Moskva 24 Citadels ,stronk carry || World of Warships

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  1. FlashBack / Striker99

    9:47 What a lucky Hindenburg plays without brain…

  2. They need to change the name of the game to ….WORB World of Russian Bias.

  3. Edilson Oliveira Dos Santos

    Nossa Senhora top está partida 24 lol

  4. Where are all these braindead players when I’m gaming?

  5. that braindead Salem
    and the hinden
    and that daydream repub
    and that yammi, i mean musashi

  6. In Soviet Russia

  7. imagine not being outplayed by the thing that you are suppouse to counter

    (this comment was made by the musashi gang)

  8. Блять -hokers

  9. The Ugly Barnacle

    If the opposing team had half a brain they would’ve killed him in a heartbeat considering he got himself stuck in D for so long. But heh…the WR of high tier players is terrifying to say the least, and I’m not saying that in a way where they’re 70% WR players.

  10. Lol, there was also Chrysantos in his game :3

  11. Battle Cruiser Operation

  12. This should be sent to Jingle

  13. Chrysantos has preferential MM.

  14. I got 11 citadels in a DD today soooo step aside Moskva

  15. Yo , i’m amazed how that repu ignored me considering i was full broad to him .
    You can see me checking on him from time to time xD but i was mostly looking at the priority target indicator so i proceeded to rush the musashi 🙂

  16. Nicely done

  17. I think he’s a Notser fanboy.

  18. A partir de 1000 metros qualquer navio consegue penetrar a blindagem do navio oponente. Tá até dentro da lógica a Citadel neste caso!

    Canhão do Des Moines a 9,5km penetra 254mm

    Yamato a 25km consegue penetrar 566mm (Mesmo tendo a problemática Type 91 Underwater APC)

    220mm/65 a 2km está mais que adentro de seu efetivo, claramente iria penetrar o mesmo que um encouraçado com armas de 12″ e 14″.

    Um dos maiores problemas para os russos não terem construído cruzadores pesados e encouraçados como o Sovestsky Soyuz, foi por causa de erros de projetos na blindagem, e o fato da muzzle velocity do canhão 406mm/52 ser muito forte, infelizmente teria um padrão de dispersão terrível. ‘-‘

  19. The legendary mod makes this ship so much better. Imagine how many more cits he would have gotten lol

  20. just a typical Musashi player

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