World of Warships – 1:42 Scale: Battleship Petropavlovsk

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  1. Even at the scale of 1:42 model of the ship is still more than 4m in length!

    431,4cm to be exact. It takes quite a lot of space . Not a scale model you
    would actually want as it would need a quite a big room “to store” it.

  2. Holy moly who did your subtitles? Those were terrible. They didn’t even get
    the name of the ship in there. “Petrol populist”? Seriously? Jeeeeeez.

  3. What happend with Tone?

  4. This shit and still no Royal Navy? Fuck this game and everything else with
    WG’s name on it. I’m done.

  5. Fun fact: Battleship Marat / Petropavlovsk is no:1 battleship by amount of
    shells fired by its main guns during WW2 against enemy forces.

  6. lot of russian ships wen we get subs or new ships for usa,jap,birs,german

  7. The subtitles are really awful, by the way.

  8. The comments are gold.

  9. WoW, a legendary Russian ship that almost actually fought in a small naval
    skirmish at one point…

  10. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    I have a feeling we’ll see her in the tech tree somewhere in the future.

  11. echt macht ma world of tanks verare team matsches ihr komunistischen säcke
    bei world of warships habt ihrs ja auch hin beckommen ja was soll diese
    scheise das man mit tir 3 gegen tir 5 und 6 antreten mus fickt euch
    ernsthaft. Und zum thema panzer macht die sowietischen panzer halt gleich
    auf unzerstörbar ihr powert nur die maht des mal bei anderen nationen
    besonders bei den deutschen ja wehn ihr schon 2 weltkrigs spiel macht dann
    macht es auch ma realistisch ja nur weil ihr ihn gewonnen habt braucht ihr
    die deutschen jetzt nih als schwach abstempeln ja. Ich hoffe ja mal das das
    einer von euch entwiklern lesen tuht das da mal was pasiert echt??.
    Ansonsten sind wot wows schon geile spiele ?

  12. “8 British destroyers were forced to retreat under fire from the BB’s
    artillery”… Euhm, nope… They were forced away by coastal artillery
    & minefields… Petropavlovsk only managed to hit HMS Walker twice,
    inflicting superficial damage.

    You can quit with your highly biassed commentary.

  13. ZeKeR “ZiK” BaNaaG

    okay Rudel how the hell did you lolbomb Marat in story?

  14. dealing with the Finnish shore batteries ….
    Sure it sailed away when the batteries returned fire. find it hard to
    believe one battleship stopped the German armies attack, think there was
    other factors also. and it forced away the British Destroyers during the
    revolution … wouldn’t you if it started firing at you??

    Much glorious propaganda BS…

    but atleast it’s a game

    new Premium ship? :D

  16. Man so it took 40 planes to land 2 hits…. Good thing my 5 torp planes is

  17. Respect!

  18. That was really great :)

  19. ok. i’ll build a 1:42 scale of the RM ROMA only for allow you guys to do a
    so fucking cool video like this.

  20. British fanboys crying in 3, 2, 1 . . . .

  21. The kv-2 of WOW

  22. go home, ENG subtitles, you are drunk… Secondary Armement consisted 16
    120 millions guns, and why Ataturk is there? And WTF is Artillery hablas?
    Hablas Ruso? Inglès?

  23. In 1941 Russia (USSR) had about 3 battleships, and then some cruisers,
    destroyers and submarines. Much of that navy was trapped in the Baltic with
    no means of getting through the Denmark Straight and hemmed in by German

    Gotta’ love this bias. I get you’re really proud of your game developers,
    but this is a joke. You should be using your time on the British and
    Chinese tree.

  24. that series suck

  25. plus it shows how biases wargaming is to the other countries

  26. so when are you going to do some British ships not just the shit ships from
    Russia where you could blow on and it falls apart

  27. It always makes me sad when I hear proud battleship warrior has fallen to
    stupid mosquito planes and their bombs.

  28. “The ship was fighting in WW2 from day one”
    WW2 started in september 1939. We are not interested in stalinist point of
    view presented in quoted sentence.

  29. Holy Moly the intro – RIP ears 2k16 ^_^

  30. Greg M (Cherokee_140)

    Agree….the next branch should be a country with a real navy, England,
    France, Italy….The soviet navy….a joke.

    Actually those nations should all have come before Germany in terms of size
    and power.

    But we all should know that WG and the play of the ships has NOTHING to do
    with history.

  31. Russian battleships confirmed?

  32. She is beautiful :o

  33. Seriously who actually gives a flying F about the Russian Navy? Its role in
    any major conflict is comical at best.
    I’m not British but the fact you have one British ship, one!!! From the
    country that dominated the seas more than any other navy in history is
    rather pathetic.

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