World of Warship – Santas Wanted!

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A jolly man offering mysterious packages? Sounds about right!

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  1. first!

  2. LOL, 10 seconds ago

  3. HO HO HO!!! How about no?
    Why don’t you just give people a chance to give ONE. Yes, just ONE present
    for free. That would be a lot more meaningful.

  4. Sooooo….jingles?

  5. FUCK NO…merry Christmas to all fellow *players*

  6. Lol buying gifts to give to others or yourself… to get container prizes..

  7. WG your Christmas spirit is shite. You are supposed to give us the gifts
    not, us going us the gifts FFS.

  8. well… time to revive that old NA account… I ain’t giving wgeu any more
    cash that’s for sure.

  9. It would be better if you can only buy gifts for others then recieve a gift
    from another player who did the same instead of just buying a gift for

  10. Looooooool I can’t breathe did you see how this has 500 views when Dasha
    gets 10k x)

  11. Laurynas “IceBlooD” Stramkauskas

    Fuck you WG. Give us free gifts for playing your broken game. Fucking
    greedy fucks. Gives players shitty tier 2 premium tank and 1 day of premium
    acc and they thinks it’s a “present”. When i get one of those shit “gifts”,
    I feel like homeless who got 3 dollars and beer bottle as a Christmas
    present. Is it really hard to give loyal players A FUCKING REAL GIFT?
    Fucking 30 days of premium account, tier 7-8 premium tank, 2-3 million
    credits or 5k gold?

  12. Ah fu** Ich have non euro…but thé boxes are so cool…someone would by me

  13. The game is “World of Warships” but this video is for one “Warship” alone I

  14. why do you not give the eu players the chance to get camos etc free like it
    is in NA RU and asia. tont tell me about being santa you money grabing

  15. Yeah that’s nice and all, but where is Santa’s Convoy?

  16. “What makes you different from other candidates?”
    *Offers bribe*

  17. Lenny The Russian Fox

    Is it me or does this sounds like bribery?

  18. How could Santa possibly distribute his presents when his Convoy is nowhere
    to be found? Sort it out WG-EU.

  19. simi sai

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