Update 13.0: New American Aircraft Carriers

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New ships in Early Access, Bounty Hunt event, hololive production collaboration, and more!

0:00 – Intro
0:30 – Overview
1:25 – New U.S. Aircraft Carriers
2:23 – U.S. Aircraft Carriers Event Pass
3:12 – American Tokens
3:33 – Tier X Rhode Island
3:52 – Bounty Event
4:53 – Star Emissaries
5:14 – Sestri Ponente Dockyard Continues
5:34 – Display Ship Parameters in Battle
6:34 – Ranked Battles
7:00 – Outro


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  1. @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel

    πŸ“– 🎁 Play for free on PC! πŸ‘‰ https://wo.ws/3YaUKus
    New ships in Early Access, Bounty Hunt event, hololive production collaboration, and more!


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    • @spirospagiatis4731

      Add the Greek armored cruiser Georgios Averof in the game.

    • Move the Yorktown from the second progression line to the first progression line because you’ve made the Yorktown class almost unobtainable premiums.

    • I have saved all my resources since I heard about rhode island now they have it where the only way to get it is dabloons what happen to we don’t sell tier 10s. I would have straight up paid 70k dabloons but I won’t support the event with aircraft carriers just to get a ship I really want think this might be the last straw to uninstall

    • @brendanfillingim5199

      @WorldofWarshipsOfficialChannel Please add the single 5 inch (127 MM) gun option for the Tier VI Independence Aircraft Carrier

    • Why can only CV attack and reconnaissance “NO RISK”?
      No other game has a character that can attack unilaterally without risk.
      There are fewer players due to aircraft carriers. It’s a competitive game, so please be fair.

  2. I love the new tier distribution for ranked

  3. Can we have a squadron that drops 35 torps at once? 20km range, 20k damage, and homing without ping? Please?

  4. PLEASE make asymmetric a permanent game mode.

  5. How about ASW for CVs that players get to control? Would definitely be nice to aid the team by hunting subs when needed.

  6. I am new to the game, but it would be fun to have a japanese carrier with kamikaze airplanes πŸ˜€

  7. Just a friendly reminder that CV is the most efficient class to spot subs and dd. In most battles I can see up to 2 enemy subs and up to 1 CV. And by the way, CV cannot smoke your ship with a single drop (detonation only, but there is a flag). But a sub can! So it’s up to you to choose.

  8. I like how you’re trying to diversify cv gameplay also cant wait for the upcoming travel modes for squadrons.

  9. @darilcastillo9240

    Please add Shinano as a Premium Tier X CV.
    That would be awesome for the game.
    And also, Japan doesn’t have a premium tier X CV.

    • Unfortunately, while I am a fan of hers in Azur Lane, it’s unlikely she’ll be added. Historically, she was significantly larger and more armored than any of the current Tier 10s, even the FDR that’s available for Steel.
      She would have to be introduced as a Premium Supership, and the Superships already caused enough of an uproar by just existing in game. The only reason there aren’t more complaints about them presently is due to them being technically available to everyone in their respective Tech Trees.

    • @darilcastillo9240

      @@vtr0104 Not a problem for Wargaming.
      I mean, they balanced Yamato’s armor not entirely historical, and yet is fun to play.
      Shinano could be the only Armored CV in the game and that could be fine. It could even become a Meme such Graf Zepelin.

  10. I usually play destroyers and cruisers, and I generally dislike it when I get jumped by a naval aviation squadron.

    However, I am curious to play carriers because it is something that seems different and I want to understand how it works. I’m excited to get the Yorktown at some point too!

  11. One thing I would like to ask about the CV class is if there is any possibility of bringing a gamplay similar to the RTS that the aircraft carriers had before. I loved playing with them but since the change I haven’t been able to get used to them and to this day I have the Midway in the port untouched. At least the option to choose between the current type of gamplay and one similar to the RTS that existed before.

  12. @geomodelrailroader

    When he said Yorktown I know what he means Enterprise is Back! In this update we will get to drive the Mighty Enterprise and a new combat mission will come in this update Midway we will put Enterprise through its paces in this update.

  13. I actually prefer the minefield cvs, but only if they don’t cause flooding with those.
    The ship parameters display will probably help many players who don’t use mods, so it is a really great addition to the game! But I will still use mods for that since they replace the standard team panels on the sides.

  14. @saranpongjinapuck2103

    Please add some new Operation and make Tier 9-10 playable on it for the who just want to play warship game But dont like PVP

  15. @MichaelSayer-sf7gu

    Id love to be able to check ship abilities and stats in game. Very good.

    No one wants more CVs!

  16. @vasileiosmela309

    Took you guys long enough to put Essex back in. I still prefer the old carrier gameplay however. You had to think more about what to attack, that usually being the enemy carrier first to gain air superiority.

  17. Make Asymetric Battles a permanent game mode!

  18. Hey pretty boy.. i have an idea, can WG create sunken ships in the bottom on the ocean when subs dive. I think that would be a cool look.

  19. We’re going to β€œnerf” carriers, also here are more carriers

  20. @TheRandomSandwiches

    As someone who served on a Carrier, I’m super excited for this!

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