World of Warships – Torpedoes Everywhere!!: The Sequel

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Islands of Ice? Destroyers? 3 Shimakazes, a Gearing, a Benson and a Fubuki? Yuuup…you know this is not going to end well. Presenting Torpedoes Everywhere: The Sequel. This was pretty traumatizing lol, just lots of red triangles everywhere. No where is safe…nowhere. Enjoy!

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  1. fuck limit max DD numbers to 2-3 at MAX. Top tiers are NOT fun

  2. Brown Wake Syndrome – my idea for this type of game

  3. hopeless ABSURD BULLSHIT!

  4. Question… How can i reduce my UI scale to match yours iChase? I’m using
    my older 42in plazma as my monitor with 1360×768 60hz. My UI is so bulky
    that wows is now unplayable.. My ammo selection is so large that it almost
    completely covers my ship when at a broadside view. a few patches ago it
    was tolerable, but not anymore… Aslains modpack with the zoom out mod
    just doesnt work for me, not sure why tho. PLEASE help. I’m unable to carry
    because of this..

  5. this game is never going to be balanced when people can be invisible all
    the time.

  6. I don’t get it wargameing don’t let more than 2 CVS to be at ones for etc
    game ,why not the same for dd not mote than 3 for etc team.

  7. mike b (Fugenchutenz)

    This is what you get for whining and crying about CVs till they nerfed them
    to extinction. None of the CV drivers care to play them anymore because
    they’re so broken, so now they’ve mostly switched to destroyers. Next
    you’ll cry about DDs till they nerf them into unplayability and we’ll start
    down that same well trodden road they have in WoT where you have a
    revolving door of FotM ships to play

  8. Of course, it is not really the DD’s fault for firing all that torpedoes.
    The main issue is the MM, for placing that many DDs in the first place. If
    there were only 2-3 DDs, the end result could be very different.

  9. PTSD=Post Torpedo Stress Disorder

  10. Bleh…you did not die because of the other teams DD’s you got wiped
    because our own DD’s did not spot for you.
    At least you would have had a chance if they had done that.

  11. Ugh. I might just go back down to tier 4.

  12. Post-Torpedo Stress Disorder?

  13. Post Torpedus Stress Disorder

  14. Hey i Chase you mention the ‘changes to the Tirpitz’s Torpedoes’. What did
    you mean? Thanks! Good video’s!

  15. PTSD… Post Torpedo Stress Disorder

  16. I’m of the opinion that WG just rendered the BBs, CAs, and CVs obsolete
    with this patch with their magically buffed torpedoes. You combine this
    with the nerf they did to BBs and their rudder shift, reducing torpedo
    detection, and other things to improve torpedo hits, yeah it is now a
    destroyer’s game. Furthermore, they should limit the number of Shimakazes
    in a battle. I’ve been in one battle where they had 5 on the enemy time and
    we had none. I didn’t even try in my Iowa.

    WG’s mindset and reasoning for doing these things is questionable at best
    but most certainly asinine. All these nerfs and buffs to improve torpedo
    hits was so far off base it isn’t funny. They applied a band-aid fix to a
    symptom not the cause. The cause being players firing torpedoes outside
    their range, or not waiting for an optimal firing solution, on firing off
    walls of torpedoes. But what do you expect from players in an arcade game
    right? Skill? Don’t need it when you can spam torpedoes unseen from 15k+

  17. …I want to put MY keyboard though the monitor after seeing this…

  18. Well that’s just depressing lol

  19. right, i need to accelarate my grind to high tier DD’s

  20. WG is *ucking up this game too,takes out the fun of the game…how retarded
    are they? Same shit in here as in wot.

  21. World of Destroyers … I think WoWS will be like this for this patch. I’m
    glad I don’t have any tier 8-10s …

  22. The sonar ability needs a buff if this is the meta

  23. The solution to this is easy…limited ammo ala WoT…If DD’s had finite
    fish they would think twice spamming them. Same thing for all other ships
    as it would reward good shooting encourage more disciplined game play.

  24. The new patch MM did take care of some of these lopsided issues but WG has
    to redo MM and limit the volume of ships classes whether that slows load
    times or not because things like this which are not exclusive to high tiers
    discourage people playing which is WGs rational for not doing anything that
    effects load times.
    This is why you should continue with ST so as to be an advocate for the
    players and change the game for the better.

  25. My gawd Chase that looked painful!!!! 1 upvote = 1 prayer for Chase and his
    division mates

  26. Ross Godding (Nasheron)

    in a rcent team play game in .53 the enemy fielded a xv and all it did was
    use its fighters to spot our team and our 3 destroyers…so yes controlled
    planes can wreak havoc on dd;s

  27. Whatever happened to Monday Rules? It was the only thing keeping me
    invested in this channel. Also, that torpedo spam is what you get for
    sailing in straight lines. There’s a gif from a Jim Carrey movie that sums
    up what I think perfectly. I think you may know what I’m talking about.

  28. this is why I’m focus on grinding my US CV line. Can’t wait to drop bombs
    on those dds

  29. Is it me, or do you have a negative ping? :p

  30. “I’ll take ‘Torpedo the Rapist’ for 100, Alex.”
    “That’s ‘Torpedo Therapist,’ Sean.”

    Definitely need to some sort of limit on the number of DDs in a battle at
    higher tiers. This is also an argument for player-directed scout planes.
    What go is the scout-plane if it is behind you half the time?

  31. lee christmasgaming

    this is why destroyers are overpowered and need to be Nerf. a destroyer
    isn’t a mouse in a room filled with elephants because they are average 300
    feet long.

  32. Hi all, it would be nice if some of you could go to this poll on economy
    issues in 0.5.3. Thanks 🙂

  33. PTTS (Post Traumatic Torpedo syndrome)

  34. Is there something wrong with your graphic card? I noticed a lot of
    artifacts in the background.

  35. As others have posted the new matchmaking should help out a little with
    this issue. Fingers crossed there, and I am a DD player. But for me for it
    to be fun, I want the other side to have a fair chance. Otherwise I’d play
    against bots or in an arcade shoot ’em up.

    I do UNDERSTAND, but don’t like the idea of some consumables. I think
    smoke, sonar (hydro acoustic search), and radar (if and when it comes),
    should be persistent as long as you have it turned on. Let the DD or CA
    (MK) smoke as long as it wants. But let my sonar or radar show me where
    they are, and leave it to me to hit them or harass them in the cloud, even
    if I can’t see them directly. A team that is coordinating well could make
    life very hot for a DD smoke sitting if spotted by sonar/radar.

    Speed boost makes sense for a consumable as you’d burn out most power
    plants by running them too hard and too long.

    Same for AA cool down – guns be getting hot. ; )

    But spotters/spotter-fighters should stay up until recalled or shot down.
    Just give them limited ammo. So if they have not died, there is a reason to
    bring them back to re-arm. And please RNGzus, let me send it where I want
    it to go!


  36. What Mod are you using for the team list?

  37. So… I’m guessing after this battle… you had Post-traumatic torpedo
    disorder? XD (PTTD?)

  38. “- Torpedos here, torpedos there, torpedos everywhere!”

  39. Post Torpedo Spam Disgust

  40. P.T.T.S Post Traumatic Torpedo Syndrome

  41. Bend over and kiss it go bye. Keep them coming.

  42. Here’s a thought, use real world spotting as BB’s had over the horizon view
    range compared to a DD but then a DD wouldn’t get close to any ship but hey
    WoW seems to have a hardon for DD’s

  43. james ward-gwilliam

    first video ive watched of yours and thank you for making me laugh so much
    was so enjoyable :). yup i cannot play my montana unless im in a division
    with either a carrier or a DD otherwise im dead and even then i could still
    die. also the are rumours that next big patch the will be a new consumable
    for high tier cruisers called radar which should nullify the DD’s a bit
    even if in smoke

  44. The more I see of this, the more I think back to the idea you proposed of
    making cruiser/battleship scout planes controllable, or at least allowing
    players to select a general area or vector for them to search. It’s clear
    when you see 15 torpedoes coming from one direction that there’s a DD
    there, so it would make sense to give the ships that are supposed to
    counter DDs a way to narrow down their position enough to fire at them. The
    radar ability they’re putting in sounds like it’s intended to fill that
    role, so we’ll see how effective it is.

  45. Something seems to be seriously broke at T9 and T10 when someone as good as
    Chase get’s shut down. I don’t think 5.3 will help.

  46. Post Torpedus Stress Disorder

  47. Need to have a radar module for ships to increase detection range at higher
    tier games.

  48. What do u mean this is bad u have 8in guns with 6 second reload

  49. It’s out of hand. Not helped by T9 and T10 DDs being very profitable to
    play and high tier BBs not.

  50. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    Buzz to Woody: “Torpedoes. Torpedoes everywhere…”

  51. WarGaming also need to make a counter for the Smoke and Shoot tactic. It’s
    fun. I love using Smoke and Shoot in my Fletcher, Blyskawive, Grem, Ognevoi
    and even Fubuki, but it’s a Bull Shit mechanic. There should be a counter
    other than to face check the smoke cloud, but right now there just isn’t

  52. This is a really good example of something I keep seeing on the forum.
    People are all up in arms about how the leaked radar might ruin DD play. I
    keep trying to tell people that if they want balanced DDs, they need
    balanced CVs. Balanced CVs would get people back into CV play. CVs are the
    eyes of the fleet, and the best way to shut down a DD. Balanced CVs also
    help provide reasons for cruisers to be in battle – To screen friendly BBs
    and CVs from enemy CVs, and to harass and kill the DDs that friendly CVs
    spot. Balanced CVs also helps prevent BBs from being the unmolested Kings
    of the Seas by forcing them to maneuver.

    Way too many people see the lack of CVs as a good thing, but fail to
    realize that the game was designed to work best when the 4 classes are all
    being well represented. Lack of CVs makes your game play experience worse
    in every class of ship in the game, even if you don’t realize it. Carrier
    Balance is still the single greatest obstacle to the success of this game,
    and it is likely to remain the single most important aspect needed for good
    game play.

    Oh yeah – Just so people don’t think I’m a raging Midway player who just
    wants to seal club at tier 10, or whatever, this is my public stats page on
    WoWS portal where you can see every ship I played in OBT and release.!/pvp/overview/

  53. Post-Torpedo-Stress-Disorder!

  54. 1 time i was in NC on this map and there were 3 kagaros all targeting me
    and after about 6 minutes i engaged man mode and loaded HE… lesson
    learned man mode dosnet save you from torps and stupidity

  55. Those who clamor for the Kitakami (and its 40 torpedoes) should have to go
    through a battle like this every day until they come to their senses!

  56. Yet another F2P game that went into open beta too soon.

  57. Torpedo-pox.

  58. I am a big proponent to limit torpedo reloads, one to two reloads max.

  59. Tsunami of torpedoes !!!!!

  60. So had to dodge 60 torpedoes at the most every time they
    fired a spread. Dear gods

  61. was mm better after the patch ? I should be a limit on DDs With no CVs
    preset.. if not possible pile them up in a DD ONLYs game, so the puppies
    can go mad/play With them selve.

  62. PTSTSD – Post Traumatic Shimakaze Torpedo Spam Disorder

  63. Well the real problem was that there werent balanced destroyers for both
    sides. Shima still does not nearly the damage of a BB and everyone is
    screaming for nerfs. If WG does the same as with CV they are bond to make
    DDs unplayable soon as if DDs were the Problem. The Problem are that there
    are no CV. Well Radar is planed so CA can kill any DD in around 12 km
    without the DD having any chance to do anything about it. If they arent 2
    shoted by BBs 1st.

  64. Chase plz give epilepsy warnings, had flashbacks of the horror of this game

  65. Exactly what I figured would happen and is happening. I haven’t touched my
    Montana in ages, and most of my higher tier captains I’ve put onto new,
    lower tier ship or mid-tier ships for team battles and random battles. At
    least my CV still has some good games, with my noobness at times. In the
    higher tiers, well…CVs aren’t fun. Since I’m not getting much XP, it’s
    also not worth the aggravation to me. I have plenty of ships that maybe
    aren’t good, but because the tier they play is balanced, they are still
    fun. Sure, they nerfed the Cleveland, but in team battles, it’s a solid,
    mobile, AA platform. The Storozhevoi, with it’s lame torpedos, is crazy
    fun at the lower tiers in the islands ambusing and trying to dodge enemy
    shell fire. You get to the higher tiers and captain skills, theres
    invis-firing, invisi-torping, ghost ambusing and spotting…All these
    things that set the DD to excel if not countered. I mainly play BB’s and
    CVs. Maybe I’m a sadist, but I’m not a masochist. No more higher tier
    play till things get balanced properly or at least make it an incentive to
    play higher tier ships other than a DD./rant

  66. Torpedo..
    ‘Oh no, look out! Torpedoes!’

  67. yeah… Tier 10 DDs are quite OP, at the moment in the tier 10 matches (not
    by themeselves, i mean). I don’t says they’re easy to play, but once
    reached tier 10, you’re supposed to know how to play them. And they’re
    devastating. And i see more and more shimakaze in games. Quite annoying,
    because you’ll nerver spot a good shima without airplanes. (and rarely
    with) Cruisers are supposed to chase DDs, but at this stage, it’s just
    impossible. You’ll be burned by the ennemy team before even see them. So
    what could be done to make the tier 10 matches more playable? Limitation of
    DDs number in teams? (i’d say that 3 DDs should be good enough) after all,
    i’ve never seen more than 2 CVs in a team.
    What else could be made? Hydroaccoustics consummable AND defensive fire
    allowed on cruisers on the same time? the choose we have to make is quite
    simple, when in a US cruiser. I see no one with sonar at higher tiers.
    Cruisers are supposed to be able to dodge torps, but at the speed they are
    going now, and with the turning distance they suffer at tier 10, it’s quite
    haaaard to dodge everything.
    The official question is : when there is 6 DDs in front of you in a tier 10
    match, how can you win? And in a cruiser, how can you chase them?

  68. i think WG should limit the numbers of DD in match like 3 dd in each team?
    6 is just plain crazy

  69. Team work and a proper deployment of ship types win these matches. Sadly
    its a public match, and who knows whats running through folks heads. If
    anything LOL. Matches like these supports the argument for larger division
    sizes in my opion. Dare i say five or even seven man divisions. It would
    turn these hopless matches into something more manageable. Divisions would
    be countered by enemy divisions and would add something this games missing
    atm. To me right now most public battles feel as though if you don’t carry
    your team its usally a loss. Of course this all depends on if you care
    about winning. I assume thats part of the fun for most players. The
    challenge to win a match.

  70. New matchmaker should at least more evenly balance Shimikazes between the
    two sides… its a start ;-)

  71. 🙂 Like being in an Atlanta in a T9 on Ocean. JUst shoot me please!

  72. I just stopped playing t9-t10 totaly now. Its pointless to play cruiser or
    BB. whit the new 4000 Hp buff and faster torps. Even if i have max torp
    detectability there just so much that sooner or later you turn to avoid the
    6 wave and you turn into the 7th wave and you take 1 or maybe 10 but they
    will get you.

    t5-6 is much better but gawd damn it i have no fun there blowing up ships
    whit NM or clev left and right just isn’t the same after kill number

  73. Stephen Chu (朱朱)

    All the capital ships clumped together in cap? You deserved all the torps.

  74. Of course matches like these are no pleasure, but seriously your friendly
    dd buddies didn’t even try.

  75. My term for this? Post Torpedo Penetration Disorder.

  76. I believe you should have use your plane right away once you saw any enemy
    ship. Oh yeah, going to confined space like the destroyers on your team
    doing is actually better idea because open water is a killzone when there
    are so many long lancers, provided your team can reach it first before get
    first wave torpedoed which is not the case in this situation

  77. We call battles like this one “Torpedo soup”. It is a very, very accurate

  78. The torpedo warning reminds me of the motion detector from Alien! How could
    you laugh about this? I have had games with 10 or more DD:s up to Tier VIII
    and people just exit to port they don`t want to deal with the DD:s.

  79. Did you ping the map and ASK for a DD to spot for you, if not don’t blame
    the DD players if I need that I would ASK for it an ping the map.

  80. There is already a word for the after effects of a battle like this. It is

  81. This is why I dislike high Tier gameplay. I can avoid torpedoes, but not
    Torpedo walls. I feel like there should be a limit on the number of DDs per
    team per battle. Course then it would become World of Cruisers. Not sure
    how to solve this problem.

  82. Post Torpedo Stress Disorder

  83. Man Destroyers have really become the PT Boats of WOW haven’t they, I
    really hope I never run into a situation like this lol.

  84. When you go on the forums and tell people DD’s are OP in high tier games
    people will wave their statistics in your face and say, no they are not…
    see here it is on paper… but after watching this video: I know the truth!

  85. when I play high tier dd I ALWAYS make spotting enemy dd my first
    priority…95% of the time the team doesn’t bother doing anything about it
    when they are spotted because (A) they couldn’t give a shit till they get
    torped (B) they are so far away that their guns are too ineffective. You
    even tell your CA’s that you will smoke them while you spot…but they just
    sail THROUGH the smoke and die! DD numbers need to be capped, its just
    ridiculous. Either that or when the match loads and you have selected the
    option in port…your ship loads with either Sonar OR AA cool-down
    depending whether there is CV in line ups or not.The level of utter
    stupidity in teams and RNG even AFTER 5.3 means im playing this less &

  86. You made a comment regarding pubs about them doing what they will do, which
    I take to mean trying to get XP and kills as much and as fast as they can
    without regards to the team. We just recently ran into this problem in
    Warframe. Generally in Warframe there is a shared XP system which as a team
    you all share a certain amount of each others kills which fosters more team
    play. Just recently they introduced what is called a focus system which use
    a percentage of your XP that goes towards your focus, the problem is it
    does not use shared XP, so now we have run into this problem where if a
    team member is working on his focus then he is more concerned about his own
    kills and XP rather than working with the team. I wonder if a shared XP
    system would work in WOW?

  87. Also, high tier IJN DDs are the most skill-less ship to play. As long as
    you can read numbers above ships you are safe 90% of the time. The other
    10% you can simply disengage. Games like wot, you can invisi fire but it
    needs skills. Wot has a dynamic spotting system so your opponent can spot
    you if he has a nice crew or some module. And torps penetrate everything. A
    tier 2 DD can win a one on one with any BB. God this is just broken.

  88. Call it “Fear of Tinfish”.

  89. I think WG should have given us a second second slot for Hydroacoustic
    search. I don’t want to give up my cruiser’s AA consumable for some
    Hydroacoustic (which helps in spotting but not a lot). Its annoying that we
    cannot get 1 more crew skill. so we can put it there. I really hate that WG
    did that to cruisers.

  90. DDs are not op as long as there’s less than 3 each team.

  91. not sure what you dd’s did but they should of been there instead of cap
    throwing torps maybe

  92. WG should nerf the smoke screen and visibility of DD’s.
    Any DD that would be in range of secondary guns would be visible. Using
    smoke in secondary guns range should not make DD invisible completely but
    like decreese his camo range from like 6 or 5 km to 4 maximum if you won’t
    shoot ofc as currently if dd uses smoke like in 5km he will have shitload
    of time to be like “god mode” shooting and sailing in smoke. So if you want
    to torp something stay out of secondary range. This would help in higher
    tiers battles such as the one above when DD’s can be 6km from you and you
    can do SHIT about it while tight torp spread leave you little or no time to

  93. Enrique Axel Alvarez Resendiz

    DDs are not OP but they should really limit the number of DDs per team,
    like 2 max, specially at high tiers…

  94. That…. was….. ouch…. Chase, you should have parked your ships on top
    of the ice bergs! Would have been safe there! :D

  95. why did you never launch your scout plane?

  96. Russian cruiser will fix it Kappa

  97. being a super tester and all.. why not suggest a rework on match making
    to hard cap 3 destroyers per team? give cruisers at higher tiers a
    passive detection buff on destroyers only?.. (say plus 3 km) and plus 1-2
    detect on torpedoes? give higher tier dd a nerf on reload speed of
    torpedoes.. say an extra 10-20 seconds depending on tier.. why not any of
    these and not blame the game that.. YOU helped to shape?its easy to just
    gripe about stuff in the game.. me I dislike cv’s in general, easy mode for
    the win with little to no risk for the captain piloting the cv. does it
    make the game more challenging.. yes but I still hates them my precious..
    wth?.. but you can understand why everyone has a class of ship or weapon
    they dislike the enemy having.. the counter to their class of use
    your super tester status and actually start to make suggestions for
    changes that help ALL of the community and not just for you alone.
    because that is who you are responsible to.. the WHOLE community of

  98. Shimakaze
    15 km torp range
    7.6 spotting range
    Wargaming: Yea that seems balanced…

  99. Torpedo trauma!

  100. This is precisely why World of Warships and some of it’s patrons hate
    destroyers is the whole sneaky way they have to play. I don’t like DD’s
    because I believe that they are not implemented correctly, for instance
    destroyers are often deployed to cover a battle line retreat or to screen
    the fleet. Also they could get close to torpedo enemy vessels, now on the
    other had torpedoes had to be timed so that the time delay explosive
    warhead would go off at the right moment. Do get me started about the “sit
    in smoke and spam HE” because most ships have radar and could see DD’s.

    I realize they can’t balance everything, but the destroyers are allowed run
    rampant because of not as many people are playing carriers. This only seems
    like it happens at higher tiers, but the latest patch helped boat loads.
    Don’t hate, This is my opinion

  101. I am entertained. Indeed.
    This game’s spotting/visibility mechanism is just unfair and broken.

  102. MM with that many DD’s w/ NO CV’s is stupid. A CV is your only chance
    against that many DD’s…..

  103. PTSD – Post Torpedo Stress Disorder
    It looks awesome when players send torpedoes in hedgehog formation.
    Infaintry used to stop cavalery like that ;)

  104. Yep the only counter would be for your DD’s to head to the middle… which
    is why I mostly play gunboat DD’s now. My win rate is skyrocketing. Charge
    down those stealth torp guys and nuke them.

  105. the phrase “FML torps again…” would be nice

  106. Well, maybe you could suggest to limit the amount of dd’s in a match? Or at
    least a better balance in both teams

  107. only way the torp spam could be worse is if there was a 3 kittakame
    division dumping all their torps at once

  108. Your intro music makes me expect a Laurel And Hardy movie

  109. More like World of cancer

  110. DDs need buff , they’ve been getting buffed every patch why not buff it

  111. And the cruiser…… which was intend to counter DD now can’t quite
    counter the DD, on high tiers the best DD killer is another DD. Look, the
    tier 8-10 CAs are over 35000 tons, which hinder their torp evading ability,
    they are slower than those things who will only pop out in 5-6 km, they are
    using 15 second-ish reloading guns(exclude those tier tens) in these knife
    fighting distance, fighting a DD is just pure nerve wrecking in a CA. Kinda
    wish one day that the pre-shellspeednerv Cleaver appears in high tiers.

  112. BaronVonGamez already coined that term. He calls it Torpeduz

  113. High tier battles suck

  114. MM should be limited at 3 dd’s, this is ridiculous -_-

  115. Yeah immediately prior to 5.3 ended up in a 6vs4 dd battle – the 6 had 4
    bensons, vs our 2 fubukis. They took out our teams dd’s then proceeded to
    decimate the larger ships with torps. I tried my best but fubuki guns are
    no match for 2 bensons, and at longer ranges torps are fire and pray

    Post 5.3 the MM got a bit fairer, my 1 benson vs their 3…

  116. we definitely will have more DD buffs.

  117. Derpingames NOT FUNCTIONING

    At least no kitakamis

  118. Thank god I don’t play this game anymore. This…unbalanced mess!

  119. That happens, when changes are made to a game, that unbalances the classes
    and kills one class due to this. With carriers you could hunt the DDs.
    The problem isn’t that the DDs are OP, the problem is, that the game is

  120. lol ! This reminds me of the video footages out there of tsunami waves
    hitting the shores :D

  121. That enemy Gearing captain has familiar name …

  122. And this is why I don’t play high tiers any more. The game is not fun at

  123. Well the DDs in your team went hunting around the open flank and didn’t
    support you guys. No screening or DD counter makes it impossible against
    jap DDs at this level. The biggest problem is players not playing a proper
    role for their ship, considering map, enemy ships in MM and the all the
    variables changing during the progress of the match(cos’ looking at the
    minimap and not being a narcissistic spoiled brat is hard).

  124. also why don’t carriers have recon squadrons. I’m pretty sure recon planes
    spotted a ton of important targets. ex. Bismarck, yamato, many carriers,

  125. can’t wait for this to become an esport. 14 shimakazes playing 20 km

  126. My god that is INSANITY!

    Heh, anyone else notice the COMPLETE LACK OF SOVIET DDs?!

  127. PTTD—-Post Traumatic Torpedo Disorder

  128. So many people showing replays pick the 1 in a hundred when they get Kraken
    and everyone on the opposition team seems to play into their hands.
    Reassuring and brave to show a replay when things are not so great. Gives
    us mortals some hope and encouragement!

  129. this video is sad and showcases what is wrong with WoWs. No more than 2 dds
    per team, this has to be restricted.

  130. you may as well have went afk wheen you saw the team line ups

  131. Why don’t we just limit the number of torpedo strikes a destroyer can
    launch? I only get 3 uses of hydro acoustic search, you only get 3 torp

  132. Does the target acquisition upgrade and VIGILANCE the torpedo spot skill
    stack?? Cause I’m about to start running both on all my t10s

  133. Funny, in lower tiers, a team overloaded with DDs usually loses the fight,
    but THIS… IS… CANCER

  134. Be not the other side of the torps do a vid on that plz

  135. Bad players are the real problems not the torps,your team also has 4 DDs
    but none of them decide to scout the middle area for the team,so that’s
    it.Almost every single match there are always bunch of terrible players
    playing cowardly or stupidly,if you give them some suggestions or ask for
    help they will throw you tons of F-bombs and tells you to go fuck yourself
    & stop bitching.So you not only have to deal with red teams/bad match
    making/disgusting balancing issues/game glitches/Stalin blessed RNGs,you
    also have to deal with the shitty situation that your own teammates gives
    you.Look at those beautiful ships they deserve a better game maybe a
    singleplayer game.

  136. This Video reflects my feeling about the Game imbalances it has right now.
    Cruisers can’t do a damn thing against invisi firing DDs because the DDs
    fire their torps and run, constantly merauding the Enemy. There are too
    little CVs active Right now

  137. I faced a very similar match up in my Isokaze. 3 dds vs 5. We got outplayed
    and the team lost tremendously.

  138. I fear all DDs are going to pay for the OP Shimas. It’s the huge walls of
    far reaching Shima torpedoes that are the real problem here. Yes, gunboats
    can fire from smoke, buy you can’t spec your captain to both have longer
    reach and a higher fire chance. So how dangerous are gunboats really?

    Everyone’s going “DDs are OP” when what’s actually happening is that
    Japanese DDs are proving themselves to be in a class of their own. I’m
    worried that WG will hand out tools to kill every DD, in order to stop
    Japanese destroyers in particular. If Shimas are this powerful at high
    tiers, treat them like carriers are already. If WG doggedly wants to keep
    Shimas OP, then at least make MM respect that high tier power.

  139. BaronvonGamez calls it torpedus

  140. It would be so easy to limit the Number of DDs to 3 per Team and to 2 per
    Division in a quick patch to just make it less painfull until they fixed
    that BS…but…WG…so i guess…NOT

  141. “look at those DDs (AKA lolis/shipgirls)”

  142. From now on, when someone tries to argue with me that destroyers aren’t
    overpowered, I’m going to show them this video.

  143. This update is a bullshit

  144. PTSD: Post Torpedo Sink Disorder

  145. The problem is, that any efforts by WG to rein in these torpedo walls of
    doom… will be made in the form of blanket Nerf’s to the class as a whole.

    And what might be workable at T10, will utterly OBLITERATE Destroyers
    basically anywhere below T8. The systems that will threaten a Shimakaze
    lurking in the distance will be an absolute death sentence to a Minekaze
    trying to dance along the razor thin fighting zone available to it.

    The solution is going to have to be careful, cunning, and extremely
    well-implemented. Which you can all but guarantee that WG will not

  146. Ok at 4:00 I puked coffee out of my nose, shoudnt be drinking or eating in
    these videos LOL

  147. This game is perfect example of how broken the meta is right now. At least
    in 5.3 MM would have balanced the shima’s, but the lack of CVs neutering
    the effectiveness of the US cruiser line at higher tiers, the explosion in
    DD numbers since the end of the ARP missions, I have pretty much given up
    on cruisers. WG may have to look at limiting DD numbers, similar to how
    they had to limit SPG numbers in world of tanks, the ability to nuke a
    target without being seen, there are parallels developing between WOT and
    WOW with spg/dd.

  148. As a CV player, I’m happy to spot DDs when that’s needed, but there just
    aren’t enough of us to make that big of a difference :/
    Although I do feel like the latest changes to CVs and AA weren’t as bad as

  149. i see that the only way to balance this shit, is the MM. i mean 5 DDs is
    BS. it must be limited to like 2 or 3 max.

  150. no brain needed with these high tier DDs just spamspamspam. But there are a
    LOT of players who digest this kind of playstyle because… you know what
    high tier games are like – noobs in big ships mostly.

    I really don´t like high tier battles any more and mostly do everything up
    to tier 8.

  151. Post traumatic torpedo disorder

  152. Looking forward of 0.5.4 radar. BTW do WG really know how to balance
    ships???? DesMoines need a shell speed buff. AND DDs really need a number
    limitation for how many torpedoes they can drop.

  153. So here I am parked in my cv and suddenly i hear torp warnings.I start
    moving and see 242144 torps(ok mroe like 20) my way!And I avoid all of em
    going head on lol.Later I realized the 3 enemy dds were in a division.

  154. wait for the dd’s bain coming soon to a patch near you.. >:P

  155. Don’t mind me, I’m just continuing to grind my Udaloi and Lexington.

    But hey, I guess my main class since CBT is OP now. So I’ve got that going
    for me.

  156. well iChase, this series has a high grossing! you should make another
    sequel! :D

  157. with the new survivability expert skill they’re even harder to kill than
    needs a hard cap of 2000 hp increase or increase by ship class, seriously.

  158. lmao , thank you very much +1

  159. 10:40 simple… you just bend over and brace. Can’t do anything but dodge,
    and pray you don’t get hit.

  160. Post Torpedo Stress Disorder.

  161. Good play to show this game current status. I not playing much anymore and
    if I play it´s only destroyers.

  162. I like the series of torpedoes everywhere

  163. How is that ok? Haven’t touched my tier 9s in a while but holy moly

  164. Ok but when you are a DD and face 2 carier.. what the fxxx can you do. ?
    special if they target you and hunt you like a DOG !
    0 dmg and lost -100 000 for repair cost in one game !!

  165. Thats why we need a dd limit just like they did with the cvs or the bbs in
    team battles. I think 2-3 dds per match per team would be enough.

  166. What’s really funny is, IRL, the weight of the torpedoes fired in this game
    would be enough to literally sink the destoryer that carried them. Not to
    mention whatever Hulks they have on board who are reloading those torpedoes
    in 2 minutes.

  167. When you see such enemy team just say: crap

  168. Really Chase, DD’s are not OP. I believe that with all my heart.

  169. What this game needs is a split for the cruisers. One heavy cruiser line
    and a light cruiser line:

    -CAs get the bigger, longer ranged guns, more armour and the fleet escort
    level AA defenses.
    -CLs stay with the lower caliber guns (up to 155mm) with less range but
    higher shell velocity, flatter shell arc, faster rate of fire and turret
    traverse. They should sacrifice armour for speed and manouvreability and
    get a lower surface and aerial detectability.

    CLs would then be the natural predator on DDs. Fast ships that can flush
    out and corner DDs with a low enough detectability that DDs won’t see them
    coming halfway across the map (and their own allied cruisers and
    battleships won’t just blow them out of the water at the start of the
    match), agile enough to dodge defense torpedo spreads and enemy support
    fire and with lots of fast firing guns that can dish out constant fire and
    turn fast enough to keep the guns trained on the DDs when evading.

    CAs would likewise turn into the natural predators for CLs with having
    bigger guns, better armour and whilst not just as fast and agile, fast
    enough to corner CLs and continuing to work as escort ships to the mainline
    battleships, providing longrange support fire and AA cover.

    The metabalance should then roughly look like this: DD > CV > BB > CA > CL
    > DD.

  170. If wargaming simply lowered the number of max dds down to 3-4 and also
    limited it to shimakazes would be fine. But yeah every high tier game,
    shima shima shima shima shima, gearing, kagero. And MM loves to Put all the
    dds on one team. I’ve had multiple games where my team has NO dds vs 6
    enemy dds? wtf

  171. Exactly why I stopped playing that shit show of a game.

  172. Higher trier should be limited to 3 destroyers and 1carrier per team.

  173. You have PTSD, post torpedo stress disorder

  174. WG dont care this game is losing players as wg only cares about World of
    tanks. prime time in EU its like 13k a few months ago it was over 25k

  175. Paul Fujioka (NobleDragon)

    It’s like an old Billy Mays commercial, “But wait, There’s more!”

  176. You get a torp, and you get a torp, and you get a torp… everyone gets a
    torp (or multiple torp)!

  177. If carriers get op spotting plains. Camping Denied

  178. Simple answer would be to give high tier cruisers the option of
    controllable recon planes instead of catapult fighters. The USS Baltimore
    could carry 4 scout floatplanes, and the IJN Tone class carried 6, so
    there’s plenty of precedent.

  179. Yeaaa. DD’s arn’t Op at all.

  180. This is only the beginning. I think the amount of dds will destroy the game
    and the big problem is that they are nerfing cruisers, always changing the
    cv`s and making bb`s turn slower..
    The only really fun ships to play at the high tiers atm, is the dds. (The
    gunboats for me.)
    High tier IJN DDs is made for easy damage farming at minimal risk. –> to
    many of them

  181. Therefore, I swap def AA to sonar sense on all cruisers.

  182. The opposing DDs worked really well together, beautiful to watch. Pity your
    DDs didn’t spot them to at least give you a chance.

  183. how can this be fixed? on idea that i’ve thought of is make the narrow
    spread narrower and the wide spread wider. this way a narrow spread if
    aimed PERFECTLY can do massive damage because more torps will hit, but it
    will be easier to dodge. and with a wider wide spread it will make the gaps
    between torpedoes massive when someone just spams long range

  184. it was already bad before the update. it’s just a frikking joke now. i play
    tier 7 all the time. i’m not losing anymore yamato repair money. i’m not
    falling for their scam

  185. its not world of dd, its world of shimakazes. the us and soviet dds are ok,
    but the jap are just broken.

  186. If there was any doubt that destroyers are OP…

  187. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    I ended up with 2 kitakami’s on my team. Holy crap the torp walls of hell.

    Ichase got the case of HTV!

  188. now just imagine those dds with the torp exceleration

  189. Yes, WG, really needs to limit the number of DD’s on each team – especially
    at top tiers.

  190. World of Shimakazes: Area Denial Simulator.

  191. So many TORPEDOUS!

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