World of Tanks – Celebrity Replay Edition

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By a stunning coincidence, both and send me replays on the same day. Hmmm… I have a cunning plan for a vaguely deceptive clickbait video thumbnail!

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  1. please jingles dont let them destroy the scharnhorst gneisenau with only 15
    inch choice. Hope you have someting to say about that :)

  2. people say the Löwe is the preimium noob tank that unskilled people buy and
    play before they can play properly. But forreal the is-6 is the new Löwe

  3. Saw all this live, it was glorious, I mean nothing really to hard for
    Circon :)

  4. eating curry and drinking beer? how are you not shitting your brains out?

  5. Jingles u are realy good man :)

  6. Why don’t you get XVM like QB?

  7. Mr. Monocle High class man

    Jingles, I am severely lacking my fix of tog videos. We need more tog

  8. How do u leave a clan in wot

  9. Do more tog videos!!!

  10. I love seeing Rita play Tortoise. She unlike others in this game knows what
    she´s doing. It´s just straight up solid gameplay.

  11. The Waffentrager E 100 video was on Ruinberg in one of his early Good Bad
    and Uglies (like 15 or something). Pretty sure was the first replay

  12. Damn it Circon! I’m trying to get a Mastery Badge and a second gun mark in
    that thing!

  13. why do you always say the same things and always show the same pic when you
    have a circon replay, jingles? =)))

  14. Hey Jingles it’s been a while since we’ve seen some War Thunder, care to
    spare a replay for us minions in the saltmines?

  15. 7:05 here you see Rita doing something that QB never does and it really
    irritates me.

    Rita actually informs her teammate of her plan, she types it into chat to
    make sure they at least get the chance of seeing it. Good job Rita.

    QB on the other hand, will just shout at his screen what the rest of his
    team should do, instead of actually suggesting it in chat. If you watch his
    stream, you will see him talking to the viewers and telling them how his
    allies could win, instead of telling his allies what he says to the stream.

  16. A wild ST1 appears

  17. Louis-Philippe Nault

    some of us witnessed this battle live.. it was glorious comrades! we are
    thankful for jingles for the shout outs to circon :)

  18. Circons derp-fest was just a warm-up for last nights ridiculous “Unbeatable
    Cromwell ” and “A-43 autoloader”. Check them out.

  19. Jingles, T10 could’ve had the insanely stupid HT ramming mission that’s why
    he probably rammed that bulldog. Great video!

  20. Rita’s gameplay wasn’t that special, just mopping up some bobs, usual stuff

  21. and i saw a video once of circon when he was playing the tier 9 american
    medium with the howitzer :D

  22. watching a jingles video….. 12 hours later, start over and finish what
    you did not see as you fell asleep.

  23. Barney Geröllheimer

    13:40 because he shot HEAT… and continues to do so against the T-34-85.

  24. Every time that derp gun fires, there should be a “Boom Bitch get out the
    way, get out the way Bitch, get out the way”

  25. Circon aka The Derpinator strikes again! XD

  26. Celebrities? where?

  27. Every time i clutch shot heat like that, it ends up in tracks or on some
    weird angle and bounce… Lucky Circon SoB :)

  28. Nobody likes you videos jingles
    We love them!!!

  29. “I hate this guy”

  30. “The Power of Derp Compels You” LMFAO

  31. mattea spennachio

    I think the game audio levels need to be much higher I can barely hear it

  32. he got a triple mark of accuracy with the derp gun

  33. Army Medic Desmond T. Doss

  34. My point goes to Rita

  35. You should feature this, more people need to see my awesomeness 😛

  36. Circon is amazingly crafty and skilled, but Rita really knows her shit
    doesn’t she ? Those anticipation moves near the end were just perfect. Poor
    T10 thought he had an easy target

  37. Clang Of Tanks Gaming

    I loved the 122 howitzer when I had the T-34-85 on Xbox 360.. It was the
    “BEST” <3 reminds me of KV-2 1 shotting amazing sides of M6 heavys,

  38. 3rd mark for Circon as well – nice.

  39. Hah! I was in the match with Rita!, It was the first time I met a youtuber
    in a match and I said Hi in the beginning of the match. I was impressed
    with her gameplay when I watched how she played after I died. After that I
    went to watch some of Rita’s Tortoise videos: good stuff.

  40. Id like to snipe her hatch.

  41. HOW did that not pen the ass of the M44?! WG’s wtf rng mysteries…

  42. mmmmmmm curry and beer!

  43. He makes it look so damn easy!


  45. And the big question on everybody’s mind is, Is there going to be some new
    XCOM2 action on Saturday? Jingles said that he was going to play on harder
    settings with the new DLC storyline. Come back tomorrow and find out!

  46. Does any one know when the next test server is

  47. totally diggin that chun-li and zangief thumbnail btw im impressed he got
    his 3rd mark with that 122mm gun, got mine with the 85mm.

  48. Actually jingles tortoise has another weakspot on the left, the machine gun
    port. It can be penned by most tier 9 and tier 10 tanks. So even if you
    hide your cupola they can still pen the armor, but if they don’t have
    enough pen they just load premium ammo and it’s an easy pen. So the only
    part where the armor is strong is the gun mantlet. But lets face it good
    players can pen tortoise even when angled, to many weakspots, which is sad.
    But the gun is good tho, which is nice.
    Great video btw, keep up the good work.

  49. I miss tank company all-stars.

  50. I love my T 34 85, I bounced a T28 proto shot from the 120mm off my turret

  51. DerDreckigeDan100

    Howdie Folks! And welcome back to World of Tanks with The Mighty Jingles ♥

  52. It actually appears the IS-6 is firing HE at her weakspot because he only
    does like 200 damage.

  53. That salty E-75 in the first game, even though he got himself killed
    through sheer stupidity.

  54. Hey Jingles why are the enemy tanks marked blue in the replays you get, as
    well as being spotted shows that orange marker instead of the ‘plaque’ that
    says spotted?

  55. this is not the only thing Rita is kicking off…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  56. Countermania Gaming45


  57. me now go anohter beer 14:53

  58. “This buttsex didnt penetrate-” eewwww….

  59. I can hear a fan in the background forget to drop microphone recording into
    audacity did we?

  60. I didn’t know the t 34 122 was a thing

  61. circon OP

  62. Neoteric Diversion

    Glad I got to see this one. Love the work of these two. Wish Rita put up
    more on youtube of some matchs.

  63. they make it look so easy, i always did got my arse kicked

  64. I get the feeling the Rita Tortoise match was a response to that truly shit
    Wargaming NA video on the Tortoise huh?

  65. I saw this on Circon’s stream… he freaked out about that shot on the M44
    and went and looked up the armor model to figure out why it didn’t pen

  66. Nice episode!

  67. Circon match, 5 players each team, 0 damage

  68. Clickbait accepted!

  69. Canadian Edition T

    Jingles your replays are FUCKING AWESOME !!!!!!

  70. So love Rita, and Circon….don’t worry Jingles ur on the list as well. lol

  71. 太郎xX9, 9Xx山田

    Rita Gamer in the thumbnail looks like Kasen from Touhou

  72. The T-34-85’s derp gun is good the ammunition has to have 420 in its name

  73. Wow nice play by Rita

  74. The fact the Valentine was able to stay alive for so long makes his effort
    the most impressive.

  75. i love your vids jingles but ur wot intro is so bad…

  76. Arbhall McDougall

    Since the videos thumbnail says Rita vs circon, I have to say circon was
    the better. They both took advantage of their opponents mistakes to win and
    score. But circon manipulated the situation to create those mistakes, which
    in my book speaks to the skills of a better game. Both were excellent, but
    between these replays he did better.between these replays.

  77. That was a nice Rita gameplay I’ve watched

    That was an amusing replay by Circonflexes.

  78. “… the T-10 lurking behind Rita.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Sorry, I’ll let myself out…

  79. i love the power of the derp when it is used wisely >:D

  80. Things you don’t mess with:

    Jingles in a TOG
    Rita in a Tortoise
    Circon in…well, pretty much anything!

  81. Rita fires a lot of gold

  82. I find the jagdtiger and tortoise are quite similar

  83. awesome video!

  84. really? first thing she did was load apcr ok she only have 10 round but
    still was it really necessary?

  85. #Clickbait confirmed! LOL Jingles

  86. I wanted to write something but I have nothing constructive to say so,
    great video!

  87. What is rita’s clan called?

  88. can anyone tell me if the tank from from golden eye 007, the one thats
    driven around moscow is in this game?

  89. any one else hear that m44 yell out “SHIT”

  90. Sometimes you refer to her as “Rita” and other times you refer to her as
    “Ritar” come on what the fuck?

  91. Go Rita, go!!!!

  92. Does anyone else think that they should do a press style Q&A with question
    from each other and us lot? I think they should!

  93. Christopher Medow

    hey Jingles do you still play World of Tanks Blitz? …??


  95. jingles, i love your videos, but apart from world of tanks warships armored
    warfare and xcom, i would love to watch a borderlands (2) walktrough. keep
    up the great work you do and enjoy your weekend!!

  96. all hail the tortwas

  97. We need to know what he sacrificies to RNGesus.

  98. Dommel || Overwatch

    Richtig cooles Video! ^^

  99. Michael Huddleson

    @TheMightyJingles, I remember you making a World of Tanks Blitz video and
    your main complaint was that the player base was too small. Apparently
    Wargaming heard you. They are trying out adding the mobile and keyboard
    users queues. So now I can play against my fav Youtubers on my phone. Just
    a heads up. Plus because the teams are smaller the skill cap is higher
    which Quickybaby will like. Have fun Jingles and TOG on!

  100. Jingles: Don’t go making YouTube videos after eating curry and drinking
    beer, because right now all I really want to do is –
    Me: Poop?
    Jingles: – sleep.
    Me: Or that.

  101. Well, not so surprising that the German Arty didn’t move at all and didnt
    do much dmg. It’s awfully slow and has huge aiming time….

  102. ksk airborn (kskairborn)

    RAHH, I need a tonk on the Thumpnail to ckick on the Video with tonks.

  103. southeasterngaming23

    he was using the derp because he was trying to get three gun marks with it

  104. And Circon got his THIRD mark of excellence on that match which means he
    had to place in the top 5% of players for x time period (recent games).
    Very impressive. What’s the crossed cannons and sword award/thing though?
    That I haven’t seen before.

  105. So.. Who won?

  106. 9:05 – You forgot to mention, Jingles… it was High Explosive…

  107. Circon is so damn good.

  108. Of course that T1 Heavy was going to run and cry. That’s what heavy tanks
    do these days. OK, I exaggerate. They mostly hide and cry.

  109. Hey look… its Rita, clubbing idiots in a tank thats actually really bad.
    Its armor is pretty buttery. Both the right an left hand sides, have weak
    spots (tumor on the right, hull machine gun on the left). Skip, wheres

  110. …..with jingles rita always comes first….. “coughcough, double
    entendre, coughcough”

  111. Yay Rita !!

  112. She is the reason I play a tortoise now. Of course, I cant drive it like
    she can.

  113. i like to use derp on most my tanks! even on the t20 with the 105. the
    reason is you can protect yourself more. you don’t need to get close to hit
    weak spot… you don’t need to sit in the open to aim… your less in the
    open. you damage everything. and you can track and run more effective/spot
    hold for arty. +++ you can damage all the other team guns if you can pen
    giving your team a hand up. yea i know 1vs1 most the time the pen win but
    this is not derp. (derp is pure support).

  114. is rita still single?

  115. Such a wonderful game Rita! and Circonflexe!

  116. I hate Circon SO MUCH! Go Borg Queen. Plus she blocked damage, and did
    damage to she WINS!


  118. Centered Games Neomech

    That t-28 drivers name at 12:15 would explain a lot about why he died so
    quick xD

  119. #WalkerBulldogsFTW

  120. I want to tickle you XD

    Hi all! I want to tickle you!
    I have a small YouTube channel and I really need content. Did you had an
    amazing game? You sent it to the big channels but no one uploads it on
    YouTube because they get about 100 replays in day? Send it to me. Most
    likely your replay will be uploaded to my channel. So number 1, upload your
    replay to Number 2, sent link to And 3, your replay will be uploaded to my

  121. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    In my luchs with camo and binoculars. i got to a bush, shot 3 tanks SO
    close,I wasnt spotted XD

  122. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Grille 15 vs russian TD= Acuraccy. Jingles said “Most accurate when on the
    move” A ussr td rushes heavies, he says “WHY AM I DEAD” Never use ussr TDs
    use the obj140 and t62a for ussr accuracy “WHY DID A E100 1 SHOT ME” XD

  123. I’ll say it again , your hilarious. Tell Rita, she rocks !!!!!!

  124. Knyq Gymory Barbosa

    Tier 9 platoon: 3 E75. Oh SH*T

  125. Yay Tortog

  126. Rita moans about people firing gold rounds at her Tortoise, I noticed she
    dabbed the 2 key as soon she saw that ST-I 😉
    Lucky she had 3 morons on the enemy team who wanted to come out 1 at a time.

    Circon’s game was hilarious :D

  127. Rita loves fat short english things.

  128. Circon is love, Circon is life

  129. Loved this

  130. how did that guy in the IS-3 ended up damaging rita’s radio? even without
    damage done

  131. I don’t play WoT, but I like watching it here. I subbed for Warships, but
    all Jingles vids are fun. xD

  132. Jingles what is the microphone you’re using again to record your
    commentary? Cheers!

  133. Boris Vasilchikov

    Have fun face hugging a ST-1, with no APCR. The 258 pen will butter melt
    the flat armour.

  134. skip to 10:00

  135. 12:05 sovietsuicidetank – meet your maker

  136. jingles what about the Pershing whit the howitzer from the sherman?

  137. Rita: “Hey Paul, I’m gonna send in a replai, watch it pls u sexy old boy
    Jingles: “ok rita ill put it in a video”

    Me: sends in a replay, along with thousands of others
    >doesnt get featured, along with thousands of others
    why treat rita differently?

  138. “Portuguese Girl Finishes Four.”

  139. Nice video. Can I apply for a job at the salt mines?


  141. texaschizophrenic

    Is Rita his girlfriend?

  142. I did 3900 dmg in my IS-3A yesterday and was feeling very good about it,
    until I saw this game :(

  143. 1st one… broadside on to a 5″ gun… that’s a paddlin’

  144. Not the vk45 tortoise can handle the vk45

  145. love the 122 it makes tankers rage at you

  146. Kalen “ATTLISS” Louie-Hollis

    Jingles when you mentioned the map during Circon’s replay your adorable
    caricature was obstructing our view of the friendly base. I wouldn’t dare
    suggest you get rid of it. But if possible, move it to the top of the
    screen, and then left a third of the way through the screen so as not to
    obstruct the view of the rosters.

  147. circon makes it look so easy

  148. 5:25 , epic chat hahahaha

  149. Nice vid Jingles, well played Circon and Rita!

  150. Nicely done by Rita and Circon.
    BTW Jingles, are you partly responsible for the already achieved 60 battles
    by the Scharnhorst as I saw it on Wows Stats & Numbers site? (at the moment
    I am typing this down) That would explain what you said about top secret
    business regarding German Battleships…

  151. YoungSirPhoenix / NightPhoenix652

    19:52 how many of you would’ve approached him from behind and shoved him
    off the cliff to his demise? well I’d like to say I would’ve

  152. Camperoftehintrowebz

    Freedom is great for weakspot management as both weakspots are on the right
    as well
    The DPM on it isnt horrible and the armor makes up for its slowness

  153. Just a couple things spotted in Ritas replay, in case no one else spotted
    The GW Tiger may have ended up ram-killing the SU, judging by the
    ensuing chat, and the IS-6 was firing HE into Rita’s front at the
    end(estimated from the 150-200 damage roll).

  154. Rita must be a lesbo she has all them hot gamer studs around her… if she
    wanted it it would be raining man meat.

  155. evil dutch on the prowl (

  156. My older brother hates Soviet tanks, because and I quote “Too easy to
    drive” he’s a German tank driver & I’m a Soviet Union loving medium tanker

  157. Very honorabru kamikaze dive from that T-10 in Rita’s game against the
    Walker Bulldog.

  158. The first tank Circon kills, the one that commits suicide by shooting at
    him, is called “SovietSuicideTenk”.

  159. noobinator Simelane

    Surprise butt sex; bum rush… Jingles what you do to Rita I just but

  160. Unsubscribed for clickba…oh hell who am I kidding. You are a jerk though.

  161. brilliantlysplendid

    “right about now”

  162. I wonder if Circon bought the same Stalin statue as Jingles :P

  163. Small question- is Rita fine with me naming my Meowth after her, but forgot
    the gamer part though (Gonna change that)

  164. Jarrod Ongchangco

    what happened to IK? why did he stop uploading? Is he dead?

  165. Bruh the Russian accent got me laughing so hard????

  166. Is it just me or are the comments a bit off today?

  167. HrothgarHeavenlight

    Jingles said that it was good day because he play WoT.
    Nah, he drank before this ton of beer and ate burritos, that’s why it was a
    good day.

  168. the tortoise has a 30mm roof…even if you hide the mg port you can over
    match the roof every time

  169. jtiger is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better then the tortoise crap!

  170. Easy 8 derp was better
    HE better
    HEAT maybe less than 122mm derp but with that gun handling,aim time ,crap
    Easy 8 can do the same dmg with HE while spit it out in 5s
    122mm 9s

  171. When you watch a SirFoch replay cast/stream and he has zero premium rounds
    loaded, and totally owns the battle unplatooned.
    Yea well..


    Todays story, A member of the jingles breeding program, RitaGamer got into
    some serious beef acording to World of Tanks youtuber, the Mighty Jingles’
    thumbnail on his latest video.

  173. The Großer Kurfürst has already been leaked you know?

  174. ethan micah Bench

    Click bait thumbnail was epic!

  175. Ha! That M44 bought the feint hook, line, and sinker.

  176. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    That’s what happens when there’s 10 year old bots playing 8:50 they haven’t
    even heard of flanking before!

  177. but jingles, circon also did in in the m64 patton with the m4 derp gun, it
    was on a why u heff to be mad that you took down(yes, I was also there for
    the live stream

  178. Jingles
    Random question.

    Do you pronounce Lieutenant as “LOO-ten-ant” or “Lef-Ten-ant”?

  179. Panzerkampfwagen Focke-Wulf

    Circonflexes???? Nooooo, CirconDerps!

  180. Maciek Waligorski

    I like how that T-28’s (from Circons replay) nick was SovietSuicideTenk.
    Lived up to his name

  181. Stupidity of camo visibility versus rendering…. I’ve had times that I’m
    staring at an enemy tank, fully rendered mind you, and the game says NOPE
    not there. For example, an artillery piece in a bush that has no outline
    with my reticle on it. It isn’t on the mini map. Yet, I’m staring right at
    it with its barrel up in the air. Not until I ram it, does it “appear”.
    Mind you, this is only one example that has persisted now between the last
    three patches.

    On the reverse of this, I have been in matches that a tank is cruising on
    open terrain at full speed. It is well within my tanks view range, on the
    edge of the map and I’m looking directly down the line. Yet it doesn’t
    render or appear until its 15 meters from me.

    Visibility on WoT is a broken system.

  182. You got any video of you actually running that fancy Sherman from the
    opening? I would like to watch it.

  183. Jingles its my birthday and its my 3rd biggest wish for you to respond

  184. Excellent played by Rita in the Tortoise and about the IS6……well, it’s
    premium tank, right?

  185. circon makes it look so easy.

  186. The WTF E100 wasn’t the only time Circon did something like this. He also
    equipped a Pershing with the 105 mm howitzer, which should have made him
    completely outclassed by tier 8 since it only has about 50 mm of
    penetration, but he still kicked ass with it. It was in one of your
    Good/Bad/Ugly videos.

  187. Go watch Filthy Franks new video its great

  188. snipe that hatch … lol

  189. The Anime Civilian

    Are you doing a Derpitz video?


  191. Why not do a Jingles and subscribers vs Circon and subscribers ect.

  192. what is this parallel universe, where the Tortoise doesn’t basecamp the
    whole game?

  193. Alexander Snowden

    It’s a Tortwaz

  194. ThePersistentNoob

    How the heck did that IS-6 spot Rita @ the 7:15 mark?! There was never any
    line of sight for her to be spotted.

  195. jingles can you do an AW replay? I sent you a pretty good game that I had
    in my T-90MS

  196. Jingles didn’t you know, in russian tanks, aiming is for noobs!

  197. how the fuck did that IS-3 destroy her radio in the Tortoise??

  198. The Sanity Assassin

    Watching Circ’s Livestream when he was trying to get his 3rd Mark in the
    T-34-85 with the Derp… and then this game happened…. The Memes are
    strong with Circon.

  199. Ravioli, ravioli, 9/11 was an inside jobioli.

  200. I’m still feeling salty cause I didn’t even get on the shortened contenders
    list in his 500k video contest with my WTF prt1… So I said, screw him,
    I’ll stop watching his videos… Like that’s gonna happen 🙂 Jingles makes
    WoT more fun to watch than to actually play 🙂 Love ya vid’s, sorry for
    poking your voodoo doll with a pointy stick the last week :)

  201. Oh look- Rita playing the Tortoise. Who would’ve thought?

  202. I like Rita and I am subscribed to her, but she rarely uploads videos any
    more. 🙁
    Thanks for sharing Jingles.

  203. lol look at the name of the T-28 in the Circons game.

  204. Fairy GoodMüller

    gr8 vid m8

  205. From the thumbnail I imagined it’s going to be Rita and Circon running into
    each other in randoms. A good video nontheless.

  206. I wonder how long till Jingles gets verified…..

  207. today is my birthday mighty Jingles

  208. Jingles you do the GW Tiger in that first match a total disservice. Not
    only did he spot, fire on and hit that SU-101 he had him down to 5HP and
    pinged the map frantically as the SU-101 travelled totally unopposed half
    the map as the entire team failed to fire on him or even spot him even
    once. I know you’re paying attention to Rita during the game but the GW did
    more than a lot of arty.

  209. War Thunder is better

  210. Are you married?

  211. Can i have some of their luck with mm for my o-ho I’ve played 10 games in
    it and 7 of them have been tier 10 and 3 tier 9 i have not had a single
    tier 8 game in it and frankly i’m really debating just giving up on it.
    plus on on the Asia server so frankly even in my t10 games i get lemming
    teams, any tips would be appreciated.

  212. lol…. i thought you said “Celebrity”?!? i didnt see any “Celebrities”
    playing WoT!

  213. Patrick Hutchison

    It’s videos like these that make me realize I’m never good to get good at
    this game. Oh well. I’ll stick to warships.

  214. 11:55 Anyone else notice the Patton quote?

  215. What a feeding frenzy

  216. 3:30

    How the hell did Rita take off the left track of that IS-3…did she bounce
    the lower plate?

  217. What's Eatin' You

    “I would be appearing around that corner right about now…” *BOOM* :-D

  218. That girl know tanking :)

  219. GW tiger didn’t actually shotgun, Jingles. The SU-101 rammed itself to

  220. I swear I thought he said “drinking curry and eating beer” It just seems to
    have a better ring to it

  221. I recently saw Circon on the enemy team in a Molotov, while I was sailing
    in the Myoko. My first reaction was to swear. Ten minutes later, as my team
    lemming-trained up the western flank and I was left all alone to hold the
    east, I saw Circon coming for me. This prompted more swearing. A few
    minutes later, as I tried desperately to stay alive while delaying the
    enemy advance, Circon triple-citadelled me while I was on almost half
    health and killed me in a single salvo. More swearing, cursing and
    eye-rolling insued.

    When you see people like Quickybaby, Rita or Circon on the enemy team, in
    either WoWs or WoT, you really need your top game. They are merciless. 0_0

  222. Shenanigans Union

    While Circon was grinding that T-34-85 with the 122 mm I got into a match
    with him (and sucked hard) then I saw him killing like 3 tier 7s before
    cursing like a sailor at his team xD

  223. Ah, good old days when “The good the bad and the ugly” were weekly series,
    being released every Tuesday. -That made the period of Joblessness just a
    bit sweeter. Great battles in today’s video, though. Think I even saw the
    last part of that Mountain Pass battle, myself life on Circon’s stream,
    some time ago….

  224. Jingles I would really love to see you on Circons Livestreams again!

  225. Just got back from a match.
    Riding my T-150, platooning with my mate in her Gnome Overlord approved
    tank, the TOG II.
    One of our foes said that a TOG must never platoon with a T-150 because the
    Overlord will be angry and send us to the salt mines.
    So, yeah, i’m here for my pickaxe.

  226. When Jingles said he saw Circon do something similar befor I thought he was
    talking about the game in the M46 on Mines using the 105mm M4 Howitzer.

  227. 10:38, i was hoping you would mention the time he took an m46 patton with
    the 105 mm howitzer

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  230. Have some fight spirit Jingles

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  232. this guy makes game so easy but not in real life with us ******** :)))

  233. Weakspot management with tortoise? Eh, the entire front of the tank is
    weakspot for guns with 220+ pen. Not to mention the gun mantlet that could
    be penetrated by anything Tortoise meets. Heh. Nice game there tho.

  234. Frostburn Phoenix

    is this bait?

  235. dammit Billy!!!!!!

    xcom2 dlc Saturday

  236. anybody else think of the slow tier 9 tank destroyers as old wise tanks

  237. Jouko Pentikäinen

    The M46 with 105 mm howitzer with HE was more impressive. Circon sure knows
    how to use howitzers.

  238. Always played T-34-85 with the howitzer ,it’s funnier than 85 mm gun :p

  239. I used to play a derp T-34-85. It’s one of the few ways i can play low
    tiers. It’s funny, and partially negates that ugly seal-clubbing feeling.

  240. Gilian Rüsterholz

    Pretty sure i’ve seen the first replay a while ago.

  241. Can I be commanded back to the salt mines?

  242. Jingles, Circon with his T-34-85 w/ 122 is better than me in my M26
    Pershing w/ 105, just for the hell of it

  243. C L I C K B A I T

  244. Is Circonflexes british, because he tried to pass the tank at 13:00 from
    the left?

  245. lucky for us, besides the cuppola there is a nice big old flatspot aka
    weakspot on the other side as the cuppola next to the gun. armor working as
    intended at the beginning of the match.
    and go circon go! 🙂 those were some dank memes

  246. Wait, thats the hot chick from streetfighter. Not exactly the association i
    would have picked with Ritagamer. Guess that says something about your age
    Mr Jingles. Or mine.

  247. Hahaha couple of meters of extra frontal armour

  248. So the T34-85 has a derp gun…huh maybe that’s why I was always getting
    1-2 shoted by it and hating it so much :l

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    good the guy is.. he’s one of the biggest assholes i have ever seen

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    Jimgles if I make it into a vid of you will I be excused from the salt

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    resist the Derp gun

  261. hi jingles… why dont you and qb ask circon to join your livestream? it
    would be awesome :)

  262. Great play by Rita; Tortoise is a monster when used properly.
    An excellent commentary by you on such hax as reading the map and reacting
    to it, something all the skilled players do.
    That Circon game, though.
    11/30 did 0 damage.
    21/30 managed less than 500.
    11 of that are tiers 5-6.
    About sums up WoT “progress”, doesn’t it?

  263. Well, Circon doing great – no surprise. But Rita – good going girl, did not
    expect that from you, tbh.

  264. if i am early enough will jingles reply ?

  265. thx

  266. jingles with his german secrets not sure i can trust him anymore!

  267. Jingles, If you replay I will buy a TOG :)


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    > Russian Heavy Tank
    > Brain

    Pick one.

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  272. 9:37 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    t10 peaks. BOOM.
    Why you heffa be mad bro? hahaha.

  275. Luca Luca (KingYoshiLuca)

    Tortoise is a good tank, Kappa.

  276. T1 Heavy: “Screw you guys, I’m going home!” 18:31

  277. Kristoffer Johansson

    Rita is a badass!

  278. damn it it’s 4 in the morning

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  280. That IS-6 is man of honor, instead taking Rita by surprise, he faces her
    like man :D

  281. Rita will always get rekt, shes a woman if you know.

  282. I bet 10€ that Jingles wont reply.

  283. shankarshan kundu

    WTF! on rita’s replay, she shoots the the right track and ends up blowing
    up the left track?????? what is this witchery……………..sorry if I
    offended any one………..

  284. Jingles has a plan so cunning he could throw a tail on it and call it a fox

  285. Reads “I have a cunning plan…” in the voice of Baldrick… Thanks
    Jingles, thanks…

  286. -start of the video
    -complains about he wants to sleep

    screw you too jingles


  287. Who is this circon guy everyone is talking about anyway

  288. What about circon using the 105mm derp gun on the M46 Patton.

  289. Please make a new, shorter intro jingles…… It’s 17 seconds long for
    gods sake.

  290. Hey Jingles, glad I’m early since I have an urgent question: Are you
    planning on featuring the upcoming game, No Man’s Sky, on your channel? I
    think it’d be awesome :)

  291. When I’m sad, I roll myself into carpet pretending I’m 152 mm KV-2 shell.

  292. Oh I need beer

  293. Jingles the more important thing is did your sekeret work have something to
    do with a British tech tree

  294. 595th viewer and 84th Like

  295. Curry + Beer = Biological Weapon, doesn’t it?

  296. John Paul MacInnis

    Waking up with Jingles. It makes for a crowded bed.

  297. Clarence Constantino

    happening? oh well… still not gonna give up!)

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    there do not seem to be many out there.

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