What If HE Spam Is The Best Strategy On Every Ship? – Grosser Kurfürst

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  1. @phillipbalzano7479

    You know it’s going to be a good video when it starts with a disclaimer

  2. Love the disclaimer!

  3. I mean, whats the enemy gonna do about it? Push in Secondary GK?

  4. Everytime i load HE some wooster sails out broadside right infront of me

  5. I see the irony in a vid that encourages HE spamming while also discouraging taking fire prevention..

  6. I found the sad truth a while ago too. If you are not a yammy and have more than 6 guns, just shot HE and it will probably work. Because all the HE spam from other ships and the ping from sub, a lot of the time the DCP is on cool down, and this makes HE spam more effective.

  7. I use GK with the legendary mod and all main battery reload mods and its basically turned that boat into a giant heavy cruiser, 17 sec reloads if im not mistaken. Best game so far is 283k damage using primarily HE.

  8. Probably why i run gunfeeder on all my BBs except 32 mm overmatch ones

  9. Back then we had battleship Hindenburg. Now we have heavy cruiser Kurfurst..

  10. vermont HE should work if your doing 20s HE salvo’s front guns and then wit for back gun, every 20s you have 6 guns firing at like 43% fire chance. it be up to you, if you want to try this. reducing reload timer to 35s from 40 might help since it already has like 24km gun range and spotter plane…. that could mean 17.5 to 18s salvo’s

  11. PQ slowly transitioning to the dark side

  12. PQ finally figures out that AP is not always the answer.

    • @ThatRealCoolWhiteGuy

      He’ll be back on AP after this vid. It’s an itch that doesn’t go away. Always being prepared for the chance at a dev strike

  13. That Marceau literally maneuvered into your salvo while attempting to evade. Terrible luck lol XD

  14. I know it’s really different but I’m a wowsl player and honestly I’ve been doing this on my bbs for a while. In my head it just makes sense to use the more consistent damage. Of course, using AP when I have a nice broadside but I feel the fire chance is a lot easier to rely on than cit chance

  15. That evil laughter 😂

  16. PQ embraces the meta… And likes it!? This arc is great 😀

  17. I did wonder why I had a GK spamming me with HE today. You, PQ are a naughty bastard.

  18. I’ve been using HE/AP at about 40/60 for some time now, 406’s with acc mod slot 3 and range mod in slot 6. Expert Loader and Furious on captain.

    It’s really nasty, and it’s kinda fun turning the tables on HE spammers in my constantly fire-spammed GK, I must say.

  19. Yes, using the correct ammo for angled targets works. Who would have thought.

  20. Awesome! I am going to only shoot HE from now on in all my BBs. Ty PQ

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