. Not like he needed to but maybe he wanted to star on a Game of Throws. Edit: None of that would have mattered of course if you hadn’t kept fighting til the bitter end. Most players would have just figured, to hell with this, next match please.

  5. Haha great to see Flambass surprised

  6. Flambass, snatching the victory out of the jaws of defeat. Never give up. Now send this to Jingles 🙂

  7. Game of Throws without a doubt.

  8. Jeff Lewis Racing

    I hope your back recovers soon Flambass

  9. Best DD player in the game. The pure joy at the end was fun to watch as there haven’t been too many of those moments lately.

    • Watching Flamby playing DD back in the OMNI days and seeing the crazy stuff he pulled.. Honestly can’t think of many better.

    • @Bosun Bones. Winning over better players in OMNI than where the current player base is now. Even when he has an off day he’s still better than 80% of the players playing today.

  10. That made me giggle, well played dude.

  11. 11:09 it would be cool if u could use deep charges to destroy deep torps

  12. “Sometimes it does not matter what you do and how much you contribute, the team will find a way to lose. What can you do about it?” – why don’t you ‘get good’??

    Ah, seems like you’ve checked that box 😛

    Very nicely done 🙂

  13. Great win Flambass !! Nice Torps.

  14. Amazing to watch. Grats.

  15. GAME OF THROWS!! He just haaaaad to cap with 90 seconds left even though he was 200+ points ahead.

  16. This is why i follow you on YouTube,never giving up no matter how small the chances are to win 👍🏻💪🏻well played

  17. GG, dude. Well played!

  18. Great to watch, as always. Nice to see your reaction at the end. 👍

  19. Empire At War with recent mods looks really great. The overall game is good too, you should give it a try Flambass.

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