Two Brothers Mid Rush EVERYONE ?? World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. first ^^

  2. Never underestimate stupid players in great numbers, lol!

    • Although I agree with you, I also remember Jingles: If it’s stupid but it works, then it’s not stupid anymore. 🙂

  3. BrodyPlaysGames: World of Warships and more!


  4. ahhh the Flambas tactic i see Hans had some good influence on the players.

  5. when it works its freakin glorious

  6. Love that rush the channel when its played well, and this shows it was well done.

  7. Epicenter. In 2 Brothers. Do it WG.

  8. When everyone on the team is Flambass

  9. This is the Flambass special.

  10. Next episode both teams rush mid? 😀

  11. Bismark screams puuuush yet he is sat still blocking everyone else….

  12. Ah yes the WoWs equivalent of a bar fight

  13. I approve


  14. I’d still take my Alabama.

  15. I swear two brothers is basically the Ardennes forest at sea now!

    And Flambass is our glorious Guderian!

  16. LMAO! I literally just played two brothers and my fletcher. a battleship and cruiser headed straight for the channel. I had already think a battleship and one of the caps. I made a bee line for the channel and sink two more lol

  17. Андрей Морозов

    В какое днище скатилась игра…

  18. Excellent teamwork.

  19. i alway duo mid rush

  20. LoL always doing this on my division

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