Update 13.0: Teaser

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  1. @gabrielpividal8329

    So basically the biggest thing you can brag on in this new update ¿are three new aircraft carriers?

  2. @GiliardCampanhole

    Feliz ano novo marujos.

  3. @MrBrigadierArchived

    one of the most boring update bringing a really few new (but actually remade of OLD) CVs before their rework. Great plan. Very stable.

  4. Why would I get excited for more CVs and a premium BB that’s only balanced by its lack of availability?

  5. @stuffandwhatnot4401

    Finally… CVs. The player base has been asking for CVs for so long. Good to see WG has their finger on the pulse.

  6. Hey guys, we just announced a Rework of CVs and Submarines because we know they’re broken and don’t fit the game. But in the mean time, here are more CVs for your playing experience. LMAO.

    • @StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      They are not broken just because you are so bad player you too dumb to learn how to counter or play them properly.

    • if i may be honest the test run with support cvs and no subs we had some time ago was the most fun i had in a while

  7. Yaaay more ways for everyone to give me and everyone else brain damage
    Seriously this game is only getting worse

  8. you are so distanced from your playerbase it feels like you are on separate planet

    • @StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

      A loud whining minority, who complaining in every socialmedia site because too stupid to learn to play the game properly are not count as “playerbase”.

  9. Oh Boy… the old “bionic” cammo… what new thing!!!

  10. Make Asymmetric battles permanent. Randoms is dead.

  11. I’ve wanted to see the battlecruiser HMS Invincible for some time. It doesn’t quite make sense to me why she’s not in the game, even as a premium ship. She was the world’s first battlecruiser, fought valiantly in the Battle of Heligoland Bight, the Battle of the Falkland Islands, and the Battle of Jutland in which she was famously lost, and because of these deserves a place in the game.

  12. @nick_pappagiorgio

    Please make Asymmetric Battles a permanent game mode.

    • @silverfingerthesilverstack5062

      Agree, since Operations were ruined this has been my clans go to game mode now in team games.

    • coop-level rewards tho…

    • @silverfingerthesilverstack5062

      @@PrintScreen. co-ops are good for some missions or when you need a quick game, or when the teams are full of muppets and you need to win games for missions, but they are a little too easy and short.

    • I had the same thoughts, months ago. BUT! Considering that they nerfed this mode twice already, IMO they can shove it up to their own… Don’t want it any longer, not playing, not gonna play – I won’t beg for leftovers.

    • @@silverfingerthesilverstack5062 AB is also a PVE mode that gives the chunguses something to do, whereas DDs and cruisers dominate co-op.

  13. yay! our glorious queen of lemons essex has finally returned!

  14. Nice teaser for Battleship Rhode Island at 0:04

  15. This will be an incredibly unpopular update.

  16. If the Asymmetric Mode goes away, I won’t have anything to play.

  17. for moments like this, i wish youtube had a laugh reaction button

  18. I don’t think people give Wargaming enough credit. They are given us the perfect excuse not to play for a whole month.

    Thank you, Wargaming! ❤

  19. @jonathanamsberry3971

    I wish the aircraft spotting rework was coming with this. I cant wait for it!

  20. Keep Asymetric battles.
    All I care about.

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