World of Warships – A Life On The Ocean Wave

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A life on the ocean wave
A home on the rolling deep
Where the scatter’d waters rave
And the winds reveal their keep

Yeah, not the popular map in World of Warships, but it does have its upside…

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Sawtoothchris24

    This video is up early! Thanks Jingles!

  2. This man is a legend and did the impossible.

    He’s a mad man

  3. chilling here at 1:13 AM is the US. Sleep is for those who care.

  4. 3:38 Popping hydro in a Benham? LOL

  5. 7:45 Bismarck catches a torpedo which knocks out its steering? Thatd never happen!

  6. wow, i thought they pulled the ocean map from rotation being too detailed for normal PCs guess i was wrong

  7. Ah, Ocean map. The most realistic map made and the most hated.

  8. Robert Pettigrew

    “With great stealth comes great responsibility” oddly enough I have always used Japanese destroyers guns as the pack a wallop! Do not get me wrong I do not gunboat in them but finishing ships off or smoking up to farm has always been a big part. Also I can fire to kick a hornets nest to take fire from my team as only a CV seems to excite players more than a Japanese destroyer 🙂

    • Gunboat yugumo is a thing..
      My Favorit Japanese DD ^^
      Stealthy, good torps, good HE shell damage, decent reload, torpedo reload booster, 😍

    • @Miyabe_K I have gunboated my torp build yug a few times. Excellent when used tactically, horrible when there’s a CV around. But sometimes the team is just so shit and you gotta carry.

  9. Holy hell, a Jingles video and I’m here with under 3k views. Why am I up this late?

  10. You’re pronunciation of “Öland” is good. I didn’t cringe at all, in fact I didn’t think of it the first three times you said it. Well done from Sweden!

  11. In defense of this map: it´s definitely THE most realistic of all maps in the entire game.

  12. I can watch this great video since it was released at 6am GMT. Great

  13. “You dont see Ocean very often” He says. I haven’t seen Ocean in 5 YEARS!

  14. because of benham i installed radiolocation on all my ships, including the radar one, and bbs.

  15. My best game was on the Ocean map, 5 kills in the Minekaze or Ninjakaze as I used to call it.
    I think this was during beta or just after.

    Stalked the enemies to keep them spotted waiting for torp reload.
    Move in close to strike, move back.

  16. Mariusz Sobieraj

    Jingles: “Friesland has hydro (…) That would explain torpedoes being spotted over there.”
    5 seconds later
    Friesland: Turns on his hydro.

  17. Friesland raming Udaloi nearly full hp with 20% hp was a great move, +1 for him.

    And I like the expression “been Tirpitzed”, will use it as well for sure in tchat.

  18. The Generalissimo

    6:37 I’m trying to tell if that’s Rita or a cat……

  19. WINoodles Noodles

    So . . . . I actually have to salute WarGaming.
    Personally, I like the ocean map. CVs need to scout, DDs should be screening other ships, basically performing counter DD play and using their smoke to screen the approach of friendly ships. Cruisers add valuable AA support. (This was looooong before the recent CV changes.) Battleships should battle other ships.
    Back in the good old days when WoWs first came out, I got on the ocean map in a tier 5 map with a St Louis, normally a pretty good ship. However, the tier 5 DDs out ranged me. I had no AA to support other ships with. I have never felt so completely useless in a WoWs match. This made me head to the forums and create a post called “St Useless”. After explaining the above, the idea got traction. WarGaming did two things. One, they changed it so that through tier 4, you could see at most +1 MM. Two, they removed the ocean map from lower tier play.
    Cheers WarGaming!

  20. I thgouth they got rid of this map, I have literally never played it D:

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