When You Just Give Up! (World of Warships Legends Xbox One X) 4k

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  1. Spartan in the bismarck. Land of fire just froze over.

  2. Curious Narrator

    I remember the Meet the HMS Hood and ya know Bismarck sank Hood so This is like different perspectives. If there was a hood in the match

  3. Bismarck should be a legendary ship!

    • Bismarck sucks lol it was my first T7 ship

    • hitlersmissingnut

      @Beast Gamer123 no. It took a sword fish and a pre retrofit rodney with 16″ shells to sink it. And the pre retrofit rodney took out the fire control and did heavy damage in 1 salvo then scored the only bb to bb torp hit ever.
      Tirpitz was the true legend. Tirpitz took the entire raf and navy on and won.

    • @hitlersmissingnut lmao the tirpitz got sunk in port and didnt even do anything, it left port once and didnt make it in time to its mission, the only reason the bismarck got destroyed was because of that lucky torpedo in the rudder which made it unable to maneuveur ,that made it unable to escape the royal navy and was shot at by rodney and torped by another ship i cant remember, even then it didnt sink, the germans put charges on the ship and scuttled it, it would have taken way longer to go under. so a salvo against a barely manoeuvring target would obviously do heavy damage, plus the only reason the swordfish werent shot down was because of the advance aa defence, the germans expected ww2 era planes and so fitted against those planes, but because the royal navy only had ww1 era planes, all of the shots ‘overpenned’ and did minimal damage, any ww2 plane would have been decimated.

    • also the bismarck wasnt even meant for combat against other battleships, particularly the entire royal navy, it was meant to fight convoys and starve britain into submission with gneisenau and scharnhorst, their orders were to not engage any ships they come across which is why hms prince of whales managed to escape (the bismarck could have easily finished her off) this is why bismarck was trying to escape to the safety of the luftwaffe and not fighting any more ships

    • Zachary Herrington

      Beast Gamer123 I know right Canvas and wood all that was needed was an MG 42 that was sighted in properly but they had them big flat guns that just punch holes in that canvas

  4. Hey Spartan, love all your work. The only way to play the Bismarck realistically is to build a mid range brawler i’ve found 😕 it’s crap at range so i loose extra range for Secondaries and main batt. reload instead and try and tough it out in the middle. 1 v 1 outside of 9km i’d lose my battle everytime with that build but at mid range the woeful dispersion isn’t as much of an issue, it’s just a bloody annoying play 😅 keep up the vids dude.

  5. They need another secondary commander that improves secondary accuracy..

    • Irish Vodka im all for that friend!

    • They absolutely do. The trade off to being a brawler BB vs a sniper is so steep. Secondary need to at least do more damage. A benefit to the aggressive style of play

    • NextEra Gamer
      it is kinda a shame to see them punish the very agreesive players, like me, i just want to see my secondaries melt and scare everyone who dares approaches me

  6. I have the Bismarck the dispersion and long range shot are hard to get a good citadel hit but up close I seem to citadel everything but that’s just my experience with the ship

  7. I personally love the german bbs, i just charging in and destroying the enemy in fast bbs. I only wish the dispersion was a wee bit kinder, but i still make my hits!

  8. Alright, now that thats over… Can you play the Bismarck?

  9. Bismark sucks, it is the worst t7 bb by far. Tirpitz is better, I’ve had several 200k+ games but its rough. Scharny is a different story. It’s a monster, great accuracy for a German ship. Gneisinou is excellent as well, poor guns but armor is insane. Better than bismark in mu opinion. That being said your mistake is running a German bb like an iowa. You cant play them reversing shooting at max range. You need to be pushing around islands absorbing damage with your 5 heals. Max range German bb is just the wrong way to play it. Kind of like an a fubiki as a gunboat.

  10. As a main german BBs, you can’t play these ships the same way you play others BBs – standing far away and shot ennemy ships at 18km. You got to get used to this kind of play before getting success.

  11. Bro get the blood pressure checked, and remember bizzy isn’t a sniper eh?

  12. Wg is not giving love to bismarck because it’s german for *a reason* spartan. Russians devs don’t make promises for this ship to be good. This legend was added to be ridiculous & bad or inaccurate, that’s why this ship has much more rng than any bb in the game. I love this ship of his looks, It’s a magnificent warship & *wg just don’t care about it.* a harsh reality my friend
    Even though i triggered the discord community:⬇

    Me: **instantly kill 15km in bismarck against meta Kutuzov smoke their weed**

    WG community discord: **mad Russian noises** nooo!!! That’s not how you suppose to play the ship!!

  13. So, when are you playing the Bismarck again?

  14. Stop playing it like a long range sniper and player it was a Medium Range brawler…

    Having 9KM secondaries is pointless if you stay 18KM away..

    You have to push in and get up close =/

    • [MC]Doom Slayer

      @Spartan Elite43 the sad truth is the bismarck does not have the Russian accuracy treatment improvement in close engagement since it’s very Russian bias. The *dispersion doesn’t improve* so it’s reliable more on *rng & luck*, even 4km i miss all my shots against a dd or cruiser trying to chase me & then i die unexpected. Bismarck is outclassed on legends because it’s *Russian bias.* you have to use this ship as example trying your luck to hit, but I ended up get killed😂

    • My tirpitz does better at range than my Alabama y’all just need to get the right build setup

    • [MC]Doom Slayer if your missing shots at 4km your the issue not the ship

    • [MC]Doom Slayer

      @Sean Rioux I am not the issue. *They were bow on*
      Explain all unexpected miss? 😂

    • @Spartan Elite43 I would be more then glad to give you my build setup and play a couple Bismarck Games with you.

      To help you kinda learn it some 🤷‍♂️
      She is all about reading the map IMO. I will say tho, there are some maps that she just cant compete on due to lack of cover

  15. Germans are like the Russians only there ‘ideal’ range is 6km

  16. Don’t you think your decision not to change to HE when everyone was bow-tanking you cost you? Starting fires would have been better than getting constant shatters. But their accuracy sucks, I agree

    • Possibly but with only landing 1 or 2 shells per salvo not sure whether there’d have been too many fires.

  17. Magister R'yleth

    You hate the Bismark that much? Come on, the guns aren’t _that_ bad. I like it better than the Iowa, actually. 20 second reload with the Ciliax is good fun. And the sonar is very useful. Bismark is the Utility Champ of tier VII(BB’s), and, I daresay, the best one. Abysmarck my salty sailor ass.

    (Great vid, I enjoyed it, I’m just joking around. Except for my love of the Bismarck, it’s real, and it’s a problem.)

  18. GhostRyder 2029

    Hey spartan, nice to see you in the Bismarck because it’s my favorite ship to play on pc (mainly the reason I switched to pc was the poor ability to preform in tirpitz and Bismarck was the poor release) but there’s something I feel the need to correct you on a few things if you see this. First off, the main thing that really makes secondary builds work on pc is not IFHE anymore since the last nerf that cuts the fire start chance down by half, what really makes these secondary builds work is the Manuel fire control captain skill that both reduces your dispersion of secondary batteries by 60% and allowing you to select a target for them. The things that really make German battleships click is close range fights and brawling, on pc the German battleships have American dispersion but not better sigma, so good close range shots bad long range, improved secondary’s and the turtle back. On Xbox when German battleships released you have garbage guns, garbage secondary’s and the turtle back armor didn’t work. Also yes Bismarck and tirpitz are sister ships and the Germans have no improved penetration angles the the American and Russian bbs have. It was quite sad the way Bismarck and tirpitz was released because at the time when we only had vanguard, Iowa and amagi none of them were really designed to push in and brawl, and when it looked like we might finally get that, the ships were garbage.

    • I’ve tried playing the ship in so many different ways.

      I want it to work for me as I love having the secondaries vs cruisers and Destroyers.

      Yesterday my secondaries murdered a Yudachi who failed to torp me which was hillarious

  19. German battleships irl: Accurate, deadly, stealthy.

    Wargaming: No

  20. dragon slayer95

    Dont complain about the BISMARCK try playing the vanguard the dispersion is terrible and u get citadel every time I’m not kidding

    • Spartan Elite43

      I dont have a problem with dispersion on British bbs I’m just not s fan of the vanguard in general

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