World of Warships – “18 defeats in a row” challenge accepted

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I start the match without having a faintest clue what I’m in for.
Very soon one of my teammates informs me that he is on 18 defeats in a row streak.
18??? Jesus…that’s a lot of bad mojo to be carrying with you.
Needless to say I did not expect this match to be anything special, but all that bad mojo took its toll.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. Last time I was this early to a flambass video was when I was watching my YouTube inbox out of boredom

  2. 600g of chocolate in one hour ? sounds like breakfast for me.

  3. Hi Flambass,
    Compliment for that Mino Game, wow!

    I enjoy watching your games on YouTube (not Twitch) after a long day of work. If i’m completely honest i absolutely hate watching when people use face-cams. For me it is just distracting from the “action”, and a bit too much information about another person that i don’t want.

    But ofc it’s your choise and i can see that many people like it on Twitch Streams.
    Just wondering, will there still be “normal” uploads like this one, or will the face cam be embedded in You tube uploads?

    Keep up the good work!

    • Flambass never uses a facecam 😀

    • +TheDictator95 He has said several times that he is in the process of getting and setting up a facecam

    • Well I would get one then facecam would be includes because I value real time reactions and thats why I put vids from my stream, but that includes everything that is presented on stream. I understand your side as well ofc and I am glad you enjoy the vids tnx ?

  4. “He has I need a carry written on his forehead….why am i Yoloing right now? cracked me up.

  5. only you can Mino like that Flambass ..
    anyone else YoLo’s like that and it’s BooooooM sinky sinky .
    Love it and well played, even though you didn’t have a Monkey to carry your … Aft . . . loool

  6. hard ship to play……well try azuma….worse armore than ibuki

  7. one thing I did learn from you Flambass is to compliment good play and reward it. I tell my clan to do the same. Occasionaly it filters down where I get the odd compliment. Players often forget that the compliment button is there and just report people. I love seeing someone do really well and making it known it was appriciated.

    • I think the report button is massively over used – I generally only use it for really unaccpetable bad stuff. Just having a bad game happens to everyone and it’s a free to play game so… I compliment regularly:-)!

    • flambass did earn one from me in this game, thankfully he gave me one too 😀

  8. Makes me feel better about my 15.

  9. Fantastic Game! How do you skill your ship & captain?

  10. WTF was the DD player thinking at the start? Rushing into that cap when a radar cruiser was spotted early on? 45.78% explains it all.

  11. What a carry! On the other hand, I hope you will not concede to the face cam obsession. I feel it’s way to Big Brothel style intrusive and distracts from the actual content.

  12. Facecam? Get a Kittencam like Jingles. Works best 🙂

  13. some people dress up soley for the fun factor. It’s fun to dress up like a comic book hero

  14. and you can look with your eyes not your hands

  15. Cosplay does not equal concent. By your logic you can assault any woman that you think is dressed inappropriately.

    • Thank you

    • I totally agree with this, IMO Flambass would have been better off not agreeing with the person in chat, or at least not then including it in a YouTube video. There are plenty of famous people who have lost careers because of thing they said or posted online years ago. By the logic of the person in chat (and unfortunately by not disagreeing, Flambass), if Mrs Citadel was at the beach in her bikini, then it’s fine for other men (or women) to touch her. I very much doubt that anyone would agree that is acceptable.

  16. Oh no, you joked about Monkey?! I feel the Butt Hurt squad coming on ……..

    Great game as always! I wish I had half your Mino skills bro!

  17. Well I’ve been waiting for this! so much thanks to Flambass for saving my sanity and my loss streak! o7

  18. Yo Flambass when you gonna showcase Space Minotaur… I mean The Norma? Space Battles is a meme.

  19. Hard earned win and the Kraken. Congrats Capt’n 🙂

  20. “Why am i Yoloing right now?” – I noticed the blue tracer from the Moskva while your attention was diverted, setting you on fire, and FlabMino not noticing for nearly a minute – wondered whether this was what made the live stream YouTube-worthy!

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