Warships Size Comparison: Destroyers | World of Warships

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The dimensions of all destroyers of every nation right on your displays!
00:00 Сomparison of Japanese destroyers
01:12 Сomparison of US destroyers
02:51 Сomparison of USSR destroyers
03:58 Comparison of German destroyers
05:00 Comparison of British destroyers
06:20 Comparison of French destroyers
07:25 Comparison of Italian destroyers
07:50 Comparison of European destroyers
08:43 Comparison of Pan-Asian destroyers
09:15 Comparison of Pan-American destroyers

Destroyers are the fastest ships in World of Warships. Their lack of powerful main battery guns and sturdy armor is compensated for by their low detectability, high maneuverability, and devastating torpedo armament. Moreover, destroyers can serve as scouts and deploy smoke screens to hide themselves and their allies from the enemy.

Despite the fact that they all fall under the same ship-type classification, destroyers differ from each other in many respects. We’re going to shed some light on those differences in our new video by showing you the destroyers of all nations and comparing their sizes. In this episode, we’re reviewing the World of Warships destroyers that were actually laid down, built, or launched in real life.

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  1. Alfred Conqueror

    Love this kind of videos!

  2. thinh mitsubishi zero

    i love shimakaze , because she has a lots of torpedoes

  3. I’m getting PTSD of getting Torpedo by everything from up close or from out of no where

  4. 12thman Railfans

    Thanks YT algorithm for putting this on my recommended

  5. Daniel Canfield

    Poor Leone all by itself

  6. Lolibotes competing on who’s much more loli

  7. I guess it’s the same reason why Kidd, Chung Mu, Vampire and so on are not there: They are part of the same class as other ships (Anshan/Fushun – Gnevny, Kidd/Black/Chung Mu – Fletcher, Vampire – Valkyrie…) and would have the same dimensions, although possibly slightly different displacement. Note that Shinonome or Monaghan were not included either, despite being real ships (Fubuki and Farragut class, respectively).

  8. Very cool!

  9. The Seagull From Space

    V-170: 92,5 tons:p

  10. I keep forgetting how dreadfully heavy dual purpose mounts are.

  11. When there’s only 1 destroy ok let’s go to the next one

  12. Derek The Seagull

    yea but fuck the Jurua

  13. 4:19 V-170 with”92,5T”, someone gonna lose his/her annual bonus lol (joking

  14. The British destroyers are the only ones whose size increases by tier rather than seemingly mixed with the other nations lol

  15. Renacimiento Argentino

    The funniest thing is that modern day destroyers at 10,000-20,000 t are larger than most cruisers and early battleships

  16. Great job especially on the art department for creating such stunning visuals!

  17. Tùng Nguyễn Thanh

    4:13 V-170 had only 92,5 T. Editor miss the typo here!!

  18. Can you do aircraft carrier size comparison?

  19. @NEKORO -KUN They will probably be doing those next. That video will definitely be a shorter one.

  20. Riffat Ayoub Bhatti

    Or they even real destroyer in real life because I want to know

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