Worcester 7 KILLS Flamethrower || World of Warships

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  1. No luck All skills

  2. 50percent By luck 50percent by skill,that s all

  3. I know he’s running IFHE, but I spent way too much time yelling in my head ” SHOOT AP!!!”. He would’ve zapped those cruisers so much faster and done a lot more damage to the BBs after he lit them on fire.

    • you clearly never played USN Light cruisers.. if something is farther than 9-10km your AP is useless and mostly bounce or shatter because you don’t have the improved penetration angles, and also with IFHE 12 shells u can easily do 5-6k dmg per volley, in fact in my helena once i did 9k dmg with a single salvo to an angled pensacola .. soo why bother AP if they are far and angled and moving constantly? HE is much better

    • I play them all the time. There were plenty of chances at closer range on broadside cruisers that AP would’ve been better. Same goes for the superstructure of broadside BBs.

    • i do really more dmg with HE than AP on other ship with wooster 🙂
      i use AP just for broadsiding cruiser at close range

    • And that’s what I’m saying the player didn’t do that he should’ve…plus broadside BB superstructure, again at close range.

    • +Chris Jones once i did 10k raw HE damage with HELENA IFHE shells all 15/15 hits on close range dunkerque superstructure.. AP did 5k only :C

  4. Good Game

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