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Pretty crazy game in Henri IV, dominated from beginning to end and loved every minute of it. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X French Cruiser Henri IV Replay

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  1. this cruiser is so filthy. the true definition of an HE spamming scrub

  2. He expected me to turn away from the island but he forgot the most important thing. I AM NOSTER. I run into islands.

  3. That Kurfurst definitely logged off after that one lol

  4. Really enjoyed this video format.With the CV change forcing capt skill changes its informative to see the proper capt builds in the current meta. I literally reset capt skills for almost all of my ships so I can redo them again.

  5. Notser the Script Kiddy! Oh WoWs comments, you keep being you. Notser doesn’t need a script to run into islands.

  6. I don’t know that I’ve yet heard someone call the Henri, overrated.. haha. It’s a always a handful to play against. Sure loved that game and I know it made you happy! You managed you damage allowance very nicely and really didn’t do anything wrong the whole game. Even the citadel that you took was after you backed up to avoid 3 torps, only taking 1, so really heads-up play there, Notser!

  7. The other name for this ship is Hardcore Henri. People do not expect the pain it can lay into them.

    You can burn them alive with fire or just straight up murder them in cqb.

  8. 13:00 no, zarth, you’re just incompetent and playing the victim

    • SCRIPT KIDDY!? damn, talk about know it all from 1999. most mods do jack shit and are purely niceties, a few of them are suspect and borderline broken, any decent player will be able to best those using them with skill. Maybe just install them if you can figure it out, instead of calling shenanigans on people of whom arent even using them. What a fucking muppet.

  9. Any ship lit on fire by the Henry IV: “This is fine.”

  10. General Apocalypse

    Hi! What screen capture and editing software do you use?!? Thanks!

  11. Nice. I got the Henri a few says ago…and I can seriously say it is a beast and deffo top 3. I still love my zao…Hindi shares joint <3 with the Henri. Beast

  12. henri is SO strong. Absolutely love it, by far my fav t10 cruiser. U put this & a Zao together in a div and watch the enemy team rage. ;D

  13. somebody else ” on cooldown” after watching this vid?

  14. The Henri is not good for any complicated reason. It’s a very fast platform with very good guns.

  15. Did anyone ever notice that he did not use the reload booster on the Haragumo and used it instead on the Republique? He said that he used the reload booster on the DD!!!

  16. “I feel so guilty right now”

  17. need 100k more xp for henri ?

  18. This is my favorite ship of all. using Legendary in random, also have been playing this beauty in clan battles 🙂

  19. I’m thinking about using manual AA instead of IFHE.

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