World of Warships- 36K Doubloons For Normally FREE Ships?? What?!

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Hey guys! Today we take a look at the Three Kingdoms Event, which has some……interesting ships on sale, enjoy!

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  1. I can agree. Some of the prices in some events in WoWs can be a bit expensive.

  2. Yeah, giving the three stories or whatever it’s called a wide berth. Already have the Agir and Lion.

  3. On the plus side, at least they didn’t make premiums overpowered (like the Musashi… cough). Having premiums on the same power level as tech tree ships is better for the game.
    My main gripe is the ridiculous pricing. It’s not that we don’t want to participate in these events, but the cost of these ships is just exorbitant.

  4. This makes the Karl looks like a bargain

  5. My 2 Cents: WG is simply proving the addage about a fool and his money. Again, IMO plenty of players who are NOT interested in grinding and just opt for the “oh, me likey” approach. Of late (esp. following the ARP event) I see soooo many Yammy captains who don’t have the faintest idea of what they are doing. Perhaps WG is betting on more of the same with these new, Asian knock-offs. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend, y’all

    • I really wanted the ARP Yamma *SKIN* Notice my wording, not a weeb the Anime doesn’t interest me… liked the look *NOT* Buying a ship for the price of a tier X still pissed about that

  6. This is gentle milking by WG. More to come.

  7. WoWs just giving us all empirical evidence that the saying “a fool and his money are soon parted.” is true. Is the educational part of WoWs along with the historical ship models.

  8. “A sucker is born every minute.” I haven’t spent a DIME with WG in over a year and I don’t miss it. Still have over a year and a half Premium time (added on from the FESTIVE event). And SL, thx for mentioning the BAJIE, she is a good ship… if still available. With the GUN MOD 2 in the last slot AND with a spotter (getting better predicting fire missions) I can reach out to 34.5 klicks with her.

  9. To be fair, there are no Pan Asia tech line BB’s and this along with the other two cut and paste Pan Asian BB’s are the only way to get any. It would be preferable if WG would create BB’s for the tech line.

  10. Just like last event, I seem to have had enough luck to get both ships in the 12 boxes I bought. I can confirm that agir with slightly better fire chance and more health based on pan asian commanders is funny in randoms……but if I’d not have gotten any of them id have been happy with the blues and flags. Yeah I’d not have dumped any money. on them to try for them.* reference I for scarlet thunder on 1 box and prinz eugen on box 2 in history event

  11. the only time i buy a bundle is when the first one has a premium ship… got the italian Giuseppe Verdi that way recently

  12. the cost of all the items for Lion or Agir except the camo is close to 39,000 doubloons. The economic booster and camo is included in the 19,300 cost of a premium tier IX. The bundle is less at 36,300 (if my math is accurate. I estimated blue booster at 36 doubloons each as green (24 d) is 12 more than gray). Blue booster are not for sale. The doubloon cost is $145 the same as the dollar cost of the bundle. WOWS isn’t scamming players. The bundle is priced fairly.

  13. Half the reason I think they did away with the forums was because, even if you didn’t input any info, you could still do a search and find out info on events like this where WG has truly become the ‘Snake Oil Salesman’ of old. Unfortunately there will still be some that fall foul of their BS.
    As always I wish only good vibes to those that can afford to spend cash on this and it’s of no real consequence to them, but however loaded you may be, I still can’t help but wince at the sheer audacity that WG displays.

  14. Man i would have loved to see something changed about the ships
    Like an AP Lion, or Ägir with long range DWtorps
    But nah, like at least the not-Ägir camo looks great, but defo not getting any of them,+ i hate the trend of Pan Asian ships being literal copy paste ships, i can’t remember the last unique premium for that line…

  15. Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

    I already had the Agir but the Mengchong was the first item in the Invincible Warriors Path bundles and I got a lot of doubloons from super containers so I bought it for 1500 doubloons. The Scarlet Thunder was also the first item in the Path of Progress bundles. I didn’t bother getting it though because from what I’ve heard it’s a garbage combination of the worst traits of the Duncan and Lion.
    I’ve never gotten anything good let alone a premium ship in the first spot of a bundle before so it was quite strange to have it happen twice in a row. I guess it’s probably to try and lure me back since I barely play anymore and I haven’t spent my own money in game in a very long time

    • Nacho Man Randy Sandwich

      The Mengchong is identical to the Agir in every way but name and camo but for some reason in the one game I played in the Mengchong it felt like it wasn’t as good of a ship. It has the exact same guns but somehow the AP was doing a fraction of the damage the Agir’s does to broadside ships. Maybe it was a one off thing but with the Mengchong’s ugly ass camo and that dissapointing match I think I’ll just keep playing Agir unless there’s some need to play Mengchong like an event

  16. The video WoWs put out yesterday The Three Kingdoms said in it that those ships were ships already in the game that they just added the skin for them

  17. WG let’s you preview the container that’s available while hiding the rest of the bundles. I couldn’t quite believe it when bundle #1 was the Louchuan. So 36,000 for the Louchuan? No way. Only 1,500 dubs? Sure! Now I need to go buy some lottery tickets!

  18. Just remember the black ships, sell you a clone of an already existing ship but for a fancy camo

  19. Just a note. I do not expect to see ships pop up from containers especially now, but yesterday I picked up 2 super containers and 1 had the Collingwood in it so it is still possible. They were not even special super containers.

  20. Makes you wonder if the ship development portion of WG stayed in Russia and they are hiding the fact that they are not good enough to come up with original ships anymore. If I want 8 million credits, I can just play about 10 ops and get all that.

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