World of Warships – One Trick Pony

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The Yubari, originally available in a preorder bundle along with the Gremyashchy and the Sims. It used to boast the most fearsome AA firepower at tier 4 and technically still does, although what was ferocious in 2015 is pretty laughable today. Which leaves the Yubari in the position of being a one trick pony without a trick. Doing well in one of these things today is not going to be easy…

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  1. Believe it or not, it is fairly easy to be colored pink nowadays. If you disconnect for some reason before you die in the middle of a round, the game makes you pink when you return.

    • Can confirm. If my computer crashes and can’t make it back before the end, I’m pink on the next game.

    • Providing the game registers you logging back in within a few minutes from a DC, the pinky gets taken off automatically. When you wait a couple hours, the pinky stays.

      Other than that, you have to leave the game early or give no keyboard commands…

    • for 5 battles before you are no longer pink

    • Crash or Disconnected?

    • I got pink few time this year , my old PC had shity PSU , and PC crushed 3-4 times per day , or every 4th battle when O played wows , so there was few weeks until I got new PC , I played co-op to get just those 2 containers … and still I got reported few times in co-op :/

  2. Master Skilhollow

    Hey, Boss, hope you’re doing well, or as well as you can be. Thank you as always for the entertaining (and educational) videos.

  3. Anyone else miss watching Jingles play WoWs and WOT himself. this is fun too but it was funny watching a content creator that has the skills of the rest of us play and not some super unicum

    • James Bigglesworth

      I do not think he plays WoT any more. I am being to wonder if he plays WoWs either. If he did he would know the most common way of going pink is a disconnection to the game some where between you and the game server. Then you get a warning from game while being a pink player for three games.

    • The next best thing is selecting Jingles as your Captain. He’ll misidentify anything and everything you sink or even hit. You, too, can be Virtual Jingles!

    • Not really. Jingles was never a particularly skilled player. However he is a good commentator. I like it as it currently is.

    • In one of his Mingle with Jingles videos he said he got hacked on his WoW account I think and now lost that account cause Wargaming can’t restore it for some reason, so he can’t post gameplay anymore

    • @Andrew Seaton I have two of those one is 21p , he command Daring , once I had with him 6 kills in ranked = all kills , I send that replay to Jingles … he did not played on his YT channel , I guess he dont like himself much 😉

  4. Jingles, what makes the Yubari good is a the special Aim Modification type 0 , gives her a 73 m dispersion.

  5. I love these lower tier battles! A lot more entertaining to watch lol

  6. Yubari has another trick up its sleeve tho, the Aiming System mod 0 upgrade. -40% to main battery dispersion, those guns are practically laser beams. Yeah she only has 4 barrels but if you can aim, you’ll hit with all 4 shells near every time.

    • I got Yubar years ago , but I dont play it , WG have design game way is just not profitable to play below T5 and you cant do missions , and I think that is mad , I have Drednought , König Albert , Cambeltown , Charleston , Katori , Tachibana I honestly dont even thing about those ships , but would be fun to play those sometimes , but I do that damn Somme mission , so I need to do stuff , and low tiers dont count , that really suck .

    • I bought the Yubari at a time where I truly enjoyed WoWS and loved something that was out of my comfort zone of FPS games. She was a cute lil’ ship at Tier 4 where I was still getting grips with the game and had fun playing AA-Escort. Her guns with that aiming module was real fun loading AP with against paper citadels. Oh how I miss the days and regret the money I poured into supporting the game in its earlier years. Before the Dark Times… before the Empire of stupidity.

    • ​@BPK Phoenixbefore the CV redesign everything was pretty good

    • And we all hoped WG will implement this upgrade for Yodo line. Slow shells, long reload for a light cruiser but very accurate. Ofc WG ignored the community.

    • Was about to say – those 4 peashooters are awfully accurate

  7. You need to bring back “if it’s stupid, but it works” series back because i’ve been missing themj😢

  8. Well announced, as usual! Thanks Mighty Jingles!

  9. I remember Yubari fondly, she was my very first ship as I bought her preorder bundle to get into beta test. She was absolute terror for low tier CV. Sadly, CV rework and AA being mostly useless left poor ship kinda irrelevant…

  10. Given that HSF Harekaze established *years ago* that it’s possible to give premium ships multiple hull options, the buff that Yubari desperately needs to make up for its single gimmick being rendered irrelevant is to include an option for her 1940 configuration. This would have the typical terrible AA of almost all ships at Tier 4 (or at any tier for that matter), but since AA is little more than a placebo, who cares? In exchange, Yubari would get an extra pair of guns, in single turrets fore and aft. A 50% DPM increase would her a lot of good.

    • That sounds like a great idea. Only chance for it to happen though is if WG decides to make a sale of the Yuubari. Or is it currently available?

    • WG could do that. Or they could take the greedier route of ignoring an obvious problem and continuing to sell new ships at higher tiers. All I’m going to say is that if I were a betting man, I know which one I’d put money on.

  11. Actually, Jingles – you don’t have to work particularly hard to have yourself turn pink. No, all you have to do is have the misfortune of having the server or something between you and the server stop working while you’re trying to load into the battle and the game decides you are AFK (because you technically are) – even though you pressed Battle with good intentions. On your side all you know is you haven’t loaded into battle – and maybe you kill the game and restart or maybe you do a full reboot and maybe make it back into the battle better late than never or sometimes you don’t make it back in at all.

    Miss the battle and WG decide you’re “a dick” (or just being a bad gamer, shame on you, now you are pink, oh – the ignominy.)

  12. Holy crap, a YUBARI replay. Don’t see these very often!

  13. Used to terrorize with Yubari. Super accurate guns. (especially with mod) Set BBs on fire repeatedly in multiple zones while dodging fire. Can nail DDs quite well. And CVs were jaw dropped when you wiped their planes. Have a couple super carries with it. Good old times. 🙂

  14. @9:45 you can see the Isokaze turning its guns on target, and the front manages to go off but it misses- if the DD captain had turned the entire ship to get the guns on target faster, Yubari would have died there.

  15. Thank you so much!
    Killing the Kirov was actualy a calculated risk, I knew I can dodge his shells.
    Thank you again for the recognition, and to be featured on your channel.
    As a big fan of yours It means a lot to me!

  16. He did a mistake earlier: the Isokaze got spotted for 30 seconds at 6km, but he ignored it and shot at the Omaha at 9km instead. 1 minute later he gets spotted by the Iso, then gets pummeled which nearly kills him.

  17. I chose the Gremy when this bundle was available. I bought quite a few ships on Jingle’s recommendation, including the Atlanta, Belfast and the Imperator Nikolai. All good ships.

  18. Dont forget that if you lose your internet connection while loading into a game or during a game, while you are still afloat, you turn pink too. That’s aggrevating as hell when it happens. Another excellent review Mr. Jingles!

  19. Yubari is one of my favorite to play when I play lower tiers. Its guns are very accurate and with the Heavy HE commander skill its easy to rack up the damage!!

  20. Yubari is a sniper; those 4 little guns are devastating. The torps tiny firing angle takes some getting used to though. She’s one of my favorite ships.

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