World of Warships- After Four Years, I Am Finally DONE Dealing With This

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Hey guys! Today we have some good news concerning that hate speech strike I caught four years ago!

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Music: Stranger Think- C418
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0:00 Intro
0:45 Context
9:04 Hate Speech Guideline Strike Removal


  1. The chat steam had me 💀

  2. makes you wonder how history channels go like Dr Mark Fenton who makes great world war 2 content

    • @stevepritchett6563

      @mickatlas3272: You mean Dr Mark FELTON, fantastic channel.

    • I know at least two of the history channels I follow have had to edit the footage they use because YouTube wouldn’t let them keep it up.

    • @@stevepritchett6563he has been discredited as a plagiarist and is widely panned in the historical YouTube Communities.

    • @stevepritchett6563

      @@AtlantiansGaming Please link the proof of this

    • Mark Felton is one of the worst plagiarists on YouTube. Some of his videos are almost word for rip offs of someone else’s work. He’ll find an article, change a few sentences around, slap some stock footage and wikipedia photos on the thing and palm it off as his own. It’s so egregious that if his doctorate is real it should probably be stripped off him.

      He’s not the only plagiarist by any stretch either, that “Today I found out” guy (Simon Whistler, the tit with glasses, a bald head and a beard) thieves his content too.

  3. Historical images is hate speech, okay then. Sounds like something that should of been fixed by YouTube long ago. Plenty of people talk about history on YouTube, and history is an important subject. Glad you got things fixed, hope they can work on historical vs actual hate with their bot program.

    • they take the lazy way since 911, remove everything of the event, and for ww2 and angry painter same ( wonder if it does it to URSS stuff too or not because communism?XD). they are just plain stupid, for those who follow the jimquisition youtube also striked a video for nudity because it was showing PART of the famous paint of The creation of adam

    • They hopefully will but the fact that there are a lot of neo Nazis online who use the old propaganda videos as hate speech makes it hard for historical uses apparently. Neo Nazis ruin everything

  4. @mooncricketstinks1589

    Finally quit this game perma last night after ranked. Had my Atago in a sub/cv match (yay…) and after dealing with red massa i tried hunting the sub who was trying to torp me the whole engagement but atago’s awesome rudder mods made it easy. He went under and my hydro wouldnt detect him so we didnt see each other. Then cv comes along and spots/attacks me. Then sub attacks me (still dont see him), and i get nuked by both from full health to nothing. No counterplay, just bad luck.

    Been on this since 2018, and sunk alot of money into it. Least i wont waste anymore. This game used to be so damn amazing, its too bad how it fell.

    • Congrats! It can be really hard to let go of something after so many hours in. When it’s no longer giving what you want, that is indeed a good reason to move on.

    • @mooncricketstinks1589

      @@j_taylor absolutely! Even after they kept stacking crap on that made playing it worse and worse i still kept going. But that last game, just dying to classes i cant even fight, unlike a bb. Thank you for the kind words, hope you have a great day 😊.

    • it’s amazing they can validate subs and cv’s in ranked but not cb’s all be it i dislike both classes it just seems stupid because of the fact both modes have SMALL teams

    • Sorry to hear your terrible experience. It is a shame that it feels like World of Warships is slowly going down hill, increase in monetization and not really listening to the community.

    • ive had many engagements like yours, no counter play possible. its very frustrating.

  5. @sealordmountbatten

    Here’s the clip that started it all, still up on YouTube:

  6. Bots intentionally put up the historical footage as trap. They wait for some unsuspecting human to upload the footage to his account. THEN the bots pounce. It’s payback for human players beating them in co-op matches.

  7. policy training when they like to change it often…. sounds good at first glance but seems pointless because they like to often change the guidelines

  8. lol, I thought they were bringing buffs to the Bismarck 😢. Congrats on this milestone Sealord!

  9. @matthewwilliams7913

    How many videos are there showing the hammer and sickle ? How many millions were deleted by that banner ? Is that also hate speech?

  10. Sabaton is always good for not filing copyright claims for fan made media, reactions etc. Super fan friendly band.

  11. We live in a Time where everything is either filtered,softwashed ,edited,or bots are in charge.
    Happens when you set a “machine”on a desk,where a human being is needed instead.

    Historical accuracy is most important for younger folks to see what happens back theese days imoo.
    Just keep going man,youre doing a great job here,and im pretty Sure community appreciates your content as much as I Do 👍👍👍

  12. I remember bit when you mentioned this yt issue with your historical mission video before.

    Glad to hear you most likely got over it, thanks to yt more user friendly policy.

    I hope it didn’t left too many wrinkles on your cheek.

    Looking forward to see that Sinking of Bismarck WoW.

  13. I would have been tempted to make the ‘offending’ snippets of that historical footage part of my every day intro.

  14. What a great feeling. Glad that’s taken care of.

  15. I hate how history really is censored by people from these corporations. They dont know shit about history or want to learn it. They see something they dont like and they will just limit it. As a history enjoyer it infuriates me.

  16. Glad to hear that you have finally been able to resolve this long standing issue! I love the purpose of YT, but hate what creators have to do or to avoid to be able to use the platform.

  17. @theiranianputin2770

    Love the Bismark skin. Looks like the Gneissanau skin on my Cobi Build.

  18. Just wanted to thank you for all you’ve done over the years. *Bows in respect*

  19. @broccanmacronain457

    First time I have ever heard it called an angry plus sign.

  20. @joshualecointre9485

    Hi Sea Lord, glad you get rid of it, if you need somes ideas for future cinematics I have three coming into my mind : the operation Ten-go; the battle of HMS Glowworm vs Admiral Hipper (not requiring a lot of people), and a big one wich could be a challenge to make, the battle of the Jutland.

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