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  1. -4 Subscribers with a hammer addiction

    This is why America won WW2

    because of their World Of Warship memes

  2. Japan:Bombs Pearl Harbor.
    US Navy: Am i a joke to you.

  3. Rose’s are red

    Voilets are blue

    Skiddadle Skoddodle

    Your ship has no noodle

  4. Just Some Guy with a Bandana

    Just remember the acronym BRRRRRRRTT

    *A-10 Warthog intensifies*

  5. * When people hate on Chris Brown *

    Chris : *still hit tho*

  6. You forgot about the fourth armament


  7. Better ingredients, better pizza, SHIP IMMOBILIZED

  8. “Sir, you don’t have the firepower.”
    “But I’ve got the mass.”

  9. TheRussianBager: posts more than one video in one week
    Me: what act of perfection and happiness is this

  10. Nobody:
    BADGER: Uploads a new Video

  11. Aren’t you limited to 5 SMAW shots a day?

    Grouse is on 8, don’t worry he usually does *10*

  12. I’m disappointed that the irony of American Planes crashing into ships was lost on Badger and the others.

  13. Tell Heavenly the best ship to ram crap in is gonna be the HMS Nelson. Purely because he can use his Heal to heal ALL of the ramming damage.

  14. “Isolate big, slow targets like cruisers…”

    Wow. You haven’t met AA speced tier 10s with their Standard Missile-grade firepower…

  15. Badger: random crit
    Me: has ptsd flashbacks of tf2

  16. Bismarck: *sees outdated torpedo bombers*

    Bismarck: *chuckles* I’m in danger

    • Do you mean the British Swordfish?

    • Bismarck was a really good ship it just got outnumbered by the brittish royal navy. Same with tirpitz. If it survived and was modernized it would’ve been a godly ship

    • Midnight Shield
      And yet got sunk by outdated, fabric wrapped byplanes… and not to mention they costs not even a fraction of the cost

    • +roger army yeah because there were way too many of then for one ship to take out. Bismarck was just as good if not better than Britain and Americas best ships but if you were to put any of brittain or America’s ships in the same situation they would’ve sunk as well

    • Bootleg Memes lmao

  17. Carrier: gets spotted

    Current objective: *SURVIVE*

  18. ffs, play this game while holding the ALT key or turning on the alternate combat interface
    it gives the player’s name, HP, and the name of the ship

  19. ” You know how to swim, right?



  20. Bombs
    *a-10 thunderbolt 2 engine can be heard in the distance growing closer each minute*

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