Brest, close to the chest – World of Warships

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It is a french tier 9 tech tree battlecruiser okey, it is not what you think…you dirty dirty man…great match with this thing which feels like a HUGE upgrade after Cherbourg tbh.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. happy new year flambass hopeing to see more vids this year

  2. WOWS in 2024: getting worse or really worse?

  3. @christophersims7060

    Happy New Year, good fight, better luck next game!

  4. Excited to see Flambass’s Brest

  5. Nice to see you play with a Brest hehehe

  6. Could never get a hang of Breat, easily penned but good guns

  7. my favorite t9 cruiser this ship is so amazing

  8. Yeah I recently fell in love with this thick cruiser line.

  9. I prefer this to the Marseille.

  10. Srecna Nova Godina Odakle si

  11. @agoogleuseranonymous2658

    Flambass having girlfriend problems in the beginning lol.

  12. you should’ve shot the scharnhorst that was nearest to you. good game as always

  13. @davidchrysostom695

    That Hector survived a whole 2:31 seconds into the match !

  14. @RasmusDyhrFrederiksen

    Brest is a really great ship. Tier for tier I think it is better than Marseille – 8 guns, but better turret layout vs 9 guns in an awkward layout.

  15. Happy New Year.

    Flambass Dalmatian, confirmed ….. “vidicemo”

  16. The only time your girlfriend will let you play with a brest that isn’t hers!

  17. Great battle bro!

  18. Nice Brest!

  19. Happy new year !
    from Brest In Brittany France

  20. Just carry harder Flambino. You were the last to die so its obviously all your fault /s

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